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CptS 401, Spring 2011 4/14/11 Final Exam Review 1.

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1 CptS 401, Spring /14/11 Final Exam Review 1

2 CptS 401, Spring /14/11 Are you here? A: Yes 2

3 CptS 401, Spring /14/11 Exam Basics Exam will be held from 10 am to noon on Tuesday, May 3 in this room One cheat sheet is allowed: both sides of an 8-1/2” x 11” sheet of paper Arrive early (9:45 am) with your WSU ID and your cheat sheet, so that we can check you in No outside materials aside from your cheat sheet are allowed. 3

4 CptS 401, Spring /14/11 Final Exam Composition 20 multiple choice questions (1 pt each) 20 matching questions (1 pts each) 4 case study questions (~10-15 pts each) Multiple choice and matching questions will be in style of quiz questions (study quizzes!) Case study will involve critical thinking; you’ll need to analyze a case, consider pros and cons, and draw conclusions. Your thinking process is as important as your answers 4

5 CptS 401, Spring /14/11 Exam Study Guide 5

6 CptS 401, Spring /14/11 Recommended Study Strategy Read assigned readings Read “quick reference guides” for each chapter (they summarize key material in each chapter) Do (some of) the end-of-chapter exercises. The “Class Discussion” exercises are good practice for the case study questions In general, frameworks, laws, and cases will be emphasized over technical facts Compile a cheat sheet (both sides of a 8-1/2” by 11” sheet of paper) We will do a practice exam in class next Tuesday! 6

7 CptS 401, Spring /14/11 Practice Exam Each term project team will receive one copy of the exam to complete collaboratively. Write your solutions on your own sheets of paper. With each solution, note the chapter and page numbers of the book that contain the answer, or that can be used to derive the answer When time is called, your team will be called upon to present some of your answers to the class for discussion 7

8 CptS 401, Spring /14/11 Practice Exam (cont.) Your instructor will validate “correct” answers as needed. Your team is required to hand your practice exam to the instructor before you leave class today. The names of the team members who are present must be written in the spaces provided. 8

9 CptS 401, Spring /14/11 Are you here? A: Yes 9

10 CptS 401, Spring /14/11 Reminders No class next week! (Work on final videos!) Final videos due by noon on Monday, April 25. – Submit on USB drive in person – I will be in my office (EME 231) between 9 am and noon on Monday, April 25 to accept them, or make an appt. I am available for video consultation next week. me to make an appt. Final videos will be screened in class on Tuesday and Thursday, April 26 and

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