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Presented By Justin R. Oberman The Mobile Medium SMS / Text Message MMS WAP VoIP Data Bluetooth Ringtones / Wallpaper Voice.

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2 Presented By Justin R. Oberman

3 The Mobile Medium SMS / Text Message MMS WAP VoIP Data Bluetooth Ringtones / Wallpaper Voice

4 Mobile Politics Around The World People Power 2 (Philippines 2001) “go to Esda, wearblck” overthrew president Joseph Estrada Moo-Hyun Election (South Korea, 2002) Orange Revolution (Ukraine, Nov. 2004) Youth Text 2004 (Canada, 2004) Ethiopia Elections (Ethiopia, 2005) Spain M13 (Spain, 2004)

5 Mobile Politics Around The World Mobile Underground (Kuwait, 2005) “Hello Garci” (Philippines 2005) Spain M13 (Spain, 2004) “cell phone text messaging has become a powerful underground channel of free and often impolite speech, especially in the oil-rich Persian Gulf monarchies, where mobile phones are common but candid public talk about politics is not.” “Hello? Hello? Hello Garci?... So, will I lead by more than one million?” Txtpower Post People Power II Success Story

6 Mobile Politics Around The World Text “Ban It” (UK, 2006) To create a popular groundswell in the United Kingdom against the Canadian practice of seal hunting—a practice responsible for the deaths of over 300,000 seals in a single month. * Print ads had over ½% response rate (as a function of circulation) * Total opt-in was approximately 50,000 (first day, 1 print add, 10,000) * Response when opt-in group was asked to send in name: 92% * Response when asked to send in e-mail: 68% * Response when asked to organizations web-site for information: 13%

7 “In Japan they eat squid pizza. That isn’t coming to the U.S anytime soon.” - Greg Clayman (founder of & Current Head of MTV Mobile)

8 Mobile Politics In The USA NYT, July 2nd 2005 "Around 9:30 Friday morning, C. Boyden Gray, founder of the Committee for Justice, a conservative group that is a leading ally of President Bush, was sipping coffee at his Georgetown residence and confessing mild frustration to a reporter for The New York Times about the waiting game for a Supreme Court retirement. Suddenly he got a text message and expressed that emotion rare for stage-managed Washington: surprise".


10 Mass Immediate Response Team (MIRT) Important Information on the fly and important phone numbers wherever supporters are. 27 Percent Opt-In Rate. 5X More than Brittany. Between the age group of 40 and geriatric Age is not always an issue "I instantly realized that we could use the same wireless technology, that worked so well on a commercial level, to mobilize thousands of activists instantly," -Jed Alpert (Founder of Rights-Media)

11 Republican National Convention, NYC Law enforcement officials concede they're having trouble keeping up with these fast-moving, cell- connected groups. "Now, they can actually coordinate tactics, create a feint. They'll start a demonstration in one place to draw the police, while their true objective is in another," said Charles "Sid" Heal, a crowd-control specialist and 29-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. "There's nothing we can do right now to counter them," Heal said. "They're in a digital age, and we're still in analog." - DefenseTech.Org Completely Organic and Naturally Viral

12 The American Environment Still PC dominated The real successful US SMS applications will be those that are mobile components of already existing internet phenomena. What can be leveraged from your online presence and the way people use their phones Mobile -> Web SMS Rate Rising Predominately SMS between friends Great for carriers but hard for anyone else to make money off of it Great for politics and politics of communication

13 “In Japan they eat squid pizza. That isn’t coming to the U.S anytime soon.” - Greg Clayman (founder of & Current Head of MTV Mobile) When SMS booms Stateside it will be because of a home grown phenomena, one that grows from an American Gestalt and that most American's "get" in a ubiquitous no brainer kind of way. It will not be via a foreign consumer content clone marketing its way into an American culture.

14 Mobile Is Not The Internet SMS Is Not Email Mobile Is Not A Be All Save All Solution

15 Do Not Ignore These Guys “there are more eyes and links in the chain in mobile, because the environmen t is by its very nature different.” - Doug Busk (Senior VP, Singlepoint) They are the pipes, they own the roads, they will shut you down.

16 The Carriers / Operators Avoid SMTP Mobile Gateways they are unreliable burden on the carriers regulated because of spam Get a Short Code,Use a Short Code Use an aggregator. They are the ones with a direct connection to a carrier. Do Not “Push.” Mobile is a Pull Medium DO NOT SPAM “if you want a good example of what a world sans net-neutrality would look like, take a look at the way mobile operators run their networks” - Me JUSTINS 5 RULES OF CARRIER RELATIONS

17 Shortcodes Cost $500 a month for a random code, $1000 dollars a month for a vanity short code like 46645 (Googl) 2 month “no use” limitation. If its not used after two months you loose it. Where do I get one? Some campaign managers and aggregators may already have shortcodes you can use in which case you are given a “keyword” to use with the service to prompt your campaign. Follow MMA’s Best Practices.

18 SMS SMS Is The Key Connector Of The Mobile Medium Short-Code In Ads Successful (Pull) SMS Rate Is Rising In The US Every Day Ubiquity Viral On the fly wherever they are SMS Is The Key Connector Of The Mobile Medium “When SMS takes off in the United States it will explode well beyond the current practices in Europe and Asia”- Russell Buckley (

19 MMS/Picture Messaging Citizen Journalism / Moblogging Pictorial Satire Mobile Advertising Programs Making It Easier Shozu, Comvu, Nakama Concept: Easy way for a candidate to do a “live from the campaign trail”

20 Mobile Fundraising Premium SMS (PSMS) Costumer is billed on their phone bill Depending on the carrier they take around 40-60 percent. Built for entertainment -based programs Depending on the carrier purchases are capped at 10-20$ a month per customer. PSMS built for mobile content which is generally 99 cents or $2-$5 What You Should Know

21 Mobile Fundraising #2 Paypal SMS NOT AN OPTION Cingular blocks all non PSMS purchasing May Create an “I already Gave Mentality” when you could have gotten more via cold calling and other means. Optimal for concerts and venues. Great way to get people to “opt-in” for future mobilization efforts Cell phone goodies incentive never hurt. Consider:

22 Ringtones/Wallpaper Extremely Viral and Cool Four Billion Dollar Industry Personalized Association Easy To Make Getting Easier To Distribute, (PSMS), bluetooth or your mobile solutions (PSMS)

23 Voice What a cell phone is built for Robocalling Voice Activation Asterisk Open Source PBX - cheap VoIP convergence Anything Is Possible SpeakEasy, Riot-Tones, pheeder, pinger, call tracking

24 Mobile Marketing Needs Marketing Not Stand Alone Medium Short Code Placement is Key M:Metrics Report TV spot most popular (only because of American Idol style voting) Newspapers, magazines and signs key

25 Its Relevant, It Feels A Need Therefore Its Viral

26 Mobile Advocacy Players (politxt) These Guys Will Help You Manage Your Campaign

27 Mobile Aggregators if you want to handle your own campaign these guys will provide the basic tools and the connection.

28 Mobile Advocacy Networks

29 THANK YOU text “joberman” to 66937 for more information

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