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Be going to.

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Be going to. Affirmative am is are + going to + infinitive… Sujeto +

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1 Be going to

2 Affirmative am is are Sujeto + + going to + infinitive…

3 Negative am is are Sujeto + + not + going to + infinitive …

4 Interrogative Yes / No Questions
Am Is Are + sujeto + going to + infinitive…?

5 Short answers am. Yes, + sujeto + is. are.

6 Short answers am not. No, + sujeto + is not. are not.

7 Interrogative WH- Questions
Am Is Are WH- + sujeto + going to + infinitive…?

8 Utilizamos el be going to para hablar de planes o intenciones futuras.

9 We are going to watch TV tomorrow.
She isn’t going to listen to music on Monday. I am going to wear jeans at the weekend. Are you going to read a book? Yes, we are. Is Paul going to run? No, he isn’t. They aren’t going to come home soon..

10 Voy a ver una película más tarde.
I am going to watch a film later.

11 Ella no va a leer el periódico mañana.
She isn’t going to read the newspaper tomorrow.

12 ¿Vas a estudiar inglés? Si.
Are you going to study English? Yes, I am.

13 No van a cenar dentro de una hora.
They aren’t going to have dinner in an hour.

14 Vamos a hablar sobre películas el jueves.
We are going to talk about films on Thursday.

15 ¿Dónde va a jugar ella al baloncesto?
Where is she going to play basketball?

16 I am going to wear jeans, a white T-shirt and blue trainers.
Voy a llevar puestos vaqueros, camiseta blanca y zapatillas deportivas azules. I am going to wear jeans, a white T-shirt and blue trainers.

17 Marga Renedo Gómez

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