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Voifone ™ Short Code SMS Our Mission = Mobile Messaging Mobile.Local.Social With several dozen campaign tools and more than 1,100 features, Our Next-Generation.

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1 Voifone ™ Short Code SMS Our Mission = Mobile Messaging Mobile.Local.Social With several dozen campaign tools and more than 1,100 features, Our Next-Generation Marketing Platform enables businesses to BUILD, PROMOTE, DELIVER & ANALYZE Mobile Local and Social Campaigns.


3 Our technologies enable relevant communication between businesses and brands, providing messaging tools, data collection, analytics, and understanding to drive ROI across multiple channels. Solutions for Business & Brands Mobile SMS Campaigns. Analytics. Data Capture. Social Solutions Posting. Manage. Analytics. Integration.

4 All in One Text! Text Messaging - to all phone including dumbphones Carriers - over 50+ including prepaid! Bi-Lingual - completely untapped & marketed by mobile Reporting - detailed ROI reporting, per customer, per locations, franchise tracking, etc.. Cell #’s - as a default, coupons already have the cell# in each making it easier to manage in system Promo Codes - enter a different custom promo code with each coupon special Map - automatically generates a navigational map to businesses location Wallet – supports Apples Passbook opportunities solving the ‘app’ cost for your merchants Apps - our coupons offer interactive information that most small/mid-sized merchants need however apps are a must for a high-end clients that have the appropriate traffic, of which we can assist with their apps building as well Mobile Web Pages - solves the cost as Coupons offer the same info that would be included in web pages Loyalty - easily set-up as “multiple” redemptions, Buy 2 burgers get one free all by text bookmarked on phones displays % of uses until reaches certain threshold Existing Gift - we can match a merchants existing database of gift/loyalty clients with these export/import data & upload.cvs into Portal so existing #’s can match each text when redeemed! we can also import a ”range/bulk” of numbers as well Integration - as most business are moving to POS/ Cash Systems, these can api the data automatically as a default, coupons can display a QR Code and/or Bar Code that can be scanned We Believe our Text Coupon Platform offers a Tremendous Overall Cost Efficient Value as they solve with Multiple Mobile Solutions for your Merchants;

5 Social Solutions Posting. Manager. Analytics. Integration Mobile SMS Campaigns. Analytics. Data Capture. MOBILE.Local.Social

6 Text Messaging: Positive Effect on Reach 89% of all text messages are read immediately 86% felt “Positively toward the Brand” from the SMS message and “more likely to purchase.” SOURCE: Rettie, Grandcolas & Deakins 300+ million mobile phones are in use in the United States, more mobile devices in use than people. More than 200 Billion Text Messages are sent/received every month in the US, more than 6 Billion every day. 38 years old is the median age of a text message user. More than 1/3 of Households have cut their landline and only have mobile phones. A Mobile Phone is the most important device in an American’s daily life. More texts than calls are placed every month. The average person sends 500+ texts each month versus 200 calls. Text Messaging is the #1 Use of the Cell Phone “Twice as many people own a mobile phone than have access to the Internet” Mobile Statistics

7 TEXT - The BEST Direct-Marketing Program EVER! SMS Most Popular Texting usage is more than DOUBLE both App Downloads & Social Networking usage. People & Their Phone!  Over 5 Billion Texts Are Sent Daily!  100% Of Opt-In Customers WANT Your Advertising & Information!  98% Of Every Text Is Opened In Minutes!  Absolutely The Fastest & Easiest Programs To Implement  99% of All Phones Are Text-Compatible!  75% of USA phones are SmartPhones  “ALL” others can still get your text messages (100% reach)  Customers WANT the Instantaneous communication!

