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By Michael Flax. ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________. Without a.

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1 By Michael Flax

2 ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________. Without a focal point the viewer’s eye will wander around the picture trying to figure out what the picture is all about.

3 Avoid center of the frame syndrome ___________________________________ Break the viewfinder into nine sections

4 Compose your frame so that your focal point is at one of the intersections in the viewfinder.

5 Creates an ____________________________________ ______________________________________________. Shows scale and depth.

6 Draws your viewer ____________ your focal point.

7 Repetition of form is pleasing to the eye and _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ______________________________________________. Try to fill your frame with the pattern; then break the pattern with your focal point.

8 Makes it stand out.

9 Lines represented in the photo either directly vertical or horizontal Do not use in the center; _______________________________________________ ______________________________________________.

10 Look for the __________________________________. Shoot high and shoot low. ______________________________________________. The unusual angle will ‘___________’ your viewer to look at your picture a little longer.

11 Use ________________________________ to control what you want to emphasize or play down in a photograph.

12 The less light available, the ____________________ ______________________________________________. Less light allows for the _______________________ ______________, allowing to capture ______________________________________________.

13 Used for the printing of the photo. Where composing in the viewfinder does not achieve what you are looking for, like an extreme horizontal or vertical shape. Effective cropping can ______________________________ ______________________________

14 Shoot both for visual variety and impact. We don’t see vertically, so shooting this way often forces us to see in a different way.

15 Kenney, James H. Associate Professor. WKU. 270.745.6307.

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