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College Application Process UW System Schools Private Schools Madison College.

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1 College Application Process UW System Schools Private Schools Madison College

2 Applying ● Apply to colleges early in your senior year (September, October, November for priority admission; this will also make the financial aid application process smoother in winter. ● On average, students apply to 3 schools (usually one “stretch,” one “sure thing,” and one in the middle.)

3 UW System Schools/ Private Colleges Go to the school’s website to find out: -Criteria for admission -Priority deadlines -Other info Ex. UW Madison – ments.php ments.php

4 UW System Schools Go to the specific school’s website to locate its application. You can apply to all UW schools at Need to fill out a separate application for each UW school you apply to (a drop-down menu is available so you only need to complete most information once).

5 Preparing to fill out the application ● Prepare the following: -List of extracurricular, community and/or volunteer activities -Honors/Awards Earned -Involvement in school organizations, religious and service organizations, family obligations -Employment *Be Specific with position held, hours spent, length of time involved

6 UW System Schools Essay UW System Schools’ Essay Prompts: -Briefly explain in 50-100 words which activity you were involved in was the most important to you. -Tell us about the particular life experiences, perspectives, talents, commitments and/or interests you will bring to our campus. How will you enrich our community?

7 Private School Essay ● Private Schools applications vary. Let’s look at Marquette’s essay prompt (Choose one/300 words): -Less than 1 % of the world’s population has a college degree. What do you hope to accomplish with your Marquette degree? -What is the best advice you ever received? Why is that important? -Why Marquette?

8 Advice on Essays Be specific with answers. Use examples. Be brief (doesn’t need to be lengthy). Focus on what is unique about you. Describe how you will make an impact on the school’s campus. Talk about your character, defining life moments, hardships you’ve overcome and cultural awareness you have. Have someone proofread your essay/statement.

9 Things to do after applying Go to to request that your transcript be sent electronically to the schools you’ve applied Give your school counselor copies of letters of recommendation to send to the schools (if needed). (Teachers can email them to us.) Have ACT and/or SAT scores sent to the schools (check to see if “official” scores are needed).

10 Madison College (MATC) Go to their website – click on “apply/register” Follow steps 1-3 to apply online. Go to to arrange for your transcript to be

11 Important things to consider for Madison College Is there a priority application deadline for the program I am applying for? Are there certain requirements to fulfill to get accepted into the program I want? Do I need to take the Compass Test by a certain date? Does my program require the TEAS or ACT test (some health care programs do)?

12 Crucial Application Date! Many technical-degree programs at Madison College have waitlists. To ensure an early placement on a waitlist, students should apply by Wednesday, October 15. Some high-demand programs (like Nursing) close their application window on that date.

13 Madison College does not require the ACT or SAT for admission. They require that students take the Compass test for placement. In most cases, the Compass test can be taken after the application has been submitted. Some of MATC’s health care programs require TEAS or ACT scores for admission.

14 Information about the Compass test and TEAS test is available on their website. Use the A-Z index and click on “C”, or “T”, then scroll down to “Compass Testing” or “TEAS Testing.”

15 Questions See your school counselor. Go to the school’s website. Call the school.

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