8 On All Receipts offer Text Voting/ Surveys Menus, Newspapers, Flyers, on Registers, TV, Radio, FB, Twitter, eMail ALL Advertising Table-Tents Successfully Receiving Opt-in’s! PROMOTING YOUR KEYWORD(S);  Bill Boards  Radio | TV ads  Contests | Giveaways  Business Cards  Websites | Email Blasts  ALL Social Media  Magazine ads Widgets: Websites, Facebook, eMail Blasts

9 What is Mobile Marketing? Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to instantly communicate and engage with their opt-in audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network. SMS Marketing (Short Message Service) or Text Marketing FOOD Welcome 2 City Café VIP Mobile Club! Please look for Exclusive Specials/Announcements! Text Voifone to 28748 (sample) 1.In place of a phone number, user types the short code 2.In messages section, they type Voifone 3.Tap on “Send” 4.Your Alert/ Announcement/ Special/ Coupon is received Voifone ™ Short Code SMS is Just That Simple to Get Started (EVERYTHING ELSE we offer are all Value-Add Features) Businesses Target Market by Communicating to Opt-in Lists;  Blast Text Specials to those Customers that Opt-in  Businesses send out 1 or 2 Blast Text Announcements a week Additional Enhancements; 1.Click on Bitly Link and take a look  these are known as Mobile Pages integrated in our MMC 2.(msg2) Spanish Messaging capabilities as well  incredible market opportunity 3.REPLY w eMail & Comments  tremendous data-capture  incredible value to the business owner

10 Why Businesses are Adding Text-Marketing! IIn Today's Competitive Environment, Businesses Must be in All Spaces Regardless TThere are millions & millions of “apps” / Carriers are now charge more for data usage than for calls! TThere is only so much desktop space on a phone, so consumers constantly delete & choose different apps 775% of phones are “smartphones”, 25% are others: 100% of cell phone users are available (“everyone”) NNot everyone can monitor & scan their “walls” every 4 hours looking for your posted special TTwitter business messages must be watched every 20 minutes between the gossip chat ““Consumers-Choose” what info they want to share & who’s allowed to contact their cell phone! By “Opting-in” to a Businesses Keyword >> Then Businesses send out Text-Specials MMMA Guidelines Forbids “Spamming” so cant just buy cell numbers and randomly blast out specials! NNo one has to search and “find you” on every different social media or websites IInstantly create & edit, no waiting weeks for proofs …and the Main Reason EVERYONE’S PHONE HAS TEXT CAPABILITY! Cell Numbers Are Like Our Social Security #’s, We Never Change Them! The Incredible Value for Businesses Being Able to Directly Market to An Opt-in Number, is Simply Unmatched By Any Other Marketing Efforts!

11 Step 1: “Keyword” set-up main campaign make keyword easy between 3 > 12 characters reference your business name Step 2: “Promote” post “opt-in” signs everywhere receipts | table top promos door signage | tv radio ads email | social | direct mail Step 3: “Blast” weekly Redeemable Coupon to your groups date & time depending on your goal don’t over text > 1 blast a week & 5 th as a bonus offer value and folks will stay opted-in Step 1: “Opt-in” set-consumer simply text () & your Keyword customer receives a welcome text instantly sees and reads special within minutes gets excited and plans on heading to your location Step 2: “Receives Text” can reply with email, any comments, age verification data-capture for future target marketing accessible with any smart or dumb phone bookmarks coupon for easy access Step 3: “Spends Money!” when ready, customer “redeems” coupon cannot use discount coupon again can ‘share’ on social for others to enjoy merchant can scan barcode or track by cell# Why Text-Marketing is So Simple But Yet So Powerful! 3 Easy Steps! MerchantConsumer Value-Add Strategies definitely set up weekly “Text2Win” promotion to build your database immediately create “GEO-Fencing” radius around your business, instantly attract locals consider “internal” text with employees, staff, parents, scheduling Additional campaigns voting/polling, surveys & trivia

12 Log-in Cloud Based Platform User-Friendly Dashboard Easily Access All Campaigns Create Message in Minutes Choose Target Group(s) Hit Blast Create. Launch. Manage. The Marketing Center allows users to manage mobile campaigns, QR campaigns, mobile sites, text alerts, social and much more in one location.

