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Aleut and Inuit By ;Jenna, Shelly, Anthony, James.

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1 Aleut and Inuit By ;Jenna, Shelly, Anthony, James

2 Inuit and Aleut The Indian tribes in the Arctic are Aleut and Inuit.

3 Aleut Homes:The Aleut people live in home made out of drift wood, and whale bones. some of them were igloos. Language: the space from aleutian islands off the cost of sideria. Dress: the Aleut dressed in seal skin. Food: the Aleut fished for there food and hunted for foxes and caribou and polar bears seals and walruses and whales.

4 Aleut Family structure and responsibilities: the men worked on the igloos and the women worked on making weapons and cooking the food. Culture: (include art, music, ceremonies, religion, etc.) seal bones for tools seal skins for tents. They also used seal oil for light and fire. Extended family hunted and travaled to gather. There may also been culture links with stherian groups. They also built seansonal homes. Aleut socitybye was divided into three classes. Honorables, common people and slaves. House hold usually included a man and hiswifeor wives and kids. Many Russions killed them only 4,000 live today.

5 Inuit, Aleut/ climate The climate in the North Pole is very cold and frozen all year long.

6 Inuit Homes: they lived in igloos tents animal skin and in sod houses. Language: Inuktitut and Inuialuit Dress: in the summer seal skin and in the winter caribou skin. Food: they relied on seal and fish and only the men hunted for the food. Family structure and responsibility: some men accasionally took a second or even a third wife. Men were the hunters and home builders,white women prepared the food, worked on skins, and made the clothing. Culture( included art, music, ceremonies, religion, etc.) Exdenuite family hunted and moved together and ivory carings and also perioder and maxs.

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