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Finance 5040 Spring 2011 Welcome Dr. James Conover.

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1 Finance 5040 Spring 2011 Welcome Dr. James Conover

2 Class Goal Learn the finance skills needed to be successful in FINA 5170, the core MBA class Prerequisite knowledge –Economics 5000 –Math 1190 Topics –Listed on syllabussyllabus –Reviewed on first day of class

3 Organization of Class Weekly Lectures Weekly Homework - All solutions provided Not graded by me, but are critical to learn material Weekly in-class exercises 1/6 th of the grade Midterm Exam Outside of class on homework manager website (Tuesday 12:01 a.m. to Wednesday 11:59 p.m. (48 hours)) – individual effort only 1/6 th of the grade Final Exam Week 8 (Thur, Mar 10: 6:30p-9:30p) or (Sat, Mar 12, 10a-1p) 4/6 th of the grade (substitute for lowest midterm if higher percent)

4 Grading Homework! – not graded, but source of exams –Solutions: Ch 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 81235678 Lectures – not graded, but secondary source of information Textbook – not graded, but primary source of information In class exercises – graded (1/6) Homework Manager Quizzes – graded (1/6): –one each week for six weeks (Wednesday, open book) Final exam – graded (4/6) –(1/3 textual, 2/3 problems)

5 Supplies Textbook(s) and HMM Code –7-chapter electronic pdf to be printed ($30) –Or full textbook ($150/$220, depending on used/new) –Need Homework Manager from McGraw-Hill - $40 –Bundle (bookstore orders it for you) Electronic pdf of text chapters and code - $58 Financial calculator - $28-$35 –TI BA II Plus or Professional recommended High speed internet for the lectures Phone, email to contact study group members Exchange information in the discussion group - week 1

6 My Goals Help you learn the finance and financial mathematics needed to succeed in this course Establish a helpful environment that gives you a study group to help with learning the material –All of you can succeed, but a great deal of work is required –A group of colleagues is absolutely essential to completing an MBA program Goal: Give more than you take: you learn by teaching Have you contact me whenever you need help –Email at –Office: 940-565-3061; Home: 940-891-0901; Cell: 940-594-0175 –Office Hours in BUSI 168A: Wed, Thur 10:00am-12noon –Office Hours after class until last person leaves My classes: Wednesday, GAB 201; Thursday, Curry 210 By appointment at other times (fit your schedule and mine)

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