13 Post to get immediate insights into your customers experience; Contests - Trivia - Vote – Survey Understand user preferences by engaging;  Ask questions  Gain quick and valuable insights  Target follow-up messaging  Reward / Incent groups of users  Capture emails Post “live” results instantaneously from mobile or social polls  FB / Twitter  Bar Napkins  Cash Register  Invoices  Live Screens Let Folks Have Fun Instantly Engaging With Your Brand Through: Contest, Trivia, Voting, Text2Win and gain keen feedback through quick Surveys.  Credit Card Receipts  Pizza Box  Deliveries  Invoices  Counter Top  Expanding Menu items  New Product Release  Assoc Meetings  Sporting Events  Networking

14 Our Trackable SMS Data Campaigns NO Equipment to Buy NO Software to Install NO Cards to Swipe Through Terminals NO Inconvenience to Consumers NO Revenue Loss to Business NO Experts Needed, So Easy to Create Digital Ticketing Trackable Bar Coding Great for Promos/ Giveaways Track Groups/ How many used Includes Directions & Contact Info Integrate with CRM/ POS Systems True ROI Customize Picture Match Specials Sponsorship Programs Better Target Marketing Abilities Tremendous Competitive Edge Supports Bi-Lingual Capabilities (Spanish)(Map & Phone #) (Expiration Dates) (Cross-Chanel Sponsorship)

15 One of the Biggest Concerns that comes from Management and/or Franchisees, is about Tracking/ Confirming Specials; You Successfully Redeemed SMS Coupon! Allows for business owners to be able to track true ROI, plus be assured that the same text special isn’t being used at other locations. Also protects each Franchisee so they know what their costs are and what text specials are theirs vs. other locations. 1.Message Appears to Confirm 2.When Ready, Redeem with Server/Employee 3.Once Redeemed, Coupon Code Appears 4.Bar Code is Automatically Created 5.Can Not Use this Coupon again! Text DINNER example

16 Share Promotions Between Businesses! Text TICKETS Text TEXMEX Text CASINO Text DINNER Text CARWASH Our Advanced Platform is using SMS, NO Equipment | NO Apps | No Software! Test Drive Our New Hybrid Car = Receive FREE Race Tickets Take Time-Share Tour = 25% Off Jet-Ski Rentals You WON at the Blackjack Table = FREE Vegas Show! Apologize for Your Hotel Room Mix-up = Please Enjoy Round of Golf on Us! Thanks for Your Membership Renewal = Enjoy $10 Gas Voucher Restaurants Blast-Out Taxi Voucher = Don’t Drink & Drive, Here’s Cab Fair on Us! For Taking Our Survey = Redeem Digital Movie Ticket at Any ABC Theatre Thank You for Your Valuable $10 Donation = FREE Dinner Coupon at Any of Our Fast Food Locations Have Your Oil Changed = Receive Redeemable Coupon for FREE Bobby’s Burger Thanks for Your Trade Show/Networking Event Registration = Digital Ticket/Bar Code for Vendor Seminar

17 Our Loyalty | Numerous Redemptions Easily Bring Customers Back Oil Changes/ Services Event Tickets Earn Different % Off Per Redemption 10% OFF / 15% OFF, etc… “Reward” After All Have Been Redeemed Buy 3 Sandwiches Get One FREE! Track Customers Activity Completely Stand-Alone Integrated with POS Systems Import/ Export Data Creates Bar Codes and/or QR Codes (or QR Codes Generated) (Enter the “Code” for each Redemption) (Shows Usage & % to each Threshold) (Generates Bar Codes with Unique Custom Data) Text LOYALTY Include Social/ Facebook & Twitter Main Website/ Mobile Site Create Endless Redemptions Bookmark Coupons on Desktop Customers Can Also Track on Phone

18 ALL With Simple “Text” Message! Folks Text-in from ANY Type Cell Can Bookmark Loyalty Coupon Easily Access All Your Info Your Logo/Custom Image as Icon NO Equipment / NO ‘apps’ / NO Certifications / NO Software / NO Downloads

19 Digital Ticketing | Vouchers (Sports / Concert Events) (Integrate with POS Systems) (Parking Passes – Daily/ Airport) (Daily/ Monthly/ One Time Passes) Parking Passes Daily | Monthly Airport Shuttles Self-Pay Boxes Tourists Tours Trade Show Passes Comp Tickets Movie Theatres Gym | Golf Memberships Hotel Passes Casino Shows Private | Charity Events Integrate Existing Loyalty Personal Bar Codes Track Customers Reward Special Customers

