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Fall 2014 Venita J. Sposetti, DMD Associate Dean for Education.

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1 Fall 2014 Venita J. Sposetti, DMD Associate Dean for Education

2 An exciting journey

3 Our Goal?  We want all of you to be successful and  we want get all of you off to a good start.  We can’t care more than you do and  We can’t learn it for you.  You have to take the responsibility for your education.

4 What should I do to get ready?  Get an eye exam.

5 Dentistry is all about great close- up vision.  ML Preparation  Axial depth: 1.0-1.5 mm  L-F: 1.5-2.0 mm  I-G: 2.5-3.0 mm  I wall: 3.0 mm below MI angle  I and G walls: parallel to each other  Axial wall: follows external contour  No bevels  No unsupported enamel  Smooth walls and cavosurface margins  Rounded line angles

6 Dental School will be different  Each year will be different

7 First year:  The first year will start out looking and feeling a lot like undergrad, only a lot more work to do.  Lots of basic sciences courses  Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Physiology, Histology, Growth and Development  ALSO – Gross Anatomy Dissection  A very busy schedule, 30 or more hours a week scheduled in class…then you study

8 Question from a first year student:  “So, do they know how BUSY we are?

9 First year:  Fast paced, rigorous level courses.  And…something different:  preclinical lab courses –  Dental Anatomy  Operative Dentistry

10 First year: Your Desk will look like THIS

11 College of Dentistry University of Florida Semester 1 Fall, 2014 Course TitleCourse # LectureLab/GroupCredit hr. Director Gross AnatomyDEN 5100C28814Jackson PhysiologyDEN 5120C15-(1)Oh Dental Anatomy and StomatognathicsDEN 5404C21252Dilbone Developmental Biology and Psychosocial Issues IDEN 521034153Adewumi Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular BiologyDEN 51215404Kladde Foundations of ProfessionalismDEN 50133902Catalanotto Interdisciplinary Service LearningDEN 5010169(1)Gibbs Total CR = 17

12 Semester 1 Sept 1Sept 2Sept 3Sept 4Sept 5 8:00Labor Day HolidayGross Anatomy Orientation 8:30 AM Lab-1 Cone building exercise Lab 1 Back and Suboccipital Triangl 8:30-9:20 9:35-10:25Volunteer Service Learning Gibbs 10AM L-1 Back & Spine Jackson 10:00-11:30L-1 Dental Anatomy Orientation Dilbone L-2 Vascular & Musculoskeletal Nonbur 12 NOON L-3 Pectoral Region Jackson 12 NOON 11:45-12:35 Dental Anatomy L-2 Ergonomics 12:50-1:40 Biochem Intro L-1 Macromolecules/ Proteins 1:00 PM ATTAC-It Afternoon of Learning L-3 Proteins 2 Purich 1:55-2:45Developmental Biology Introduction Adewumi L-2 Proteins 2 Purich L-4 Subunit Cooperativity Purich 3:00-3:50Group Discussion Orientation Riley Orientation to Clinical Education Robinson 4:05-4:55

13 Semester 1September 16September 17September 18September 19September 20 8:008:30-10:00 AM Anatomy EXAM 1 Lab 7 Posterior triangle of neck Lab 8 Anterior Triangle of the Neck 8:30-9:20L-8 Child Development Riley L-8 Mandibular Incisor 9:35-10:25L-9 Peripheral Nervous System Aris Psychomotor Exam 1 10:40-11:3010:30-12:30 PM Anatomy Lab practical EXAM IFH-110:40-12:00 PM L-9 Neck 1 Nonabur L-10 Neck 2 12 Noon 11:45-12:35 12:50-1:40 1:55-2:452:00 -3:30 PM Biochemistry Exam 1 L-12 Carbohydrate Metabolism Kilberg L-14 Homeostasis of Blood Glucose L-5 Perspectives From the Field Catalanotto/Guests 3:00-3:50L-13 Insulin & glucagon signaling Klberg Exam 1 Review Jackson Kladdie L-15 Hormonal control of glucose metabolism 4:05-4:55L-16 Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct Catalanotto L-17 Ethical Decision Making Catalanotto

14 Very busy schedule, especially the first 2 years. TThere are 7 weeks of break each year.

15 And you will work together, cry together, make lifelong friends, learn and do more than you ever thought you could.

16 And in the summer semester, you will become a second year student

17 Second year:  Still very busy schedule, close to 35 hours per week in class, then you study…  More psychomotor, preclinical courses  Operative Dentistry  Prosthodontics  Removable Partial Dentures  Complete Dentures  Endodontics

18 Psychomotor skills development

19 Second year:  You will screen children in schools and do sealants, fluoride varnish & other preventive services.  You’ll study and take National Boards Part 1 in Spring semester.  You may be more involved with student organizations.  You may be part of an international humanitarian trip

20 Second year:  You’ll take Clinical Examination 1  Psychomotor exams  Written exam  Oral exam before a faculty board  You’ll have a “Boot Camp” clinical refresh experience to help you review prior to beginning clinical patient care.  You’ll be a member of a clinical TEAM.

