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Composition: O-2204 Framing & Focusing Composition 1.

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1 Composition: O-2204 Framing & Focusing Composition 1

2 Composition: O-2204 Objectives Successful aerial photos require quality framing. Importance of basic composition. 2

3 Composition: O-2204 Focal Point Focal point – the main subject in the image Keep the customer’s needs in mind Know all about the target before departing A good image means a satisfied customer 3

4 Composition: O-2204 Centering the Target 4 Centering target within these four intersecting corners in the viewfinder should give a good image

5 Composition: O-2204 Framing Overview – for Target Photo Frame the image so the target fills most of the frame (~75%) No aircraft parts should show; don’t rely on software to crop your photo Starting at a mid level zoom setting, position the aircraft so you can frame the target without zooming in. When this isn’t possible, use the zoom (max 135mm) to improve the framing or to concentrate on a specific portion of the target. Try to square off logical items such as a main street, runway or a building façade to be parallel to the frame edge. Try to fly cardinal headings and minimize the sky in the frame. 5

6 Composition: O-2204 Caution When Using the Zoom Use sparingly – higher zoom levels increases sensitivity to vibration In any case try not to exceed 135mm Try repositioning the aircraft for better framing – Closer and/or lower 6

7 Composition: O-2204 Too Much Zoom 7

8 Composition: O-2204 Depth Perception Assess target relative to surroundings If target appears small relative to surroundings – Reduce altitude – Increase angle to target Don’t worry about depth of field in the air – Target is typically 1000 ft or more away, depth of field is not a concern at those distances 8

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