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Redesign of FORCE Friends of Rock Creek's Environment Project 2 – INFM 700 Dr. P.S. Jacobs.

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1 Redesign of FORCE Friends of Rock Creek's Environment Project 2 – INFM 700 Dr. P.S. Jacobs

2 Team YELLOW Manasee Mahajan Depti Shah Vijay Dubey Rachel Elwell

3 UNDERSTANDING OF THE CLIENT Explored FORCE's site to get a general feel for the site Looked for descriptions of the organization OUTSIDE of the site Read annual report, newsletters, archives and viewed photo galleries

4 RESEARCH & STRATEGY User Feedback Site Analysis by team Environmental Scan EPA's Surf Your Watershed

5 RESEARCH & STRATEGY User Feedback General Questions 1.What is this site about? 2.Where is Rock Creek Park? 3.What is a Watershed? 4.How do you donate money? 5.What can you do there?

6 RESEARCH & STRATEGY User Feedback Specific Tasks 1.Open the watershed threats and problem webpage. 2.Do you get sufficient information about the "Main objective" of the website? 3.Can you view the sitemap of the website? 4.View the pictures.

7 Quotes from users It just says about news and events The link to button 'Donate Now' on that page does not work Text is expected from a government site but there are no pictures at all the map didn't DO anything...couldn't plug coordinates into GPS...can't see the streets. I don't know... RESEARCH & STRATEGY User Feedback

8 RESEARCH & STRATEGY Site Analysis by Team Core issues Dead links Unorganized Unattractive design Architecture is inconsistent

9 RESEARCH & STRATEGY Current structure of FORCE site

10 RESEARCH & STRATEGY Environmental scan Look at other charity/non-profit sites Best practices

11 DESIGN Card Sort Quotes from users about original navigation - What is a deicer..I don't know where this goes Links?? What Links are these? No 'Projects' card...where I can put all these different projects Redesigned navigation -

12 GOALS of redesign More organized Strategic Compelling

13 WEB SITE - Before

14 WEB SITE - After



17 REQUIREMENTS Concentrate on three elements Education educate the public on issues and activities relating to Rock Creek and to watershed preservation in general Contributions Increase contributions to FORCE Excitement Translating excitement into volunteer projects and opportunities

18 EDUCATION - Before

19 EDUCATION - After



22 EXCITEMENT - Before


24 How is the new design better? Users find it more easy to navigate. Users find it more attractive. Answers previous questions – what does FORCE do? What can you do there? More compelling for users to contribute.

25 References Textbook: Information Architecture for the World Wide Web 8 Tips to Design a Charity Website design-a-charity-website/ How to Create, Improve and Promote a Charity Website creating-optimizing-promoting Website Template Designs

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