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2 INTRODUCTION Module: Research Project Module Code: MRP 1014 Credit Value: 4.00 PREREQUISITE Business Programme: Complete all core modules from Semester 1 – Semester 4

3  This module is a major core module  Students MUST pass this module  Upon completion of the module, student will be able to: 1.Demonstrate the abilities to plan and to work effectively 2.Analyze the findings and results of the project 3.Prepare the presentation and final report CONT’

4  Students will be advice, monitored and evaluated by the appointed supervisor  The supervisors will be appointed by ICAM and coordinator based on the area of specialization SUPERVISOR

5  All students are required to form a group  Business student MUST choose any topic from the core modules (Semester 1 – Semester 4) GROUPING & TOPIC

6  A graphical representation of the duration of tasks against the progression of time  A useful tool for planning and scheduling projects  Illustrate the start and finish dates of the work breakdown structure of the project GANTT CHART

7 ACTIVITIES WEEK 1234567891011121314151617 Topic Confirmation & Discussion With Supervisor Preparation Of PSM Proposal Submission Of PSM Proposal Preparation Of Chapter 1 Preparation Of Chapter 2 Preparation Of Chapter 3 Course On Using The Equipment Sample Preparation I) Pure Chitosan Sample Testing I) Ft-ir Data Analysis Preparation Of Chapter 4 Preparation Of Chapter 5 Submission Of Draft Report Edit Report Submission Of Final Report Preparation For Oral Presentation Oral Presentation EXAMPLE

8 CALENDAR WeekActivitiesRemarks Week 1 Research Project briefing and Registration Attendance is MANDATORY Week 2Dateline for Registration11.07.2014 Week 3 Dateline for changing of title Final listing of groupings and Supervisors If any, 18.07.2014 Week 4Submission of RP proposal to supervisor. 25.07.2014 Week 5Research Project preparation Week 6 Research Project preparation Seminar Seminar: Attendance is MANDATORY Week 7Research Project preparation MID-SEMESTER BREAK Week 8Research Project preparation Week 9Research Project preparation Week 10Research Project preparation Week 11 Research Project preparation Draft (Final Report) Submission to Supervisor and Second Examiner Week 12Presentation & Demonstration (if applicable) Week 13Report amendment(s)If any Week 14 Submission – Final report & CD Research Project Fiesta RP Fiesta: Compulsory REVISION WEEK FINAL EXAM

9 The proposal is written in future tense. 1.Blank Page 2.Title Page 3.Table of ContentsTable of Contents 4.List of TablesList of Tables 5.List of FiguresList of Figures 6.Chapter 1 i.Background of the Study ii.Statement of the Problem/ Rationale iii.Research Objectives 7.Chapter 2 – Literature Review / Technical Review 8.Chapter 3 - Methodology PROPOSAL GUIDELINES

10 Font Type And Size:  Proposal and final report must be typed using Arial and a 11-point font size Margins:  Top, right and bottom margin are 2.5 cm  Left margin is 4.0 cm FONT & MARGINS

11 The report is typed in 1.5 spacing:  4 lines before the chapter number  4 lines after Main Heading  3 lines before sections  2 lines after sections  2 lines between paragraphs Single spacing is used for the following:  References  Table or figure  Appendices SPACING

12  Number pages on the top right margin  Roman numerals (i, ii, iii) i.Abstract ii.Acknowledgement iii.Table of Content iv.List of Tables v.List of Figures  Chapter 1 is not numbered but counted as page 1 PAGINATION

13  Submit 2 spiral-bound copies of the proposal using white cover and transparent plastic cover  Use 80gm paper BINDING PROPOSAL

14 TITLE PAGE FORMAT TITLE PAGE FORMAT The following particulars should be included in the title page using font size 16:  Title of project in UPPERCASE  Name of Supervisor in UPPERCASE  Name of students in UPPERCASE  Programme Name  Name of College  Month and year of submission

15 Length of pages for proposal and final report  The Research Proposal: 2-5 pages excluding the Title Page, Table of Content, List of Tables, List of Figures and Appendices  The Final Report: not be less than 30 pages excluding Title Page, Acknowledgement, Table of Content, List of Tables, List of Figures and Appendices TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

16 References  References are the term commonly taken to mean a list of works cited  The student are to follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style  References are to be arranged in alphabetical order CONT’

17 Appendices  Appendices are placed after the reference list  Details of the appendices are listed by type in the Table of Contents  Original Data  Group by type, e.g. Appendix A Questionnaire, Appendix B: Original Data CONT’

18 CONTENT SUPERVISORSECOND EXAMINER APROPOSAL Overview of the Project Objectives Statement of Problem/Rationale 10% NA BPROGRESS Planning and Scheduling Teamwork Consultation sheet 20% NA CPRESENTATION Creativity (e.g. visual aids/video) Content Presentation Skills Discussion (Q&A) Research Project Fiesta 25% DFINAL REPORT Literature Review/Technical Review Analysis Findings Conclusion Recommendation References 45% 45% TOTAL100%70% EVALUATION SCHEMES



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