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Student Life Katie Proctor (Student Recruitment Officer) and Adam Knights (Student Ambassador)

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1 Student Life Katie Proctor (Student Recruitment Officer) and Adam Knights (Student Ambassador)


3 University is different It’s not just about getting a degree Meeting new people Multicultural society Learning new skills Independence Having fun

4 Which University? Location? Campus vs City? Big or small? Other facilities: – Accommodation – Academic, social and sports facilities – Student support and welfare Scholarships and bursaries Reputation

5 Why go to university? Independence – the chance to live away from home for the first time Meet people from all over the world Opportunity to try new sports or gain new outside interests Students’ Union: run by students and organises events for students “The social life”

6 What to do before the student goes Open Days – you will be looking for different things Read everything that arrives in a brown envelope Money – worth spending time learning how to budget Learning to cook and wash clothes! Don’t throw things away that the student can take with them Help with the application form – financial advice forms, spelling and grammar of personal statement etc

7 Benefits of being a Student Study something you enjoy or a new subject Time to consider your career Invaluable preparation for your chosen career Employability (a lifetime of employment?) It’s genuinely good fun!

8 Studying Its not 9-5 Arts/Humanities: full time12 hours per week Health: 7 hours at uni, 30 hours in placement University involves independent study, reading and research Teaching: combination of lectures, seminars, labs and tutorials Assessment: exams, coursework and presentations

9 Key Skills Essay writing Presentation skills Reading and understanding different types of text Communicating with and getting to know new people Time management Financial management Self-motivation

10 Join clubs and societies to make new friends Student jobs: –Make some money –Meet new people –Gain some key skills for your career –Internships and vacation opportunities Work on-campus –Student ambassador –Student Union And when you’re not studying…

11 Some of our Student Ambassadors Our Student Ambassadors

12 Extra Benefits Union Bar Student Nights Travel Work experience/placements Long holidays Student Discounts! Peter Shaw University Campus Suffolk

13 Student Support Accommodation Finance Childcare Counselling Careers Guidance Disability Support Health and Wellbeing All universities offer a range of information, advice and guidance services including:

14 Any Questions?

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