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Affirmative Negative Interrogative Short answers

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1 Affirmative Negative Interrogative Short answers
PAST SIMPLE Affirmative Negative Interrogative Short answers

2 Regular and Irregular Verbs
Utilizamos el past simple para hablar de acciones que sucedieron en un momento concreto del pasado.

3 su forma correspondiente
Affirmative Sujeto + verbo en pasado+ … Verbo regular + -ed Verbo irregular: su forma correspondiente

4 Affirmative Regular Verbs
I walked yesterday . You cycled last month. He robbed a bank on Saturday. We played two hours ago. They studied English.

5 Affirmative Irregular Verbs
I swam yesterday . You built a sand castle last month. He learnt English in 1990. We bought a car two hours ago. They wrote a letter.

6 Negative Sujeto + didn’t + infinitivo + …

7 We didn’t visit the museum on Saturday.
Daniel didn’t go to the cinema yesterday. I didn’t see the film. They didn’t play football. It didn’t disappear into the sea.

8 Interrogative Did + sujeto + infinitivo + …?

9 Did he play football? What did she say? Did you see the film? When did they go to school? Which sport did you play? Did Peter enjoy the party?

10 Short answers Yes, sujeto + did. No, sujeto + didn’t.

11 Yes, I did. No, you didn’t. Yes, she did. No, he didn’t. Yes, they did. No, we didn’t.

12 WH - Questions WH- did + sujeto + infinitivo + …?
Where did he play? He played in the park. Where did he go? He went to the park.

13 Marga Renedo Gómez

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