20 Tremendous Customer Enhancement! Our Redeemable “Text” Coupons are certified on Passbook so your customers can now save these to their App! Send Alerts or Passes via APPLES Ios6 APP Send confirmations via our SMS or with Passbook to allow customers to checkin for an event, send reminders, alerts about changes, and redemptions. Schedule & Send Sms Alerts Users opt-in for text alerts. Alerts & notifications can be sent when an order ships, a complimentary item is available, a product is back in-stock, a promotional offer is available, limited time only, etc. SMS Alert MMS Alert Passbook Integration, Text Alerts & Notifications

21 Double Opt-in Option (confirmation!) Value-Add: As we all pretty-much understand at this point, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Adult & Gambling Can’t just loosely Advertised because of non-legal-age audiences that might see it. Of course Mobile-Text-Marketing is included in this as well because anyone is allowed to Text-in. By allowing for a Double-Opt-in feature as a No-Extra-Cost Option, this opens-the-door for so many businesses, including locally owned stores to now be able to start offering specials via Mobile-Text! 1.Folks Opt-in 2.Receives a Text they need to Reply Too 3.Confirming they are of that state’s Legal Age 4.And/or permission about that Particular Business/ Scenario Businesses, Sponsors, Products & Mobile Messages? Tobacco >> Carton of Marlboro On Sale This Week! Schools >> Must Have Parents Permission to Receive Text Alcohol >> $3 Grey Goose Shots this Thurs Night! Political >> Must be of Voting Age to be a Part Of These Updates Adult >> From Dancers Schedules to Explicit Specials Prescription Refills >> Basic Pharmacies to Medical Marijuana Shops “Account On File” >> Allow Folks to Confirm Their Own Account Info Guns/Ammunition >> 20% OFF Any Firearms for Fathers Day R Rated Video Games / Movies >> Must be at Least 13 Years or Have Parents Permission to Receive Specials Gambling / OTB / On-line Poker >> VIP Members, $50 Cash for Buy-In at this Weeks Blackjack Tournament!

22 Join Private Mobile Club! Text ADULT (must be 21 yrs to Join) Text SPORTS (must be 16 yrs to Join) Text AMMO (must be 18 yrs to Join) Text HIGHROLLER (must be 21 yrs to Join) Training Events Unique Contests TextChat with Experts Private Parties Updated Stats/Live Feed Birthday Club Schedules Trackable Bar Coding Tips From Experts Training Videos Latest Rules & Policies Scheduling Admission Priority Exclusive Pictures Weekly Highlights Exclusive Interviews Personal Stories FANS WILL PAY $4.95/$9.95 per mth

23  Participants are encouraged to text or scan with their cell phone at the event.  Throughout the sessions, live interaction, special messaging is sent to the end users for further engagements.  Add messaging/questions directly into Screen Presentations & Jumbo-trons. Be creative as you’d like;  Winning & Voting Contests a MUST  Talk Radio | Sports Talk | Top 20  Training | Seminars | Nightclubs  Treasure Text Hunt  Tag & Win | Seek & Find  Associations | Politicians  Point Based Giveaways  Valuable Case-Studies  Instant Data-Capture  Include Sponsors “Text” Interaction @ Events In-Venue participation Interact at the event Sign-up for message alerts Receive offers & other specials Instant data-capture

