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© 2004-2006 damaka, inc1 a connection revolution TM … Peer-to-Peer SIP.

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1 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc1 a connection revolution TM … Peer-to-Peer SIP

2 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc P2P Growth The Beginning »The Internet started as a P2P architecture, with intelligence equally distributed throughout, resident at all the nodes. Today »Internet grew as a client-server marketing platform, with power at center and access systems like browsers at edge »Telephony, conferencing, and personal interaction just awakening to that P2P force »Most P2P models still use relaying techniques and proprietary systems The Future »Tomorrows players will use direct P2P SIP – no server, no supernode, standards-based »This model used not just for telephony, but for TV watching, gaming, collaboration … »The new peer to peer model is secure, non- proprietary, and powerful Peer-to-Peer is Making a Comeback damakas underlying platform is the SIP based Personal Softswitch which enables direct P2P connection. This new direct peering model pushes call control from the network to the end-user damaka Peer-to-Peer SIP

3 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc3 SIP-Based Personal Softswitch Allows Connectivity to Other Platforms Importance of SIP PSTN / Wireless Gateway IPTV, Digital Content Other SIP Platforms IMS Platforms Non-Proprietary Networks Damaka Client damaka Peer-to-Peer SIP Client

4 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc4 Direct Peering Increases Security As Peers Connect Directly to Other Peers without Going Through Server and Third Party Systems Corporate P2P Internet or Corporate VPN The SIP Personal Softswitch which routes the call resides on the users PC All Data Packets and Signaling End-to-End Encrypted User AUser B

5 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc5 P2P TV Internet TV Can Stream Live Videos. All Transmissions are End-to- End Encrypted to Protect Content.

6 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc6 With P2P SIP, the Sky is the Limit. Two Powerful Forces are Combined - You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too Importance of Peer-to-Peer SIP Scalable Standards-Based Lower Cost Quality Security Decentralization of Control damaka Peer-to-Peer SIP

7 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc7 Damaka Overview (Screenshots)

8 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc Damaka Overview »End-to-end encryption for added security (Signaling and Media) »Direct Peering Technology »Instant Messaging with connectivity to Yahoo, MSN, Google, and AOL »Voice and Video calling features with connectivity to all countries »Desktop Sharing and Whiteboarding for collaboration and distance learning »IP Television and IP Radio that can broadcast and promote Partner products »VideoMail, Voice Commands, SIP Connect, SMS, WiFi Phone - and more!! damaka is a peer-to-peer communication and collaboration software that can be white-labeled

9 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc9 Voice Communication White Label Solution Industry Leading Voicemail and Call Recording Ability to call mobile phone or landline anywhere in the world Best in Class Non- aggregated PSTN/Mobile Termination

10 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc10 Multi-Party Video Conferencing damaka is First in Its Class to Launch Multi-Party Video H.263 & H.264 Video with End-to-End Encryption Scalable with Low Deployment Cost

11 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc11 Internet Radio IP Radio Can Stream Live Music from Internet Radio Stations. All Transmission End-to-End Encrypted to Protect Content University Radio Sports Radio Bollywood Radio Spiritual Radio Talk Show Radio Good-Music-That-Was- Hidden-in-Storage Radio

12 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc12 Collaboration Tools Collaboration Suite Features Desktop Share and Whiteboarding Collaborate with co-workers and friends! High quality secure collaboration within corporate VPN

13 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc13 Instant Messaging and Videomail damaka Instant Messaging Can Connect to Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Google IM friends while watching TV Multi-party instant messaging Maintain confidentiality as all IM messages are end- to-end encrypted (a value for corporations) Send unlimited videomail and voicemail to anyone in the world - FREE

14 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc14 Vision to provide customers with the next generation collaboration experience and bring joy in communication to provide customers with the next generation collaboration experience and bring joy in communication to usher in the new generation of SIP Peer-to-Peer to usher in the new generation of SIP Peer-to-Peer

15 © 2004-2006 damaka, inc15 I Like It – Whats Next? For additional information, please contact: Irna Hutabarat VP Corporate Development 860 869 9409 Download the free consumer version at:

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