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Student Support & Accommodation Director : Derek Davidson Settling into University Life.

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1 Student Support & Accommodation Director : Derek Davidson Settling into University Life

2 What I will talk about: Why do students need this help? What Government help is provided in UK? Disability v Special Educational Needs My background Which students get help? What help is provided? Even more help Help provided by Academic Departments How is it provided? Is it easy to set up?

3 Additional Topics Assistive software on PC Teaching and Learning adjustments Disclosure of disability/special educational needs Staff Training Out sourcing/external suppliers of services Mental Health Additional Helpers Scribe Test

4 Background My Department My University My experience of other European Universities China, Australia and USA

5 UK Universities and Special Needs/Disability Similar across UK 8-10% Over ½ of these are dyslexic

6 Heriot Watt University General Information 25% non Scottish students 20% international Students

7 Legal Requirements Disability Discrimination Act etc Equal Opportunities Legislation

8 MY Role I am Manager of: Accommodation (2,100 beds) on Campus Off Campus flats Special Needs & Disability International Student Support Student Counselling Also Complaints & Academic Appeals Careers Sport & Recreation

9 Most common needs Insert Chart

10 How we try to help students Computer assisted learning

11 Why we try to assist (other than legal) Progression Rate Retention rate Drop Out Rate Financial

12 International Students 20% International Not entitled to UK Gov. support Funds for International and other students who are not covered

13 Disability Team at Heriot Watt How long estabilished How many

14 Obligations of Academic Departments (Schools)

15 Socio Economic Disadvantage Aim - effort to get disadvantaged into education Give them an Opportunity Recovery from early education Recovery from family environment Oxford/Cambridge to open doors

16 Students with Special Needs

17 Disability Service If you have extra support needs such as: physical disability or long term health problem Visual Impairment Hearing Impairment Autism or Asperger’s Dyslexia The service is here to help you

18 Top tips Get as much information as you can Get involved with societies, the Chaplaincy, the Centre for Sports and Exercise Get involved in halls communities through the Students Association Register with the University Health Centre Remember we are all here to help support and advise you

19 Student Support & Accommodation We offer support and advice to all students The service is not just for students with problems We offer support, information and advice on a variety of issues to help you get the most out of your time here

20 Student Support and Accommodation Worrying about money -Funding advice Stressed out and Struggling? Thinking about leaving? - Counselling and support Looking for accommodation or having problems with your flat mates? - Accommodation service Extra support needs? -Disability service

21 Funding Service: Advice on Student Loans Hardship Fund Applications Child Care Funds Budgeting Advice Debt Control

22 Basic Budget: on campus HALL FEES £100.23 ( AVERAGE PER WEEK)x 40 weeks £4009 INCLUDES INTERNET AND ALL BILLS FOOD £40 x 40 WEEKS £1600 LAUNDRY£3 PER WEEK x 40 WEEKS £120 CLOTHING per year (varies according to taste!) £300 BOOKS & EQUIPMENT- variable – £250 ask department to confirm amount SOCIAL £35 PER WEEKx 40 WEEKS £1400 MOBILE PHONE £7.50 PER WEEK £300 TOTAL £7979

23 Basic Budget: off campus RENT £325 a month x 12 months £3900 GAS/ELEC £40 a month x 12 months £480 FOOD £160 a month x 9 months £1440 INSURANCE variable depending on level of cover £90 CLOTHING a year (varies according to taste!) £300 TRAVEL £40 (approx) for 4 weekly bus pass (or £1.30 per journey) £360 BOOKS & EQUIPMENT- variable – ask to confirm amount £250 SOCIAL £140 per MONTH x 9 months £1260 MOBILE PHONE & INTERNET CONNECTION £35 a month x 9 m £315 TOTAL £8395

24 Hardship Fund Money in the form of GRANTS is available to eligible UK students who are in financial difficulty You cannot rely on getting these as the fund is limited and discretionary Postgraduates are also eligible Application forms are in the SSA office There is also a Hardship fund for international students

25 Finance Advice If you are getting into difficulty then ask for help as soon as possible You can approach us or the Students’ Union If you have not yet set up a payment plan please contact the Student Service Centre The deadline to set up payment plans is 14 th October

26 Counselling and Support Counselling sessions are on an appointment basis Students self refer The service is free The counsellors are professionally accredited There is a balance of male and female students

27 Common Issues Homesickness Fitting in Culture shock Lack of routine Everything is new Problems form the past Exam stress and pressure

28 Stress help

29 Support for Students We also offer support and advice to students on many issues If you are worried about another student please let us know We will only pass on information to other University staff if there is a serious risk of harm to you or someone else

30 Accommodation Office Provide advice on any problem related to staying on campus General information for students seeking accommodation outside the university University also rents flats in the city Advice on legal implications of leases

31 Disability Service helps with: Assessing your support needs Applying for additional funding Arranging exams if you need extra time or facilities Study Skills advice if you are dyslexic Access to assistive technology e.g. software such as Text help Support to talk to your School

32 Ahhhh………..Student Life

33 If things go wrong…. Running out of money Worried about dropping out Feeling lonely and homesick Having family problems Feeling bullied or harassed Or anything else – come and see us

34 Student Support and Accommodation Location: opposite the Student Shop in the Hugh Nisbet Building Office open 9.30 - 4.30 Monday – Friday

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