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College: Get There Get Paid A brief guide to planning for college and applying for financial aid and scholarships.

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1 College: Get There Get Paid A brief guide to planning for college and applying for financial aid and scholarships

2 Senior Year (but you’re still clueless) ACT & SAT – How to register, a comparison, the writing portion Higher Education Exploration – Where to find info, who to contact for more info, how to arrange visits APPLY, APPLY, APPLY – College applications, scholarships, financial aid

3 College Entrance Exams Register NOW Instructions & Study Guides available online, on the scholarship racks, and in the counseling center Research your school’s admissions requirements Usually under the “Admissions” tab—Freshman ml ml Fee waivers available for those who qualify Must qualify for free or reduced lunches at GCHS

4 Other Exams Some junior colleges and trade schools do NOT require the ACT or SAT Some schools allow you to be exempt from these exams if you meet the TAKS criteria (2200 on ELA w/ 3 or higher on writing, 2200 on Math) Accuplacer – Costs about $10 per section – Available at WTTC – Can be scheduled at GCHS

5 ACT or SAT: Which one should I take? ACT Sections – English – Math – Reading – Science – Writing (Optional) Time – About 3 hrs & 45 minutes w/o breaks (including the writing) Scoring (1-36 per & composite score) – Answer ALL questions; there is no penalty for guessing – You should still make educated guesses SAT Sections – Reading – Math – Writing Time – 3 hours & 45 minutes of testing w/ three 5 minute breaks (4hrs) Scoring (200-800 scale per) – There is a penalty for wrong answers – There is NO penalty for answers left blank – You have to “choose” which ones to answer, BUT the less you answer, the less you can potentially score

6 A Note About the “Optional” Writing Section of ACT Find out what your college wants from you – – If they “Require” or “Recommend”, DO IT! – If you’re not sure where you are going to go, DO IT! – If you think your writing skills will impress scholarship committees, DO IT! – Your score on the writing portion does NOT affect your composite score!


8 SCHOOL CODE 446-111

9 Be An Advocate for Yourself! Go online to research colleges & programs (most schools are on Facebook now) – – – Request Info & Make Contacts – Get on their mailing list – Don’t be afraid to email strangers to ask questions es/ es/

10 APPLY, APPLY, APPLY APPLY for college – You have to apply to get in! – APPLY to multiple colleges – APPLYTEXAS – – There are also ApplyTexas brochures on the scholarship racks – When in doubt, apply! – IF you used a fee waiver to take ACT or SAT, you qualify for a college application fee waiver (available in the counseling center)

11 College Fairs & Representatives Concho Valley College Night – Tuesday, October 4 th 6:30 to 8:30 Howard College “College Fair” –October 5th “Mini College Fair” –Counseling Center shares resources from college reps Campus Visits –Reps from colleges & organizations visit GCHS

12 College Days Every senior gets 2 There is a form you MUST fill out BEFORE you go in order to take advantage of these days – The form says 1 week in advance---get them in ASAP – Must be principal approved – Must be signed by college personnel – Can be booked through “Admissions” or “Visit” tabs le-a-tour/ le-a-tour/

13 Field Trips Sponsored by the Counseling Center & Events Available to Everyone ASU’s First Generation – Focused on first generation college students but is open to anyone interested in ASU – Lots of info & lots of freebies TSTC Discovery Days ACU’s Wildcat Preview TTU’s Football Fridays (tickets not included) Individual Campus Visits Focused on YOU

14 APPLY, APPLY, APPLY, cont. APPLY for scholarships – General scholarships are available on the scholarship racks – Help Yourself! Information is FREE! – Check with your school to find college- or department-specific scholarships

15 APPLY, APPLY, APPLY, cont. APPLY for financial aid FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) – Opens in January – Use the FAFSA Website to become familiar – EVERYone should apply, even if you think you won’t qualify. Some schools require it! – GCHS hosts a financial aid night in January – Your college will help you (BUT you have to ask)

16 One-on-One Assistance Counseling Center – Schedule a meeting with me (between classes is NOT enough time!) College Recruiters & Admissions Teams – Call or email them – Ask me for help Financial Aid Offices – Call or email them – Ask me for help

17 Generation TX What is it? – About Generation TX’s Mission About Generation TX’s Mission Visit the site – – Join the “movement” and you will receive GenTX email updates & a free lanyard

18 Questions??

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