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UNM TECH DAYS MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 2013 WHAT’S NEW John Whitaker Sr. Technology Strategist Microsoft Corporation.

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1 UNM TECH DAYS MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 2013 WHAT’S NEW John Whitaker Sr. Technology Strategist Microsoft Corporation

2 WHAT IS MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 2013?  Premium business and personal e-mail management tools to more than 500 million Microsoft Office users worldwide. With the release of Outlook 2013, you get a richer set of experiences to meet your communication needs at work, home and school.  From a redesigned look to advanced e-mail organization, search, communication and social networking features, Outlook 2013 provides you with a world-class experience to stay productive and in touch with your personal and business networks.

3 WHY THE INTERFACE CHANGE?  Too many command menus  Too many command buttons  Too many dialog boxes (I just want to format some text!)  Too many hidden features  Get things done quickly without worrying about “how.” Instant Preview  Interface changes to commands that help you work faster. “Contextual RibbonTabs GroupsCommands

4 WORKING IN OUTLOOK Preview Pane Social Connect Favorites Folders Navigation E-mail Ribbon

5 CREATE A NEW TAB  Want all the common things you do in one place?  Create you own tab!  Let’s try

6 WHAT'S NEW    Attachment Reminders,

7 CREATE A NEW E-MAIL MESSAGE  Outlook 2013 enables you to communicate with one or more recipients with a rich set of features and customizations.

8 QUICK FEATURES  Mail Tips  Office Apps  Peek  Weather

9 HOW TO FIND SOMEONE  AutoComplete  Check Names  Global Address List (GAL)  Drag and Drop  Let’s Try

10 WHO’S THAT GAL!  What is the Global Address List (GAL)?  How can I find people in the Organization?  How does Outlook search for people?  Can I find anyone I want?  Depending on what information the organization is going to populate.

11 REPLY OR FORWARD AN E-MAIL  How do I forward and e-mail to a coworker?  On the Home or Message tab, in the Respond group, click Reply, Reply All, or Forward.  The name of the tab depends on whether the message is selected in the message list or opened in its own window.  To remove a name from the To and Cc lines, click the name and then press DELETE. To add a recipient, click in the To, Cc or Bcc box and enter the recipient.  Let’s Try Think Twice! Was the original message addressed to a few thousand people? Mail Tips!

12 OPEN OR SAVE AN ATTACHMENT  Does a message you just received contain an attachment?  You have a couple different options:  1. Single Click on the attachment. You will be asked if you want to preview the attachment in Outlook.  2. Double Click on the attachment to open it in a new window. Eg; Double Click a PDF attachment to open it in in Adobe Reader.  3. Single Click on the document and use one of the commands on the Ribbon to Open, Print, Save as or Remove…

13 CUSTOMIZING VIEWS Change the font or color for messages sent from specific people Conversation View!

14 EXTRA CREDIT – MAIL MERGE  It’s up to you. Let’s take a vote. Who wants to see a quick demo on Mail Merge?  Let’s Try Quick Demo Time

15 CREATE AN E-MAIL SIGNATURE  You can create personalized signatures for your e-mail messages that include text, images, your Electronic Business Card.

16 INSTANT SEARCH  Instant Search will make change your life…  Type a keyword “amazing” (notice the Ribbon changes to help you!)  Sure you can search on simple keywords… but….  Type “from:daren”  Type “to:sharon”  Get tricky:  from:daren hasattachments:yes received:this week  Let’s Try Note: Instant Search is available for email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes…

17 ORGANIZING WITH FOLDERS  What are folders?  Why would I want to create my own folders?  Let’s Try

18 SEARCH FOLDERS  Let’s Try Search folders are a little different than rules. Rules are actions you want to take. Search folders can automatically “reference” specific emails.

19 MANAGE YOUR INBOX WITH RULES  What are rules?  What kind of rules can I create?  Do you want to manage your email by folders?  Here’s an example of one of my rules

20 WHAT ABOUT JUNK MAIL?  Depending on Organization Policy mail may be filtered several times before it hits you inbox.  You can right click on a message select “Junk” and tell Outlook what you want done with messages from the sender.  Also check your “Junk E-Mail” folder once in a while. Sometimes messages are sent to this folder by mistake. There are ways to add senders to your local safe sender list. Click the web link below to explore different ways to manage Junk Mail.

21 SET YOUR “OUT OF OFFICE”  Going to be away from the classroom for a day, a week or all summer?  Let’s let people know what’s going on with you.  Note the “Inside and Outside” my organization options.  Inside: “Don’t bother me…”  Outside: “Sorry I missed your message. I’ll be out of the office…”  Take a quick look!


23 CREATE A CALENDAR EVENT  Schedule a meeting with other people  Click Create an Appointment  Subject, Location, Attendees and Recurrence are common fields and actions.

24 EXTRA CREDIT  Invite a Room to the Meeting!  Some Customers add other resources such as camera’s, special equipment and cars.  Calendar Assistant

25 SHARE YOUR CALENDAR & CALENDAR PERMISSIONS  Do you want to share you calendar with others in the district?  Will people I share my calendar with see all my information?  What about calendar delegation?  Let’s Try

26 VIEW OTHERS CALENDARS  When and how can you share other’s calendars?  Can I view overlay calendars?  Can I use the Calendar Assistant to help me schedule meetings?  Let’s Try – Add a new calendar


28 MANAGE CONTACTS New Contact or Contact Group New “personal” Group New Contact

29 DEMO OUTLOOK WEB APP 2013  Quick look

30 Q&A CHALLENGE ROUND  Try me – If I don’t know how I’ll find the answer and post back.  I’ve done X in Groupwise how do I do it in Outlook/Exchange?  How do I…  Can I…  Should I…  Will I…  Could I…

31 ADD AN EXTERNAL ACCOUNT!  Add your Hotmail account to Outlook


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