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Astronomy 1010-H Planetary Astronomy Fall_2014 Day-1.

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1 Astronomy 1010-H Planetary Astronomy Fall_2014 Day-1

2 Astronomy 1010-H Planetary Astronomy  MWF 1115 – 1210  Sundquist Science Center E-118  Dr. Allyn Smith 


4 Instructor: Dr. Allyn Smith Office: SSC B – 329 (go in through B-332) Hours: MWF 1000 – 1100 or by appointment Email: Phone: 221-6104

5 21st Century Astronomy: The Solar System, 4th Edition by Kay, Palen, Smith & Blumenthal Lecture Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy, 3rd Edition by, Prather, Slater, Adams & Brissenden Textbooks

6 Course Announcements Smartworks Chapter 1: Due Friday (Sep. 5) Smartworks Chapter 2: Mon. 9/15 (target) Read Chapter 1 (if you haven’t already) Read Chapter 2.1, 2.2 Clarksville Astronomy Club meeting Tuesday Aug. 26 – 7:30pm – Sears Planetarium Still time to register for ASTR-2010 – Problems in Planetary Astronomy 1220-1315 Mondays, B-111

7 If you are interested in math… ASTR 2010: Problems in Planetary Astronomy meets Mondays at 12:20pm (B111). It is a one- hour class that only meets once a week. We will do some of the problems from the back of the chapters that involve math as well as supplemental problems. The math level is basic algebra. If you are interested, see Dr. Buckner to sign up for the class. It may be planetary but much of the material is also applicable for stellar. ASTR 2020 Problems in Stellar is a spring class.

8 And, If you are interested in (more) observing… ASTR-2011: Introduction to Observational Astronomy meets Wednesdays at 1830 (E118). It is a one-hour class that only meets once a week. It is an introduction top observing and use of telescopes. It is intended to be “under the stars” as much as the weather allows. This will “release” you from the observing report for this class. AND ASTR-3005/3006 Observational Astronomy on Thursdays at 5:30pm (B310)

9 Grading Exams35% Labs25% Observations10% In-class & HW15% Projects15% A…90 – 100% B…80 – 89% C…67 – 79% D…50 – 66% F…<50%

10 Exams Regular Exam 30 Multiple Choice worth 3 points each 1 Essay or problem worth 10 points Final Exam Exam 4: a regular exam (30 MC + 1 SA) Covering the chapters after Exam 3 PLUS Final Exam: five essays worth 10 points each over the rest of the semester Check out the sample questions on the class website.

11 Observations You Must Attend a 1st Quarter Night and A Dark Sky Night Then write an Observations Report Grading: First Quarter Attendance3% Dark Sky Night Attendance3% Observations Report4% If you do not attend a 1st Quarter night, your Observations Reports will only be worth half the maximum!

12 In-class Activities Many class meetings will have some type of in-class activity. Among the different types of activities will be short quizzes, worksheets out of Lecture Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy, five-minute essays, multiple choice Colored Card questions, ranking tasks and comment cards. Days which have activities will be chosen at random. The Lecture- tutorial workbook will be collected at each exam and graded for completeness. The workbook will count for 2/3 the in- class grade (that’s 10% of your total grade!). IF YOU HAVE A USED WORKBOOK, TAKE IT BACK AND GET A NEW ONE! YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY CREDIT FOR WORK DONE IN A USED WORKBOOK!* *If your “used” workbook has no writing at all in it, bring it to me and I will approve it for use. If it is not approved by me before you turn it in you will not receive any credit for it.

13 Homework Homework will be assigned by chapter and will be due on the day of the first class meeting following the completion of a chapter. Most of the homework will be done online using the SmartWork system run by the textbook publisher. There may also be exercises handed out in class which will be due at the beginning of the next class meeting. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The SmartWork enrollment key for this class is ASTRO4E6660 All caps, no blank spaces See handout for how to set-up your SmartWork account

14 Labs YOU MUST ENROLL IN THE LAB TO GET CREDIT FOR THE COURSE! A separate syllabus for the lab will be handed out by your lab instructor at your first lab meeting. For this class, Dr. Buckner will be the lab instructor. There will be two (?) formal lab write-ups this semester. These will also include some statistical analysis of the data for that lab. You will get the same grade in lab that you get in lecture!

15 Other “Stuff” Disability Policy Any student that has a condition that may affect his/her academic performance is encouraged to make an appointment with me and with Disability Services to discuss the matter. The discussions should take place well before the first exam. Academic & Classroom Misconduct Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Academic and classroom misconduct will not be tolerated. Students must read the “Code of Student Conduct” in the new Student Handbook for an understanding of what will be expected of them within the academic setting. The use of cell phones in class is not allowed. If you are caught using a cell phone in class you will be given the choice of either surrendering the phone for the remainder of the day (it can be picked up in the instructor’s office after 5:00pm) or leaving class immediately and receiving a zero on any in- class activities for that day. PUT YOUR CELL PHONE ON VIBRATE AND STORE IT AWAY FOR THE DURATION OF CLASS!!!


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