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Welcome to Physics AP Physics 1 AP Physics C.

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1 Welcome to Physics AP Physics 1 AP Physics C


3 Who am I? Mr. White B.S. ChE, Lamar University, May, 1980
MChE, U of H, May, 1988 21 years of industrial engineering experience 9 years of physics teaching experience, at all levels

4 What is physics? Driven by “big ideas” and key concepts
Mathematical description of the physical world (mathematical models) Standard nomenclature, with subscripts Algebra, trigonometry, geometry, dimensional analysis, calculus (AP physics C), etc., will all be used Units on numbers are ESSENTIAL

5 What is AP Physics 1? College level, trig based, intended for future medicine majors Taught at the college level Tested at the high school level Approximately 15 labs, done during class time Formal lab reports are required

6 What Is AP Physics 1? (cont’d)?
AP test administered on 5/06/15 There are two parts to the AP test, which is comprehensive A calculator and equation sheet may be used on both parts of the AP test

7 What is AP Physics 1? (cont’d)
MC test – 50 questions / 90 minutes FR test – 4-5 questions / 90 minutes FR test is VERY conceptual, and requires detailed written responses The grading scale in this class is different Scores will be low and adjustments will be made

8 What is AP Physics C? College level, calculus based, intended for future engineering majors Weekly afternoon labs – MANDATORY Two AP tests: Mechanics, E&M Both tests administered on 5/11/15 Both tests are comprehensive

9 What is AP Physics C? (cont’d)
Each AP tests consists of 3 FR questions and 35 MC questions 45 minute time limit on each test FR test allows a calculator and equation sheet, graded with a STRINGENT rubric MC test prohibits calculator / equation sht.

10 What is AP Physics C? (cont’d)
The grading scale is somewhat different than you are accustomed to Adjustments will be made This is probably the most difficult class offered in a HS setting

11 What AP Physics Isn’t It isn’t PAP+
It isn’t the content that can be learned on class room time alone Minimal retesting No extra credit Re-teaching is only done during AP test prep

12 Why AP Physics Exists College professors see increasing numbers of unprepared freshman students Steps are being taken to “weed out” the unqualified (UH freshman chem class) AP Physics lets you see college level difficulty before college

13 My Goals for You Teach you how to:
Think analytically Improve your math ability Improve your study habits Improve your long-term memory Improve your science reading comprehension In other words, I want to prepare you for success at the college level, and I want you to trust that I know how to do that

14 My methods GUESS method for problem solving
Emphasis on units, dimensional analysis, factor/label method Symbolic mathematics Memorize and derive equations Inquiry labs A detailed course syllabus

15 My Expectations Follow posted classroom rules
Follow my instruction regarding physics Students adhere to the items listed in the student physics contract Students take personal responsibility for meeting deadlines Students stay actively engaged in the learning process All AP students will take the AP test

16 Format Of My Class We will strictly follow a published syllabus
Homework is assigned daily, and must be attempted for best results Weekly after-school labs (Physics C) Tests cover one chapter at a time Tests alternate between FR and MC FR tests MUST meet all of the AP rubric criteria

17 Format Of My Class (cont’d)
MC tests contain questions from previous chapters Raw scores are recorded in the grade book, and they will be LOW Usually, highest GB average is adjusted to 95, and all GB averages are adjusted by the same amount

18 Format Of My Class (cont’d)
For best effort with failing quarter average, IF all work is done, I’m willing to discuss End of year – special topic that will give you an “edge” in your freshman classes

19 Issues That Will Lead To AP Test Failure
Failure to adequately learn PAP physics Low algebra skills Low work ethic (senioritis = laziness) Too much dependence on technology Lack of critical thinking skills Low maturity level / lack of focus Arrogance – overestimating your ability and/or underestimating AP content

20 Example Of Low PAP Scores
See “AP Student Past Performance 2013 – 2014.xls”

21 Issues That Will Lead To AP Test Failure (cont’d)
Copying peers’ homework / cheating Waiting until the night before a test to read the text book and/or study (cramming) Cell phone or personal device usage during my lecture or when the “red flag” is posted Too little time devoted to AP physics

22 Your Role Diligently follow ALL of the recommendations on the AP physics contract Do some physics outside of class time every day Memorize equations Practice deriving equations NEVER attempt to “cram” for tests

23 Your Role (cont’d) As I make you aware of weaknesses, practice working problems in that area Commit to competing with your class mates

24 Closing For medicine or engineering majors, this is the correct class
To be successful, you will have to perform at a higher level than ever before If you do what I say, when I say, there is a very good chance that you will pass the AP test

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