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2013 spring semester Vytautas Magnus University Kristina Zikiene.

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1 2013 spring semester Vytautas Magnus University Kristina Zikiene

2  Lectures: IV (thursdays) 1.45 – 3.15 p.m. (13:45-15:15) 314 Daukanto 28  Seminars: IV (thursdays) 3.30 – 4.15 pm. (15:30-16:15 ) 314 Daukanto 28

3  Course objective - to provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which are essential for analyzing market situation and marketing programs.  Course purpose - to nurture students’ knowledge and abilities to understand different types of marketing research, use different marketing research techniques for data collection, analyzing the market research data and make decision based on it.

4 1. The role of Marketing Research 2. Problem definition, Exploratory Research, and the Research Process 3. Secondary Data and Databases 4. Qualitative Research 5. Quantitative Research. Primary data : Descriptive research designs; Survey methods and errors 6. Questionnaire Design 7. The concept of Measurement and Attitude Scales 8. Causal Research: Experiments. Test Markets 9. Basic Sampling Issues

5  Midd-term exam (test) – 30% of the final mark;  Seminar (presentations or research report plus presentation) - 20% of the final mark;  Exam (test) – 50% of the final mark;  All students have a possibility once to re-pass the exam, if they get negative mark.

6 Your choice, which type of lectures we’ll have this semester

7  Each of you have to study given information (chapter from e- book, copied papers from the book and so on), to make a presentation (.ppt) and to present it in the audience (one time in a semester);  One week we have a presentation in the audience for all group of students, other week – consultation for this (those) student (-s), who will make a presentation next week (if needed) ;  After presentation – short discussion and questions;  First presentation – my presentation.  We will start yours presentations from the 28th of February;  You have to share your slides with your colleagues;  Your slides will be like handouts for your colleagues for further studies: midd-term exam and exam.  Presenting your topics you’ll pass seminars!

8  Traditional lectures every week;  Each of you have to make a homework individualy – Marketing research project on a given theme and to present it in the audience.  After lectures, we’ll have seminars. During seminars, you’ll have to consult with me individually about your project (how to define the problem, which type of research to choose, which method for implementing the research to choose, how to gather data, how to make a questionnaire and so on). At the end of semester (till the 9 th of May), you have to give me printed research report (which consists from three main parts: methodology, data research and conclusions/ recommendations to management).

9  Midd-term exam: I, II, III, IV themes included;  Exam – the last themes included.

10 You’ll find recommended e-book and slides by this address: Marketing research The Main Book: McDaniel Gates (2010). Marketing Research Essentials, John Willey @ Sons

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