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Niraj Dudhane Neha Parnandi Shradha Gulati Kruthi Sreenivasa Murthy.

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1 Niraj Dudhane Neha Parnandi Shradha Gulati Kruthi Sreenivasa Murthy

2 Contents Introduction Research Business Context Understanding the user Know the user interface Presentation Strategy- Wireframe Requirements for website redesign Design demo Q & A 2UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - COLLEGE PARK

3 Introduction Focusing on the FORCE mission : Spread awareness regarding activities of FORCE Increase contributions/ donations Get more people involved in activities and projects 3UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - COLLEGE PARK

4 Research In order to gather requirements for website re-design, we conducted research in three main areas: Business context – Understanding the client and their goals Understanding the user – User interviews Knowing the user content interface – Card sorting and user testing UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - COLLEGE PARK4

5 Business Context In order to understand the Business context, we designated the team members as ‘client’ and ‘user’ in rotation and then conducted the interview of clients This is to get the client’s requirements and what they want the end result to be like. One of the key questions was “Why will people come to the site? Why will they come back?” and also “How do we get them to come back to the site?” 5UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - COLLEGE PARK

6 Client Interview Questions: What are the short term and mid term goals? What is the business plan? Who are the intended users? Why will people come to the site? Why will they come back? What types of tasks should users be able to perform? What is the planned content and functionality? How will content be created and managed? 6UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - COLLEGE PARK

7 User Research Interview : Best to find out the user experience Do you understand what the website is about? What are you looking for in the website? Are you able to navigate through the pages and find the information that you are looking for? Are you able to learn about the recent activities and events? Are you able to understand your role/participation with FORCE Can you register yourself without any difficulty? What do you think about the homepage? 7UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - COLLEGE PARK

8 Knowing the User Interface What constitutes the user interface and how do we decide how to get there. Methodologies Used : Card sorting User testing 8UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - COLLEGE PARK

9 Card Sorting We carried out card sorting twice, once with the existing site and again with the redesigned site. We were able to categorize and segregate the various menus according to the best fit. This helped us validate our prototype and relate with the users. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - COLLEGE PARK9

10 User Testing Performed user testing with various users where users were asked to perform basic tasks. Helped to reveal the problems with the current site like navigation, understanding content, etc. Encouraged the user to ‘think aloud’ and voice his opinion while navigating the site. 10UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - COLLEGE PARK

11 Requirements Document Change the layout of the website The mission was started on the home page itself. This tells the user immediately what FORCE is Easy sign in and sign up for the cause Clearer navigation menus Use of breadcrumbs so that the user knows where he/she is in the site Donate option on every page to encourage contributions Changing the labels on the navigation menu ‘Upcoming events’ on every page to get more people involved UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - COLLEGE PARK11





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