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2013-14 AP Biology Classroom Rules/Grading Policy.

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1 2013-14 AP Biology Classroom Rules/Grading Policy

2 Why AP Biology? Pass AP Test = Potential Free College Credit Pass CLEP Test = Free College Credit A = 4.3 Grade point bump (under consideration by DSIC) College Entrance Exam Knowledge

3 Grading Components 10pts Sample Short Answer/Grid In Questions 10pts Sample Essay Questions 10pts: Chapter Study Guides (2 per week) 10pts: Lab Reports 100pts AP Practice Exams

4 Nuts and Bolts Class will be taught as though ALL students are preparing to take the AP Biology Exam on Monday May 12. 1. Attendance is mandatory at every class in order to get the information needed to pass the AP Exam/Class. 2. Work outside class will be required on a regular basis to cover all the information necessary to pass the AP Exam/Class. 3. Regular homework will be required in order to pass the AP Exam/Class.

5 Nuts and Bolts cont 4. Grading will be based on chapter study guides, chapter quizzes, practice exams, outside assignments and lab work. 5. All Study Guides, Quizzes,all practice exams taken/all lab work handed in = automatic A in class 6. Dont Keep up = lose points = negatively affect your grade = less than passing score on AP Bio Exam

6 Quarterly Review 70% Cut Score Below 70% at end of 9 weeks = Probation Meet with me to discuss moving on or transferring to another class If still below 70% at end of semester = automatic transfer to another class

7 Daily Grind 1 Review/work on material from the previous days class or prep material for labs. Expect to do sample short answer and essay questions from past AP exams frequently Pre-Lab Assignments, homework and study guides

8 Daily Grind 2 Cover the basic concepts from chapter work and study guides. - students will be required to take notes regularly in class - students will become used to answering questions to the class based on this material - diagrams and explanations are the basis for the bulk of the AP exam so we need to get used to it. Get used to discussing material, questions, concepts OUT LOUD in class!

9 Daily Grind 3 Drill on the proper way to answer exam questions. - learn by doing - learn how questions are graded - take the intimidation out of the exam - must learn the correct format for good answers

10 Daily Grind 4 Vocab is a MUST!! - readers look for key words - readers look for key word understanding - must use key words in your answers/show understanding

11 Daily Grind 5 It will feel like I am beating you to death with questions (because I am!) - must recognize what questions are asking for - must be able to answer THAT question and not brain dump - no intimidation when you have seen multiple questions, multiple times

12 Daily Grind 6 Commitment is the keythis is a marathon not a sprint!! - requires outside school time for assignments and labs - must do something significant every night to pass the Exam/Classl if it were easy everyone would do it

13 Biggest Complaints I Volume of Work - 45 Chapters in 32 weeks - 12 Mandatory Labs w/ Lab Reports - Christmas Break Assignment - Spring Break Assignment - Study Guides/Chapter Quizzes

14 Biggest Complaints II Im not learning anything - most definitely will seem like that at times - mostly because there are no real breaks - must trust ME that you are most definitely learning A LOT---IF you are keeping up and doing ALL the work on time

15 Biggest Complaint III You dont teach us anything - most definitely will seem like that at times - simply CANNOT teach every chapter in depth---- impossible given the time constraints - My focus: 1. Get through key concepts from EVERY Study Guide - 2. Get totally prepared for EACH and EVERY Lab-- -contributes to knowledge base from the book - 3. Prepare you for the format, content and procedures of the AP Bio Exam

16 Biggest Complaints IV I want to drop the class because it is going to negatively affect my gradepoint EXCEPT: EVERYONE THAT KEEPS UP GETS AN A!!! No! What you really mean is: 1. I have gotten so far behind I can never catch up therefore my gradepoint will be negatively affected…….or 2. I am burned out and no longer want to do whats necessary to get an A in this class Yes this could happen……DOES happen…. To a VERY SMALL % of students

17 What most students say…. One of the most challenging but rewarding classes I have ever had…….. I learned more in this class than any other class I have taken at Sault High…. Because I passed this class I feel prepared to pass any college class I will take…… This class has inspired me toward a career in Biology, Genetics, Medical Field, Environmental Science etc. I realized what a good student I could be by taking this class

18 Weekly Assignments II Click on 6 th edition Username: scott_mcleod Password: devils999 Select chapter and click on it Click on Instructor Resources Click on the PPT or Word Lecture outline Use this information to answer questions from each chapters study guide No need to handwrite just answer on the worksheet and submit to moodle when finished.

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