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One day at a shop €300€250€150€5 €300€250€150€5.

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2 One day at a shop

3 €300€250€150€5

4 €300€250€150€5

5 €300€250€150€5 If the price of the items in the shop window is wrong and you try and buy the item, you still have to pay the in side price. That’s wrong!

6 You can try to pay for it, but he can make you pay the proper amount. Sorry that’s not €5 its €50

7 One day at home

8 mmm. That looks nice If there is something on the internet that takes you fancy and its oddly cheap and you try to buy it. But the price isn’t right on their side you won’t get it.

9 Because the item was wrongly priced you won’t get it. I know it’s their fault, but you still can’t have it. Hey why didn’t I get it??

10 The Consumer Information act of 1978 The act says that shops that have wrong prices in the windows don’t have to stick by them. The act says that if a price is wrong on the Internet and you email them with an order, they can email you back and tell you it’s the wrong price.

11 I would like to thank all the little people that inspired and pushed me to do this. Thanks to everyone that made this possible.

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