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Your Logistics and Warehousing Solution in China

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1 Your Logistics and Warehousing Solution in China

2 Office Locations 2000 + Employees
50 Offices in Mainland China and Hong Kong 5 Offices in USA ( LA, New York, Chicago, Miami, Salt Lake City) Partners with Agents at every major port around the world Employees

Value-Added Service (VAS) is a new service to enhance and fulfill Warehouse Management and Transportation Management services. Value-Added Services facilitates strategies to lower finished goods inventories from being un-necessarily handled multiple times across the globe. Our customers distribution process can be streamlined into one easy to manage location direct from the country of manufacture. This saves time, money and reduces our customers total carbon footprint considerably. SERVICES Pick-N-Packing Repackaging Warehousing Shrink wrapping Strapping Palletizing Bar code Software updating to our customers needs De-trash and recycle Assembly Inventory management Labeling Quality Control Inspections (Q/C) Testing Kitting More

4 Policy Illustration 1. No need quota / permission certificate
By using the bonded warehouse you can enjoy all the privileged policies of the bonded zone , bonded logistic zone & export processing zone which is the most open area in China. 1. No need quota / permission certificate 2. Be treated as on board, and apply tax return directly 3. Storage without time limitation 4. Partial in/out & make one declaration. 5. Allow maintenance & inspection business 6. Efficient Customs process between Harbor and Bonded Zone 7. Smooth policy on foreign exchange control

5 Simple Warehousing We can provide full warehousing service through our warehouse management system, including unloading, loading, storage, inventory management. Furthermore, we may help our customers to arrange cargo pickup, delivery by different vehicles according to different request and different cargo.

6 Current Warehouse Locations
Shenzhen Xiamen Tianjin Fuzhou Ningbo Current Warehouse Locations Xinjiang Beijing Yantai Qingdao Wuxi Shanghai Suzhou Guangzhou

7 Shanghai Suzhou Wuxi Non-Bonded Warehouse Locations
Total area: 10,000 ㎡ non-bonded warehouse located in Hongqiao and Yangshan area. Suzhou Total area: 13,000 ㎡ non-bonded warehouse and CY yard in Suzhou Industrial Wuxi Total area: 26,000 ㎡ non-bonded warehouse in Wuxi New Industrial Park

8 Qingdao Tianjin Chongqing Non-Bonded Warehouse Locations
Total area: 28,000 ㎡ non-bonded warehouse. Tianjin Total area: 10,000 ㎡ non-bonded warehouse. Chongqing Total area: 13,000 ㎡ non-bonded warehouse.

9 Chengdu Changsha Wuhan Non-Bonded Warehouse Locations
Total area: 3,000 ㎡ non-bonded warehouse Changsha Total area: 2,500 ㎡ non-bonded warehouse. Wuhan Total area: 5,000 ㎡ non-bonded warehouse

10 Bonded Warehouse Locations
Shanghai Total area: 23,000 ㎡ bonded warehouse in Yangshan Free Zone, near to Yangshan new deep sea port Suzhou Total area: 6,000 ㎡ bonded warehouse in Suzhou Industrial Park, one hour driving to Shanghai Ningbo Total area: 5,000 ㎡ bonded warehouse in Ningbo Bonded zone

11 Bonded Warehouse Location
Qingdao Total area: 5,000 ㎡ bonded warehouse in Qingdao industrial Park Yantai Total area: 3,500 ㎡ bonded warehouse in Yantai industrial Park Tianjin Total area: 3,000 ㎡ bonded warehouse in Tianjin Bonded Logistics Park

12 Bonded Warehouse Locations
Shenzhen Total area: 6,000 ㎡ bonded warehouse in Shenzhen Southern Logistics Center Xiamen Total area: 3,000 ㎡ bonded warehouse in Xiamen Xiangyu Bonded Logistics Zone Fuzhou Total area: 3,000 ㎡ bonded warehouse in Xiamen Xiangyu Bonded Logistics Zone

13 Quality Control (QC) After receiving, we can provide QC services, either simple checking color, style, size, quantity, or full range quality control, etc. Simple QC Check style, size, color, quantity of goods received match the information on order and packing list of supplier Professional QC We will follow all customers individual QC standard provided to us for their products that need to be processed. After finishing QC, we will provide QC reports to our customers, then move good quality goods into stock, and move defective goods into special location and wait to be returned to the factories for replacement or repair.