24 Text Services to Engage Loyal Fans Text Voting & Polling (#2 Opt-in Campaign Because Everyone Has An Opinion!)  System allows you to easily create and launch SMS campaigns anytime including during an event,.  Our interactive system captures audience attention by engaging participants with “Live” updates, RSS feeds.  Favorite singer, event, trade show booth, talk show talent, car, meals, dancer, politician, policy, speaker, etc.. Text2Win (#1 Opt-in Campaign Because Everyone Wants To Win Something!)  Eliminates the need for participants to fill-out paper entry tickets, or use business cards. Use “Mobile Fishbowl”  Participants text-in & our system will automatically, randomly pick winner(s)  Engage your vendors, offer sponsorships with giftcards, product discounts, movie tickets, sporting event tickets, etc…  A must campaign for every business, Retail, Restaurant, Assoc, Chambers, Groups, Networking, Sports, Charity, everything! Text2Screen (Give Everyone A Voice Without A Microphone!)  Great for large audiences in a business presentation, seminars, training events, clubs, keynote speakers, etc.  Comments & answers can be displayed as well as imbedded into Power Point, posted live on Social  Flat/plasma screens, jumbo-trons or arena vision displays, training, shout-outs, important news, etc.  Audience is presented with a situation and asked to respond by texting their replies (data-capture case studies) Trivia / Surveys  These Campaign are similar to Voting/Polling however more sophisticated methods of data collection.  With Data Segmenting, the list can be further broken down by how people respond.  Have this campaign tied together with Text2Win, score over 80% correct answers, “wins prize” Auto-Responder  Feature that allows you to send "drip" mobile marketing messages or "timed messages"  Range from alerts, coupons, simple reminders like, oil change is due, its been 5 days did you mail back warranty?  Choose the intervals for follow up messages to be sent: minutes, days or weeks after the initial message is sent.

25 Mobile SMS Campaigns. Analytics. Data Capture. Social Solutions Posting. Manager. Analytics. Integration Mobile.Local.SOCIAL

26 Powerful Social Platform

27 Create Mobile Web Pages – A MUST Have! Easier for Consumers to Access than ‘Apps’ Make sure customers can always view your website. Simply build mobile websites so customers on the go can still view your site, make purchases, and seamlessly integrate with your SMS campaigns.

28 Groups, Internal Text & ROI Reporting

29 As users interact with Our technology, they are organized into groups based on location, preferences, responses and other specifications. Hence enabling messaging to become smarter and more appropriately targeted based on tangible information collected about the customers and specific groups resulting in better ROI and overall revenue strategies. Upload Groups, Combine, FTP log-in option, API Integrate Groups  Apartment | Commercial Buildings  PTA Members | Staff | Teachers | Parents  Financial Brokers | Real Estate Agents  Wine of the week club  East Coast Sales Team  Vegans | Meat Lovers  Flower Club | Birthdays  Football Fans | Nascar Fans

30 “Internal Communications” Back-n-Forth Conversations Complete History (like email)! Instant Text Message with;  Employees / staff  board members  franchises  Clients  merchants  sales agents  athletes  vendors  mlm down-lines  shift nurses /doctors  teachers / parents  property management Manage Lists/ Groups Names Upload Your Contacts Create Templates Send out to Groups Create Groups Instant - Important! Amber Alerts Text out for Interviews Utilizes-Power Outage Need extra staff for late shift Confirm Appointments Merchants Need Supplies PTA Members/ School Bus Updates Daily Motivations  sales  health  religion  Sports Text Communication is NOT Just for Blast Discounts Messages can be Sent to 1 Individual or a Group of 100,000+ All Messages Will Have Recipients FIRST NAME Inserted Automatically Making them much more Personal!

31 Geo-Reporting for Future Target Marketing Reporting Overall Snapshot  Opt-in’s / Opt-out’s  Instantly see popular areas  Captured Comments  eMails  Daily, Weekly, Monthly, YTD  ALL Campaigns  D/L Campaign Logs Track Your Text-Specials  Track Each Text for Sponsors  When Redeemed  Manage True ROI  Tie to Loyalty Program  Expiring Time/ Dates Custom Sales-Team Back-Office  Auto-Billing  Incredible Quota System  Add Keywords Automatically  Commissions / Overrides  Buy-Rates  Auto Threshold Tracking  Instant Set-up Few ROI Detailed Reports  Live Time Data  Franchises (per location)  Message Delivery  Corporate (multi-levels)  Voting Results  Live Feeds  Websites, Facebook, etc  ALL Campaigns  Mobile Site Hits  Export Data  By Carriers So Much More We Offer! Few ROI Detailed Reports  Live Time Data  Franchises (per location)  Message Delivery  Corporate (multi-levels)  Voting Results  Live Feeds  Websites, Facebook, etc  ALL Campaigns  Mobile Site Hits  Export Data  By Carriers So Much More We Offer!

