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The Grandeur that was Rome Instructor: K. Kapparis TA: Kat Klos.

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1 The Grandeur that was Rome Instructor: K. Kapparis TA: Kat Klos


3 What is Roman (Greek) about this building?

4 What about this building?

5 Perhaps something more local?

6 Rome is more than architecture: It is lifestyle

7 Rome is in our everyday life

8 It is in the films we watch

9 It continues to inspire our culture

10 Our books, and our thoughts and perceptions of ourselves

11 The Roman empire was in Italty

12 BUT ROME IS WITH US, and it is US. In our architecture and art In our literature In our lifestyle In our legal system, values and culture The Roman empire was in the past But its legacy is still at the core of our culture This is why the study of Rome is not about the past: it is about the present.

13 Class format: THE ENTIRE CLASS IS ONLINE You do not need to be on Campus at any point But if you are on campus, you are welcome to attend the live lecture, any day you wish. Location: CSE A101 (basement). Time: Period 2: (beginning at 9.30)

14 Assignments and Exams: All assignments and exams are ONLINE: 5 weekly Quizzes = 50% of the Grade Friday is quiz day. Before the quiz, there will be a review of the week’s material. Each quiz = 10 multiple choice questions on the work of the same week (Monday – Thursday) only. 1 cumulative final test = 50 % of the Grade The quizzes and exam will be on Sakai with a VERY STRICT time-limit, which is the only guarantee of an honest exam, and thus no exceptions can be made. Typically you have 30 seconds to pick the correct answer, plus 1 minute overall to check your answers and submit. Thus a quiz would be timed for 6 minutes. After that, the system won’t accept your answers. The final will be similar in format: 50 questions at 30 seconds each, plus 3 minutes to check and submit.

15 Textbooks and Syllabus I.F. Tingay - J. Badcock, These were the Romans Suetionius: The Twelve Caesars The Syllabus is also published at the public website, as are the powerpoints for each class. Public Website URL: You are required to watch the recording of the live lecture, if you are not in class on that day. You are also strongly encouraged to take advantage of the chatroom/blog space in Sakai (E-Learning) to discuss things with your peers, ask questions or clarify matters. I will be happy to see you in person Monday – Thursday after the class (10.30 am) at my office (135 Dauer).

16 The advantages of the online format

17 More Advantages

18 Welcome to the Class

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