Pick cargo as per piece/carton/case /pallet according to customer’s instruction by scanning barcode Repack goods into new carton /display with suitable size Put new label and packing list on outside of each carton/display by scanning barcode, including packed quantity, style, color of cargo, and address of store, & bar-code for track. We will palletize cargo for same consignee on pallet and store, in order to deliver easily to different customer or retail store directly after arrival

15 Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Our WMS can manage several warehouses operations at same time and control inventory by SKU/Supplier/Buyer, etc. This will help customers to manage the vendor/goods/inventory more efficiently and fulfill their requests better. Below is main menu of our WMS system.

16 Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Customer can check inventory by warehouse/SKU/time/location on-line anytime, and download in-time and exact inventory report. Customer can make order on-line directly, so that warehouse can prepare pick & pack and arrange cargo outbound without delay. We may use bar-code system to control cargo in/out and inventory, pick & pack, etc, then data in system is more exact and update

17 Example process flow from Vendor to destination
Large buyer Each Vendor sends all the customers cargo to our warehouses Export 2. We provide updated inventory information to our customers after receipt of cargo Cargo VENDOR A Large Buyer Our bonded Warehouses (Origin) 3. Our customers Decide whether To send direct to Retail or to distribute Smaller volume from Their distribution center Cargo VENDOR B Small Buyer Customers Designated Distribution center Cargo VENDOR C 4 .Our customers send us detailed instructions for each outbound shipment. We will check inventory, do any other necessary (VAS), pick-n-repack cargo and arrange it on board for shipping. Small buyer 5. After finishing Customs Clearance in destination country, each container can be delivered to retail stores directly one by one or to our customers designated Distribution Center firstly.

18 Customs at Bonded Warehouse
Procedures for China Customs Documents Our customer sends us packing requirements according to inventory in our bonded warehouses based on their order demands Customs at Bonded Warehouse Custom in Loading Port VENDOR Simard Airsea Logistics Customer Vendor sends all documents for Customs Declaration to us one day before sending cargo to bonded warehouse If it needs to ship to other country, we will arrange transition from bonded warehouse to customs in port We will arrange Customs Declaration to Customs directly by EDI link. Shipper / Vendor will get tax-returned doc from Customs once cargo delivered to bonded warehouse, treated cargo as export

19 Example of doing Distribution out of our bonded warehouses
Examples of distributors 3.Distributors send their requests to our customers main office or directly to our offices, once approved to do so. 2. We will check stock and pick & pack goods according to demand of each Distributor Supplier A Distributor USA Cargo Distributor Italy 1.Customer sends cargo to bonded warehouse from all over mainland China or even import it from other countries for distribution. Our Bonded Warehouses 4. We will dispatch goods to different Distributors according to customer’s instruction Distributor England Cargo Supplier B

20 Cost Savings of Going Direct From China to End Customers will be lower
Cost Savings by doing a majority of your distribution out of the country of origin instead of doing it all at the destination. Proven Cost Saving : Once we have a chance to give quote then you can see the cost savings right away Labor Costs: pick and packing, QC, etc.. Storage Costs: Transportation cost for returning defective goods back to the supplier:* * If simple QC is done at the warehouse in China and defective goods are found then the cost for shipping back for replacement is small, compared to shipping back from the destination country.

21 TIME SAVINGS When goods are packed out per order in China instead of doing it all at the destination country, the time and money savings are huge. Our proven methods have reduced our customers lead times immensely by getting the product to their distributors and customers a lot faster. By proper planning and execution of our methods you will save in both areas guaranteed. We can do a simple analysis of your current system and show you how we can help in both areas.

22 Our Customers Apparel Footwear Furniture Electronic Goods
Sporting Goods Others

23 Our Professional Service
Will Help Your Success Simard Airsea Logistics Co, Ltd.™

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