32 Advanced Live-Time ROI Reporting & Tracking Hierarchy Managing Level Options Corporation/ Distributors  Franchise/Location  Management/Admin  MMC Users Sales Teams - Vice President  Sales Manager  Field Agent  Client Financial Institutions - Branch  Regional Manager  Bank Teller  Merchant Association  Marketing VP  Members

33 Promotional Success Promote Your Keywords & QR Codes EVERYWHERE! A POINT OF SUCCESS: Most 2D Campaigns are dead-ends. They lead the user to a landing page that can only report impressions. With our 2D to SMS, you can get the opt-in users contact data up front and add them to your marketing lists. Definitely add Keyword & QR Code to all credit card/ cash register receipts Text DINNER to --- AND/OR --- SCAN Barcode with your phone *MSG&DATA Rates

34 MO (incoming text message) distribution Opt-out Tool (per keyword or short code) Configure custom credentials Configure Message Limits per MMC Configure Default Stop Message Configure Default Help Message Configure Default Welcome Message Track Message Delivery (sent file) FTP Group Integration Keyword Search Finder Combine Multiple Groups Case Studies Online Help Center Numerous Tutorials 2D & QR Barcodes Redirectional URL Tool Insert a url tool Mobile Website Builder Custom Bitly Integration Customized Web-Widgets Billing Monthly Statements Billing Usage Reports (per user) Unlimited Users Unlimited Groups Scheduling Years Out Self-Manage Campaigns Mail API ‘Sync’ text & email Franchise “Message Approval” Feature Sometimes it’s the Little Things… Endless customizable features & detailed tweaks allowing for that valuable competitive edge!

35 Customize - Marketing Center with Flexible CSS, and API access. Technical Description: MOBILE 2-WAY API Mobile 2-Way API (Marketing Center Platform) Our SOAP API allows you create and manage marketing campaigns via SOAP web services. This SOAP API is extremely powerful and will allow you to do virtually anything via web services. These web services are categorized into 5 main categories. Customization, Integration & API’n OurAdvantage - when you have talented and creative teams, you’ll always be ahead with innovative & custom mobile messaging solutions for all scenarios! With our robust and expandable platform, we have uniquely innovative SMS solutions for all types of businesses to instantly communicate with their customers. Fully Integrated CRM/POS Solutions to Custom API Programs like; Text Shopping Orders Text Dink/Food Orders Text Medical Emergencies Text Account Balances Text Account on File Text4Supplies Integrate with Exciting Loyalty/ Gift Text Prescription Refills Utilities-Pay Bill Notices Help Desk/ Customer Service Text Dinner Reservations Text Medical Emergencies Texting Receipts/ Invoices Text Account Status

36 SMS - Short Message Service, also known as texting which allows messages up to 160 characters. MMS - Multimedia Messaging Service (messages with images, audio, video, rich text). KEYWORD - Keywords are between 3-12 characters, and enable customers to Opt-in to a text message distribution list. Typically, the keyword will be the name of the business or something that is memorable. For example: Joe’s Deli Sandwiches may choose Text JOES to or even Text JOESDELI to as their Keyword. We recommend using a unique keyword for each campaign. SHORT CODE - Special 5 digit number that replaces traditional 10 digit phone numbers () CAMPAIGNS - Each different promotion is considered a campaign; voting, surveys, discount specials, auto responses, text2win, etc. WEB WIDGET - A widget is a stand-alone application that’s embedded into websites, mobile web pages, a blog, or a social media site, also allowing customers to subscribe to campaigns. QR CODES (Quick Response) - A two-dimensional matrix barcode that is readable by smartphones with Cameras and can be directed to any website/ mobile page. CARRIERS - A company that provides wireless telecommunication services such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. (we are certified on over 50+ carriers). MOBILE WEB PAGES - A web page is specifically formatted to display on small screens, cell phones and smart phones. Without special formatting, a web page would Not fit on a mobile screen and therefore be unreadable. WALLPAPERS - push images to cell phones to increase brand awareness. CHAT - empower customers to chat by text directly with company’s customer service. TWO-WAY SMS - interactive messaging to power new campaigns & promotions. WAP - mobile-optimized site formatted for best viewing across various phones. MOBILE SEARCH - power interactive search such as product or store locator. TEXT-TO-WEB - through an API, post messages originated via SMS & post to web. Marketing Terminology

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