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MyMathLab How to Study Hints from Professor of Mathematics Jon Odell.

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2 MyMathLab How to Study Hints from Professor of Mathematics Jon Odell

3 1 st Step – get Organized Develop an Organized Mathematics Notebook –Recommended – 3 ring notebook –Obtain – dividers that can be labeled –Determine the instructor’s Requirements

4 Notebook Criteria for Jon Odell Medium size 3 ring notebook – labeled dividers Section for Information –In class point record –Semester graph of grade –Notebook Evaluation sheet

5 Notebook Continued - Notes – Study Sheets – organized and labeled Homework – MyMathLab Quizzes and Tests – MyMathLab Graded Written work and Tests Miscellaneous Handouts Syllabus

6 2 nd Step – Time Management Determine due dates for MyMathLb assignments. Determine dates for classroom discussion Determine if extra opportunities exist for taking quizzes and tests over Determine due dates for homework and final date Determine if minimum % is needed.

7 3 rd Step – Study First – Then do Homework Review Class Notes – Supplement if needed Prepare Study Sheets if Required – DO THIS FIRST BEFORE HOMEWORK Review Instructor’s Power point on homepage if needed Review MyMathLab Power point if needed Be aware of all Resources on MyMathLab

8 4 th Step – Do Homework Be aware of deadlines Write out problem and steps – keep in notebook – this could be useful taking tests. Circle answers in notebook – mark if answer is correct – use red pen. Read the MyMathLab problem carefully for method of answering – number of decimals, fraction, or decimal, etc.

9 Getting Help - MyMathLab 3 tries to get problem correct. Hints are given Possible links to videos Can see a related example

10 Getting Help – MyMathLab Student’s Favorite If after 3 tries, one still gets a wrong answer, ask MyMathLab for a similar problem. A new problem appears, much like the previous problem. If this is worked correctly, the problem is counted as correct. It is very possible to get 100% on homework using this system.

11 Help Me Solve This Walk you through the problem step by step.

12 View an Example Will show you a similar problem, worked out completely.

13 Animation Some exercises have an animation that you can access, which serves s a mini-lecture on this topic.

14 Textbook Pages Click on Textbook pages to view the related pates from your textbook

15 View Video Lectures For each section in the book, you can fina a lecture that you can watch online. Once you have logged into your course, click on the “Chapter Contents” button. After selecting the chapter and section that you want, click on the appropriate link to watch the video.

16 Preparing for Quizzes Learn Dates Be aware of minimum scores necessary Know if one gets below the minimum, one has to take the test over to proceed. If taken multiple times, best score counts. Partial credit on some problems possible There is No Help Me Solve This

17 Warning on Quizzes and Tests There is no similar problem feature on quizzes and tests. If one relies on this feature, then one needs to do more studying.

18 Good News on Quizzes Unlimited times to take quiz 180 minutes to take quiz Several helps still available – –View example –Link to video –Link to animation, textbook –Link to Instructor Tip

19 Study Plan There is a Study Plan feature found in MyMathLab. This is useful to use after doing homework, or quizzes, or tests, and especially if on needs to do a “do-over” on a test or quiz.

20 MyMathLab Tests Know the rules – where you are allowed to take examination Know final date for MyMathLab Test 180 minutes 3 times to take test – best score counts No helps If computer crashes, one has to start over on test

21 MyMathLab Tests - Hints DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DEADLINE TO TAKE TEST!!!!! Have all notes, homework, graphing calculator available if allowed. Allow plenty of time to take test – with no distractions. If Deadline is missed, the grade will be a zero – This will be sad, but true.

22 Special Opportunities Student Learning Center –Knowledgeable tutors and some computer available –Excellent place for study groups to prepare for in class pencil and paper examinations –Be aware of hours – very accomadating

23 Special Opportunities - Continued If Development Mathematics Class using MyMathLab The MEC – Mathematics Enrichment Center is available – this center concentrates on helping with MyMathLab May be required in some classes May be required for some students if grades go below a certain percent.

24 Good News! Those students who learn to budget their time and commit to working find they have success in their mathematics classes. The amount of time spent on the course is directly proportional to the grade received.


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