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Tripti Aurora Pooja Mehta Swetha Reddy Siddhesh Shirode.

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1 Tripti Aurora Pooja Mehta Swetha Reddy Siddhesh Shirode

2  Objectives  Current website issues (  Design to address these issues

3  Detailed study of the FORCE and its website  Study included understanding, identifying their goals and objectives  Card Sorting: --- Sorting of the top navigation bar to enable users to find information easily e.g.: About Us includes Mission, board of directors and get involved. --- Activities include all the projects of FORCE --- News and events include news releases, upcoming events and news archives. --- Donate includes how to become a member and sponsors --- Photo Gallery and Contact Us

4  Classified various categories and sub-categories  Usability Test: ---- Performed usability testing on the users and identified their needs

5  Awareness among sponsors and educating people by using a combination of Top-down and Bottom-up approach ---- Organization and labeling systems (top down) ---- Defining user objectives i.e easy navigation by category and sub-categories ---- Using a share this feature to promote the website among users ----Inviting more sponsors by making them aware about the donations through the donate tab.

6  Blueprint ◦ It is used to show the relation between pages and other components such as navigation, labeling  Wireframes ◦ Wireframes are used to depict how an individual page will look like

7 Sponsors & Donors Main Page About the organization Information about Watershed News & Events Ongoing Projects Photo Gallery Monitoring Storm Drain Using Deicers Properly Natural History Human History Threats & Problems Mission Board of Directors High-Level Blueprint

8 LOGO Home Sponsors News & Events WatershedActivities About UsDonate Contact Us Photo Watershed Map People Speak Mission Adding name to the list of contributors Upcoming events Logo of Sponsors Wireframe - Home Page Share This

9 LOGO Home Sponsors News & Events WatershedActivities About UsDonate Contact Us Photo Related pictures Content Local Navigation Wireframe – Second level Page Breadcrumbs

10 Global as well as local navigation for users to easily navigate through the pages We have provided volunteer & donate on every page We have simplified the language for users with no background of environmental science to understand the details about the website We have provided mission on the homepage to inform the users about the mission behind building the website

11 “Share This” feature is provided to educate as many people as possible We have tried to make the website more attractive to get more contribution We have specially included a page to thank all the people who have directly/indirectly helped the organization


13 Thank You

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