21 Second year:  You’ll be part of our Professional White Coat ceremony to mark your transition to more responsibility in clinical patient care.

22 And you will work together, cry together, make lifelong friends, learn and do more than you ever thought you could.

23 And in the summer semester, you will become a third year student

24 Third Year: The BIG Shift  Big changes. Types of courses you take and how you spend your time.  Third year students discover they now need different skills to be successful.  Schedule change: Mostly your time is spent in clinical patient care.

25 Semester 6July 18July 19July 20July 21July 22 7:25-8:15 8:30-9:20Mechanical Principles Quiz 2 L4 Echeto clinic Trauma I L28 Guelmann 9:35-10:25LAB 4 Surveyors SSC L29 Jerrell WMD II, Other Agents L6 Primosch 10:40-11:30Orthognathic Surgery L12 Dolce First Aid I L7 Primosch 11:45-12:35Comprehensive Tx L11 Dolce 12:50-1:40I-Bar - RPD Quiz 3 L5 Echeto WMD I, Biological Agents L5 Primosch LAB 6 Survey and Design II Echeto TEAM Meeting 1:55-2:45 clinic LAB 5 Survey & Design 1 clinic Graded Exercise 3:00-3:50 4:05-4:55

26 Dental students treat their own family of patients similar to a practice.

27 Third Year: The BIG Shift  You still take courses, just not as many.  You must make a shift from mostly courses with lectures and tests. From the comfort of the familiar – a structured curriculum where other people tell you what to do and when to do it.  TO…..  A clinical curriculum where you are the one who is responsible.

28 Third Year: The BIG Shift  Students who plan and schedule their time,  figure out and set goals for each semester,  who know what they are expected to accomplish each semester,  … very well….

29 Third Year: The BIG Shift You will have a TEAM leader, other students on your TEAM, a patient coordinator and other faculty to help you make the transition into the role of a professional student.

30 And you will work together, cry together, make lifelong friends, learn and do more than you ever thought you could.

31 And in the summer semester, you will become a fourth year student

32 Fourth Year: Development of a Professional  You will study and take National Boards Part II in late summer **  You will take Clinical Examination 2**  You may take the Florida Board Examination in December and March.  Or you may take a license exam in another state  ** Required

33 Fourth Year: Development of a Professional  You’ll decide on your next professional steps.  You may continue your education in general dentistry or a specialty. ~45- 50%  You may work in corporate dentistry. ~20-25%  You may enter the military. 2-10%  You may work as an associate in a private practice. 5-10%  You may work in an FQHC. 1-5%

34 Fourth Year: Development of a Professional  Students’ fourth years vary.  Some students,  who plan out what they need to accomplish each semester  discover that they have lots of time to take electives and focus on areas they are interested in.

35 Fourth Year: Development of a Professional  Some students find they are working very hard up until the last days before graduation to complete their clinical work.   Most students graduate on time.  But some students have richer more pleasant experiences than others.

36 And you will work together, cry together, make lifelong friends, learn and do more than you ever thought you could. And in May, 2017, you will become a dentist.


38 Curriculum Revision  We have been looking at our curriculum and are planning for some changes to the DMD curriculum.  Right now the faculty are in the discussion phase.  During the upcoming year we will formulate a plan with a timeline and we will seek your input into it.

39 Curriculum Revision Goals  Earlier clinical experiences  Decompress the crowded student schedule  Decrease student passive learning  Integration of basic sciences with clinical sciences throughout the curriculum  Increase authentic interprofessional education  Restructure student assessment

40 Remember why you are here.  Not to take tests and make grades.  Its not a competition.  You already made it here.

41 The goal now is to learn as much as you can about dentistry so that you can be the best dentist you possibly can be.

42 You’re in a great school with people who know how to help you learn and be successful. Work hard, dream big and earn your education.

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