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Applying to a 2- or 4-Year College or University.

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1 Applying to a 2- or 4-Year College or University

2 If you’ve started to apply…  I’m assuming you’ve done the following: A campus visit Made sure you met the school’s admission requirements Researched the price Made sure the schools you’re applying to offer your major/program of interest  If you haven’t done these things: Get on it! This is going to be your home the next few years! You want to make sure it’s a good fit!

3 Next Step: The Big Four 1. Complete your application 2. Send your transcripts 3. Send your test scores 4. Send any supplemental materials (i.e. Laude Distinction Form is you have a Laude Score)

4 The Big Four (Complete Application, Send Transcripts, Send Test Scores, Send Supplemental Materials)  Complete your application Apply online, be aware of application deadlines Standard UW-Systems application fee = $44, WAICU (private) application fee = $25, need an application fee waiver? Stop in the counseling office What you’ll need to be prepared for the application: ○ Completed essays/prompts ○ Senior year courses ○ Any college/articulated courses ○ A list of your high school activities ○ Credit card info to pay application fee online To apply to a University of Wisconsin System school (all 2- & 4-year public universities in Wisconsin) go to: ○

5 The Big Four (Complete Application, Send Transcripts, Send Test Scores, Send Supplemental Materials)  Send transcripts Send them electronically with Docufide by Parchment ○ Create your profile, send to schools of interest ○ 1 st two schools are free, every one after is $3.00 ○ With e-transcripts, we can track your materials and can upload additional documents to complete your application ○ If you’re under 18, you’ll need to parents to virtually sign!

6 The Big Four (Complete Application, Send Transcripts, Send Test Scores, Send Supplemental Materials)  Send Test Scores Many of you already sent your scores when you took your test If you’re applying to: UW-Madison, UW-La Crosse, UW-Green Bay or UW-Platteville, your test scores will have to come directly from ACT If you apply to any other schools in WI, we can send them for you Visit these sites to send your scores (you’ll have to pay a fee) ○ ACT - ○ SAT - ○ AP -

7 Haven’t Taken the ACT yet?  Visit to see upcoming test dates and registration deadlines! Important info: ○ Fees: $35 (no writing test), $50.50 (plus writing test) – remember, only UW-Madison requires the writing test ○ You’ll have to upload a picture of yourself for you admission ticket! New this year!  For SAT info, visit

8 The Big Four (Complete Application, Send Transcripts, Send Test Scores, Send Supplemental Materials)  Send your supplemental materials ○ We can upload all these documents through your Docufide by Parchment account Laude Distiction Form (if you have a Laude Score) Recommendation Letters ○ Not required, but should send at least one for UW- Madison (core teacher) ESSR (for private schools) ○ This will come to your counselor automatically if you use Docufide Postsecondary course grades ○ Not necessary for application, but you will need to send eventually if you’d like to get college credit for the class!

9 If you’ve finished the BIG FOUR,you are done with your application! For now… In the meantime…  Check your status Make sure your application is complete You can be accepted, denied, postponed, waitlisted Send mid-year grades if requested Send additional materials if requested  Start preparing for college Start financial aid process Apply for scholarships Keep working hard Be aware of deadlines! Use this helpful resource ○ php php

10 Get your hands on some $$$  Financial Aid Types of Aid ○ Scholarships, grants, loan, work study, military aid Fill out the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) to find out if your family qualifies for aid ○ ○ Opportunities to get help with your FAFSA ○ Financial aid night at RVHS (January) ○ One-on-one advising at RVHS ○ College Goal Wisconsin

11 Get your hands on some $$$ cont’d…  Scholarships Local (due in the spring) State, Area & National (due throughout year) College-specific (check with schools for deadlines) ○ All can be found on the counseling website, along with FREE scholarship search sites m m

12 You’ve Been Accepted! Now What?  Get your SAR (Student Aid Report) and compare financial aid packages for schools…  Decide where you’re going to go!  Notify schools of your decision Sample here:  Get your postsecondary life in order! Housing, roommate, meal plan, etc.  Send any Advanced Placement scores or postsecondary transcripts i.e. Academic Alliance/Dual Credit Find websites for sending scores/requesting transcripts for AP, UW-Richland, MSOE, Madison College or Southwest Tech here: ○ ○ ○ pt.shtml pt.shtml ○ ○  Take your placement tests  Send your final transcripts We’ll do this for you! Just tell us where you’re definitely going!

13 FAQs – Answered.  If I start at a 2-year university, will I have to take the ACT again? NO  Will my credits transfer? IT DEPENDS. Use the TIS (Transfer Information System), use your admissions counselor ○  I took an AP exam. I'll get college credits, right? WRONG. CREDITS AREN'T AUTOMATIC. THEY'RE DEPENDENT ON THE SCORE and/or SCHOOL.  I'm not going into that field, so it won't help me to take the AP ______ exam, right? NOT NECESSARILY. If you aren’t interested in History, for example, getting a 4 or 5 on the AP History exam could exempt you from having to take any Social Science courses at the postsecondary level

14 HELPFUL RESOURCES!  Your counselors!  About transferring… TIS (Transfer Information System) ○ Guaranteed Transfer (UW Systems) & Connections (specific to UW-Madison) ○ ○  About acceptance of AP Scores for each university in WI…  About all things college  About the University of Wisconsin System  About the Wisconsin Technical College System  About Wisconsin Private & Independent Colleges

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