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Antivirus Fight Club! August LinuxWorld. Before we begin… Please submit any viruses for the test at

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1 Antivirus Fight Club! August 8th @ LinuxWorld

2 Before we begin… Please submit any viruses for the test at

3 Background - who we are Untangle provides an open source network gateway platform. We are not an antivirus company We are not a testing company

4 Background - why we are doing this 2005: Untangle researches antivirus to add to the network gateway platform after testing we choose clam (open source) and one other vendor 2006: Untangle seeks Testing Labs for certification (stickers!) 2006: Testing Lab refused to test AV product, because use of open source won’t tell us why won’t provide test results won’t provide test set Something fishy is going on here…

5 What is the AV FightClub? A simple test of real-world anti-virus detection by different AV engines What AV FightClub is not: Zero-day test Functionality comparison Not coverage testing Open - for samples & participation & discussion Transparent - simple, verify & run at home Two important things!

6 The Test Small Set of test viruses (eicar) Set of ‘in-the-wild’ viruses Set of user-submitted viruses (minus non-viruses, not ‘in-the-wild’ viruses, and phish) Each vendor is subjected to: Scored by % of viruses identified and performance if applicable All vendors should catch all these viruses

7 The Vendors Engines with linux support (clam, kasperskey, fprot, sophos, globalhauri) Gateway Appliances (sonicwall, fortinet, watchguard) Windows solutions (norton/symance, mcafee) Vendors

8 Questions? predictions?

9 Lets get started zip up the test set for windows tests deposit on web server for gateway appliance tests

10 F-Prot Vendor Version4.6.8 Updated2007-08-08 MethodLinux Client

11 Sophos Vendor Version4.20.0 Updated2007-08-08 MethodLinux Client

12 GlobalHauri Vendor VersionSDK 4.0. engine 2007-08-07 Updated2007-08-08 MethodLinux Client

13 Kasperksy Vendor VersionKav4fs 5.5.27 Updated2007-08-08 MethodLinux Client

14 Norton/Symantec Vendor VersionNorton Antivirus 2007 Updated2007-08-08 MethodWindows Client

15 McAfee Vendor Version7.2.147 Updated2007-08-08 MethodWindows Client

16 Sonicwall Vendor VersionSonicwall 1260 ( Updated2007-08-08 MethodGateway Appliance

17 Fortinet Vendor VersionFortinet 50A (2.8.0-520) Updated2007-08-08 MethodGateway Appliance

18 Watchguard Vendor VersionWatchguard x20e (8.5.1-8138) Updated2007-08-08 MethodGateway Appliance

19 Clam Vendor Version0.91-1-1ubuntu3 Updated2007-08-08 MethodLinux Client

20 Results

21 Results 2

22 Conclusions Open Source solution (Clam) doesn’t suck. In fact, its excellent! Many vendors are poor. Some are selling dead donkeys! outstanding questions conclusions Why hasn’t this been pointed out? Is there something wrong with the way we test antivirus today?

23 Thanks for coming! Dirk Morris Remember Contact Don’t believe me? Try this at home. The test set will be available on http://virus.untangle.com (password on zip file is “a”)

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