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ACT Preparation Northridge High School Counseling Department.

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1 ACT Preparation Northridge High School Counseling Department

2 What is the ACT? American College Test NOT an IQ test College Readiness/Preparation

3 Maybe I should take the SAT? Not necessary for in-state universities Check with any out-of-state university to see if it is needed Many universities will accept either test Both tests can be taken SAT must be taken at a university testing center (WSU or U of U) for test prep

4 ACT vs. SAT Football vs. Basketball SAT has a penalty for guessing SAT has a vocabulary section SAT requires the writing section Unanswered questions on the ACT are automatically marked wrong - use educated guesses if needed

5 Scoring Scale of 1-36 Four separate tests: English Math Reading Science (Optional Writing) - Westminster is the only Utah college/university that requires the writing test

6 When to take the ACT? Spring of junior year As many times as it takes Last chance for scholarship competition: December of senior year ALL JUNIORS WILL TAKE THE ACT AT NORTHRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL MARCH 5, 2013

7 Whats a good score? Depends! GPA + ACT/SAT= index score Index score determines eligibility for academic scholarships and college/university admission.


9 Test Preparation Books and CDs Classes Private tutoring 10-15 hours of preparation recommended

10 Available Classes: Kaplan: $700 + Sylvan Learning Center: $595 + U of U: $220 + Online – free

11 English Tips 45 minutes Five passages 15 questions per passage Read a paragraph at a time Context, context, context! Use process of elimination

12 Math Tips 60 minutes 60 questions Pace yourself NEVER leave an ACT answer blank Use calculators with your brain Use number common sense Show your work Check your answer

13 Reading Tips 35 minutes 4 passages 10 questions per passage Read quickly Answer carefully Pace yourselfmany dont finish Read actively

14 Science Tips Watch fatigue 35 minutes 7 passages No calculators Use process of elimination Use testing confidence Get answers from test

15 Writing Tips Not yet required for Utah universities (except Westminster) 30 minutes One essay question Teenage topic Extra $12 test charge Scored from 1-12

16 Before the Test Be confident (game day) Be preparedpractice Be healthy Get plenty of sleep the two nights before! Eat a protein breakfast to maintain energy Be on time – Be early Dress comfortably NO CELL PHONES Dress in layers Bring the following items: Required photo ID Calculator + backup batteries Admission Ticket 3 No. 2 pencils with good erasers A wristwatch – no alarm A protein snack for the break

17 Questions?

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