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By Choksi Siddharth Dubey Anshu Karkera Prasad Shah Parth.

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1 By Choksi Siddharth Dubey Anshu Karkera Prasad Shah Parth

2  Design Research Methodology  User Views  Client Views  Taxonomy  Blueprint  Wireframe  Site Review  Conclusion

3 Stage 1 : Explore Try and understand what the organization is all about Why the website needs to be redesigned What changes might be needed to the website What would be the appropriate method of going about our work  Procedure Observed the website individually One member from our team was defined as user and one as client Both of them presented their views Each view was discussed in detail among team members

4 Stage 2 : Understand  Method 1: Card sorting 8 people were selected for the process 4 had previously visited the site 4 were just given a brief overview of what FORCE is all about Most users ended up having relatively similar categories Categorization gave us good insight into possible to be used for the main menu names

5 Stage 2 : Understand  Method 2: User Analysis 4 people were asked what they thought Friends of Rock Creek’s Environment meant A group of Environmentalists Where is Rock Creek? User 1 was asked to try and make a donation on the website Home > Donate > Home > Donate ????? Click & Pledge duh ! Same user was also asked to become a member Home > Join or Donate > What’s the difference ???? User 2 was asked to check out details about upcoming events Home > Upcoming Events > Am I on the same site ???

6 Stage 3 : Refine Contradictions had to be sorted Changes to our initial perception of user awareness Consolidate the best approach for designing our website

7  As the site is for non profit organization hence its should convey the message clearly. Hence should have good presentation  Proximity: To group related elements together. Hence reorganization of Labels and content  Contrast: To bring out dominant elements. Hence more emphasis on Join and Volunteer tabs should be given  Alignment: to create consistency and familiarity top level links should be repeated on each page

8  Breadcrumbs should to provided to support easy navigation  Some pages have lot to read and scroll hence it should be reduced  Photo Gallery should be improved and be more interactive  Register, search and login buttons should appear consistently on all pages

9  Message should be easily conveyed and website should be clean and simple  Interactive picture presentation  More emphasis on Join and Volunteer Tabs  Easy to locate contribution page  Easy Navigation  Resemblance to present website for returning users

10  Linking it to Social networking sites to raise awareness about FORCE  Good emphasis on ongoing projects and upcoming events so as to increase participation

11  For hierarchical organization Combination of both shallow and wide & narrow and deep approach.



14  Our team ensured that we delivered the vision of Friends of Rock Creek’s Environment to the user  Structure that provides a solid foundation for all the developments it will have in the future  Better presentation and easy navigation


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