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© 2008 Eaton Corporation. All rights reserved. This is a photographic template – your photograph should fit precisely within this rectangle. Eaton Solutions.

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2 © 2008 Eaton Corporation. All rights reserved. This is a photographic template – your photograph should fit precisely within this rectangle. Eaton Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

3 2 2 Today’s healthcare environment Power quality affects on healthcare facilities EHR What is it? What to expect? Diagnostic Imaging Who is Eaton Corporation? Eaton solutions Efficiency – Is it important? Successful case stories Agenda

4 3 3 Healthcare is made up of many integrated services Key Points -Integrated Network of companies -Mix of Large and Small Business -Single dr. office to multinational medical equipment -Each have different concerns but serve the patient -Private and public organizations -To meet the requirements of recent and upcoming legislation, they must all be connected electronically Patient Research Labs Hospitals Policy Makers Medical Equipment Providers Payers ISVs Bio Tech / Pharmaceutical

5 4 4 Issues in today’s hospitals Aging Infrastructure Expandability Capacity for rising demand Reliability Cost of maintaining Limited Space Rising Energy Costs (Demand Driven) Declining Facility Resources / Expertise Less Reliable Power Grid

6 5 5 9 power anomalies can affect your facility Power failureElectrical line noise Power sagFrequency variation Power surgeUnder-voltage (brownout) Over-voltageSwitching transient Harmonic distortion

7 6 6 Protect yourself against power problems The expectations of a healthcare facility’s power system are higher than many enterprises Eaton’s approach enables healthcare facilities to meet those expectations by managing power systems as an integrated, strategic asset Eaton’s power quality products provide solutions that protect you from all types of failures

8 7 7 EHR System Current and Future Expectations By 2015, all healthcare organizations and doctors offices will implement some version of an EHR system The average EHR system will cost $20m to implement The Enterprise Information Systems Steering Committee is working towards the goal of EHRs in use in 80% of healthcare organizations and 50% of physician practices by 2010 According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey of healthcare executives, more than 75% felt that information contained in EHR systems could become their most valuable asset over the next five years All of these systems and technologies critically need reliable power delivery and back up

9 8 8 MRI PET and PET/CT AX Biograph Radiation Therapy Ultrasound Mammography Diagnostic imaging and therapy equipment Fixed location and mobile units Power problems can shorten service life and/or cause sensitive electronics to fail resulting in unplanned downtime, system lock-ups, and expensive maintenance costs.

10 9 9 Potential losses: diagnostic imaging Fiscal losses due to damages from power disturbances Loss of up to $250,000 for repairs to exciter element on MRI Loss of up to $150,000 for replacement of tube for CT scanner Liability costs in the event of incidents Cost of downtime for technician staffing Requirements to reschedule services Loss of patients to other facilities Intangible human factor losses Patient-relationship Morale decreases for medical technicians Potential increases in service pricing for equipment

11 10 Creating value for customers Not just manufacturing electrical power system components but developing an electrical system architecture with the highest efficiency components, ensuring that the clean, vital power is always on reliably, safely and economically. Not just manufacturing hydraulic system equipment for the world’s largest aircraft, but designing it far lighter and safer, making these aircraft more fuel efficient to operate. Not just manufacturing automotive parts but designing high- performance automotive systems to make driving exciting, while delivering better fuel economy to make it smart as well. Not just manufacturing automatic truck transmissions but developing hybrid drive systems, recapturing and storing energy, to make highly fuel-efficient non polluting driving possible. Eaton Business Groups Electrical Hydraulics Aerospace AutomotiveTruck Founded in 1911 with World Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio 75,000 employees with 207 manufacturing facilities in 40 countries Customers in more than 150 countries 2008 Sales revenue of $15.4B

12 11 Eaton’s power quality business is a global leader in power management products and services. We strive for continued success in leveraging technical innovation to develop next-generation solutions. Our portfolio encompasses a comprehensive offering of power management solutions from a single source provider, including: uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) surge protective devices switchgear power distribution units (PDUs) remote monitoring meters software connectivity enclosures services Powering business worldwide

13 12 Eaton healthcare products & services Back up Power Systems Power Quality Products Distribution Boards Switchboards Lighting Control Systems Fused Switches Enclosed Control Distribution Transformers Energy Management Systems Integrated Facility Switchboards (IFS) Engineering Services and Systems including Power Quality Studies Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Breaker (AFCI)

14 13 Eaton total hospital electrical capability Eaton’s Products, Services and Solutions address the hospital’s power system needs from utility service entrance to critical loads

15 14 Protect your EHR system with Eaton solutions Broad portfolio of network, server and data center solutions will back up and protect any EHR system from any power failure- ensuring that your electronic records are never lost or inaccessible In 2009, Eaton introduced the first UPS with double-conversion protection and 99% efficiency up to 1100 kVA Eaton provides monitoring solutions that will allow you to manage your systems from any PC connected to the internet

16 15 Eaton UPS offers industry-leading efficiency Eaton Energy Saver System (ESS) technology delivers 99% efficiency Modular - scalable rack based UPS systems, such as the Eaton BladeUPS ® give customers world class efficiency with ability to expand on demand More efficient UPSs mean lower operating costs and lower facility cooling costs For every x86 class server operating, a UPS with ESS will save you an average of $45 per year in power and cooling costs, when compared to standard UPS designs… 100 servers = $4500 savings Energy savings based on 450W average server power draw at energy costs of $.10 kWhr. Standard UPS efficiency measured at 92%

17 16 Why does Eaton have the right solution? Manufacturing UPS systems for the most critical applications in the world for over 45 years Provides complete electrical solutions - from the utility entrance to the receptacle you plug your computer into Technology leader since it’s first patents on the first commercial UPS system in 1962 Provides the highest reliability products with the best efficiency and longevity Ensures you are protected from power problems

18 17 Why does Eaton have the right solution? Eaton’s service and support organization can help with pre-sales product or solution selection and post sales product installation, operation and service support Eaton’s highly ethical nature has been awarded for the past three years by the Ethisphere Institute, showing our commitment to do business right for our customers Eaton helps customers select the right solutions, ensuring your business meets its uptime goals

19 18 Eaton healthcare success stories See More Eaton Success Stories!

20 19

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