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CIS 310 Management Information Systems Course Overview Guthrie, Summer 2014.

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1 CIS 310 Management Information Systems Course Overview Guthrie, Summer 2014

2 Course Description Management and development of information systems in modern businesses from the customer and the MIS perspective. Information as a strategic asset. Acquisition, analysis, integration, presentation of internal and external information. Information management in international and multinational enterprises. Ethical, social impacts.

3 Hybrid Format Only meet for the midterm and final 10 weeks – Free quizzes – Quiz for credit (Blackboard) – Essay exams Bookless Attempt to make the class more thoughtful. – Typically it is a giant terminology class with a lot of multiple choice testing. – Cram and forget! Vs. Apply an idea to a real world situation. Make a better learning experience for the student.

4 Sample Essay Question Porters Model – Use Porter’s 5-force model to analyze the effect of YouTube’s recent decision to have paid subscriptions for TV shows. (see attached article). Is it smart for YouTube to enter this market? Why or why not? (20 pts) For the exam, you would be given a short article and a copy of Porter’s 5 force model. There isn’t a correct answer. You supply an answer that demonstrates your knowledge of applying the model.

5 Office Hours – No email on weekends. – I check email twice a day. Office Hours - 164 room 3009 – M 9-12 I’m here a lot and I’d love to see you!

6 Weekly Activities Online mini-Lectures, with quiz support. Those quizzes are not graded. The end of the mini lectures have questions too. Readings Each week has a for credit quiz in Blackboard to entice you to keep up with the material. (10 multiple choice questions based upon the lectures) 4 Homework Assignments turned in via Blackboard

7 How You Are Assessed Quizzes on Friday of each week. Open book, open note. Only 20 minutes so you should prepare. Done to force people to keep up with the content. 100 points. 10 point multiple choice. Assignments (100 points) Midterm (100 points) – Essay Exam Final (100 points) – Essay Exam Late work – Half off if it is under a week late. No late quizzes will be accepted.

8 Discussion Board I’ll post a Blackboard discussion board for people to seek help on the assignments. Ask for help if you need it.

9 Web Site Demo Updated site. Might have a few problems. Email me if you find any. Graded Quizzes & Assignments need to be done on Blackboard. Lectures for each week are accessed through the schedule page. I still have to post the assignments.

10 Class Site

11 Schedule For Summer 5 week session, a week is really 2 days. For credit quizzes for each week.

12 Sample of Weekly Content

13 YouTube Lectures Lectures in YouTube Free quizzes to check your knowledge. Good to study for exams.

14 Good luck! See you at the midterm.

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