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A five star country. Is a NGO that belongs to the Episcopal Church. To work toward the self sufficiency of the church and to improve the living conditions.

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2 A five star country.


4 Is a NGO that belongs to the Episcopal Church. To work toward the self sufficiency of the church and to improve the living conditions of those in need through the development of self sufficient programs. We are an organization under Christian principles. Jeremiah 29:11

5 2 Programs Microloans Saving with Education

6 The program is based on solidarity. The microloans are designed for business activities. The target population is 80% women, in most cases single mothers. Payments are bi-weekly. Initial saving: 10% of the microloan. Voluntary and mandatory savings. Every 2 weeks they receive training to improve their businesses, according to their education level. Microloans ranging between $50-$200.

7 Women acquire confidence in their selves. They are empowered to manage their small businesses. Their self esteem increases. They acquire a savings culture.

8 Rosquillas and Bread Sale Food Sale Jewelry

9 Mrs. Cándida, 55 years old, single mom with 7 children. Currently she lives with two of her children and a grand daughter, her daughter studies at the academy and her son works. Mrs. Cándida spoke of that her dream was to start a business to help her children with their education, dream that she is now achieving. She is very happy with this program because not only has she benefited from the microcredit but also she is happy with the ease of payment and she has learned the importance of saving, she has been surprised with the savings achieved in 6 months with the program. This has motivated her to continue in the program and has also encouraged other women to join it. Cándida Sierra Pavón ID: 0716-1956-00192 Group: La Confianza Business: Small Food Store Telephone #: 98882955

10 Mrs. Beneranda, 49 years old, lives with her husband and her two sons which are in school. Every member of the family works on Sundays selling food. Before enrolling in the microcredit's program, Mrs. Beneranda didn't have any other opportunity to have her own business, since she hadn't enough money and couldn't get a loan either. Mrs. Beneranda feels that the microloans has helped her a lot, her financial situation has improved, she has enough money to pay the loan and buy her children any school supplies that they might need. Beneranda Fredesvinda Ordoñez García ID: 0701-1962-00265 Group: La Amistad Telephone (s): 33862004/94676668 Business: Food sale (only on Sundays)

11 Mrs. Isolina, 51 years old, single mom, lives with her 4 children, 1 of them works and the rest are still in school. On Sundays Mrs. Isolina and her sister sell different kinds of typical dishes, pupusas, pozol, tacos and they also have a sewing business. The program has helped them expand their business (sewing), given that they have been able to buy more fabric to make curtains, quilts, etc. She has applied for loans several times before, but they asked many requirements, which she couldn’t meet because she didn’t have a stable job. Isolina Rodríguez García ID: 0701-1960-00006 Group: La Amistad Telephone: 98971221

12 Mrs. Leny, has a baby on her way, she lives with her husband and her 4 year old daughter. She sells used cloth at her house. She is very thankful with the program, she hopes that with the microloan she can save some money for her next child. Leny Gisel Muñoz ID: 0701-1991-00029 Telephone:99173867 New member

13 This year we began implementing a program called: SAVING WITH EDUCATION, its objective is to organize the participants in groups so they by themselves can be able to save, manage, grant loans to one another and administrate their groups in a responsible way. Taking into account the education component the participants develop their potential of leadership and their entrepreneurial character. The Board of Directors is empowered so that they can manage their own saving groups with efficiency and autonomy.

14 EEach group has to have 10 to 25 participants. 770% has to be formed by women. BBoard of Directors: it is elected by the participants. The participants have to be saving money throughout the year. LLoans: by the third month of savings the group may give a loan to any of the participants needing one. WWorkshops: weekly the participants need to assist to different workshops.

15  Rules: in this program they DECIDE THEIR OWN rules.  The program cycle is completed in one year.  Equitable distribution of income (which may be in penalties, interest and/or savings)

16 Social Goal: The participants select a project which is completed at the end of the year. The project can be done to help the church or the community.

17 Monitoring and Evaluation: Both monitoring and ongoing supervision are key to the success of these programs.

18 We are very thankful with ERD for sponsoring our programs. We trust in Our Lord that we will continue developing this programs with total success for our Diocese and our people. Thank you and God bless you!!!

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