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2 Utilizamos el imperativo para dar órdenes.
FORMA: En afirmativo se usa el infinitivo del verbo: ‘Come here!’ ‘Be punctual!’ En negativo se usa ‘Don’t + Infinitivo’: ‘Don’t go!’ ‘Don’t be silly!’

3 Run!

4 Stop!

5 Don’t be late!

6 Be quiet!

7 Listen to the CD!

8 Don’t go!

9 Come here!

10 Jump!

11 Read the text!

12 Sit down!

13 Open your books!

14 Close the window!

15 Don’t use a mobile phone!

16 Don’t play football!

17 Work in pairs!

18 Don’t talk to your partner!

19 Look at the photos!

20 Don’t answer the question!

21 Marga Renedo Gómez

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