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American History TAKS Test Review Notes

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1 American History TAKS Test Review Notes

2 What happened in 1492?

3 Christopher Columbus sailed across to the America’s establishing Spanish rule to much of the New World.

4 The Spanish established missions in the Western section of present day United States.

5 What was the name of the first settlement in the new American colony?

6 Jamestown, Virginia est. 1607
Other than Roanoke – the mysterious lost city

7 Only 60 of more than 900 Jamestown colonist survived because of it was a very swampy location & disease spread easily.

8 The Virginia House of Burgesses in 1619 was the first representative legislature in the English colonies.

9 The Mayflower Compact in1620 established a self-governing colony based on the rule of the people..

10 New England’s colony relied on what economic activity?

11 New England couldn't rely on farming because of poor soil, so their main economic activity was shipbuilding, forestry & fishing.

12 The Middle Colonies had a variety of economic activates like iron goods, shipping & lumber.

13 The Southern Colonies relied on mainly agricultural products like tobacco, indigo & rice “cash crops”

14 What effect did European colonization have on Native Americans?

15 Native Americans who didn’t die from European diseases were pushed off their land.

16 Road to Revolution

17 Causes of the Revolution
The British taxed the colonies for revenue to pay for the French and Indian War

18 “No taxation without representation”
The colonists resented being taxed without having a voice in parliament.

19 Tax acts Stamp Act Sugar Act Tea Act American's resented
taxation without representation

20 The Proclamation of 1763 stated that colonist couldn’t settle beyond the Appalachian Mountains.

21 Colonist resented the British for telling them were they couldn’t settle after the Proclamation of 1763.

22 In 1774, as punishment for the Boston Tea Party, the Coercive Acts are enacted against Massachusetts. What did the colonists call those acts?

23 The Intolerable Acts King George III's decision not to repeal the Intolerable Acts or any of the other taxes finally caused the Revolutionary War that led to the Colonies Independence

24 Loyalists vs. Patriots Loyalists- Americans who supported Great Britain during the revolution Patriots- Americans who favored independence from Great Britain during the revolution

25 The Boston Massacre in 1770 was used as propaganda to rally Patriots against the British.
Could you be next?

26 Patrick Henry famous quote was “Give me liberty or give me ?”

27 George Washington Commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolution 1st President of the United States

28 Thomas Jefferson Author of Dec of Independence Founder of Univ of Virginia 3rd President Louisiana Purchase

29 In 1776, a committee meets to draft a Declaration of Independence, which justified the right to revolt. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

30 After independence is won in 1781, the colonies needed a government, so the government adopted what?


32 What was wrong with the Articles of Confederation?

33 A weak central government No executive branch No levying taxes No regulation of trade No court system

34 Some states were afraid of having a strong federal government because they didn’t want to be another England.

35 Constitutional Convention of 1787
Delegates drafted a new constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation.

36 Small & Large states fought about representation.

37 Great Compromise was splitting the legislative branch into 2 parts.
Senate – each state gets 2 senators in congress House of Representatives – states that have a large population will get more representatives in congress.

38 Unalienable rights are what?

39 Alexander Hamilton was the Secretary of Treasury and favored a strong central government with a National Bank. He was a Federalist

40 Federalist wanted a loose interpretation of the US Constitution & a strong central government

41 Democratic-Republicans favored a weak central government and a strict interpretation of the US Constitution

42 Principles of the U.S. Constitution
What is the correct term for power that is shared between the states and national government with the national government having more power? Federalism What is a system called in which people vote for the elected representatives to run the government? Republicanism What is it called when the people hold supreme power? It is addressed in the preamble “We the people..” Popular Sovereignty

43 To prevent any branch of the new government from being too strong, the new Constitution designed a system known as what?

44 Separation of Powers Executive Legislative Judicial

45 Checks and Balances This system is designed to ensure that not one branch of government will gain too much power.

46 What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called?


48 Why were the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution in 1789 so soon after it was written?

49 Protect Individual rights

50 You need 2/3 vote in both houses of congress or 75% of state legislators to ratify the US Constitution.

51 1st Amendment Freedom of speech, religion, and press: right to assemble and petition

52 2nd Amendment The right to bear arms

53 Monroe Doctrine was a US policy that told European nations to stay out of the Western Hemisphere.

54 The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 doubled the size of the United States

55 Who was the President who bought the Louisiana Purchase?
We bought it from France.

56 Jefferson

57 Many in America believed that the US should stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific. This is called Manifest Destiny

58 13th Amendment Free at last!

59 14th Amendment Citizenship to Freed slaves

60 15th Amendment 1st vote

61 3 blind mice/Free Citizens Vote
13th-Free 14th- Citizens 15th- Vote

62 Resources

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