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1 Finland

2 Parliament and Government
Finland is a demokrati with a riksdag consisting of 200 riksdagsmän, and a regering with ministers. Finland is a republik where a president-val is held every six years and riksdags- och kommunalval are held vart fjärde år. democracy parliament members of parliament (MP’s) government /Cabinet republic presidential election parliamentary- municipal elections every four years

3 Facts and Figures Finland has a befolkning of a little more than 5 million invånare. About 70% of the land is covered with forests where tall, gran and björk are the most common trees. Antalet sjöar is estimated to about 188,000. population inhabitants pine spruce birch the number of lakes

4 Climate Thanks to Golfströmmen, the medel-temperaturen is warmer than in t.ex. Canada. Finland is called Midnattssolens land, because the sun går inte ner at all from slutet av maj till mitten av juli. During cold winters hela Bottenviken and much of the skärgården freeze over. the Gulf Stream average/mean temperature for example/for instance The Land of the Midnight Sun doesn’t set late May till mid July the entire Gulf of Bothnia archipelago

5 Languages Finland has two officiella språk. Finnish belongs to the finsk-ugriska language group. There are about 300,000 finlandssvenskar who speak Swedish as their modersmål. The Lapps or Sami speakers are an important språklig minoritet. official languages Finno-Ugric Swedish-speaking Finns/Finland-Swedes mother tongue linguistic minority Link

6 Literature The Finnish nationalepos, the Kalevala, sammanställdes av Elias Lönnrot and was published in Ända sedan dess, Kalevala has inspired kompositörer as well as målare, like Sibelius and Edelfelt för att nämna några få. national epic was compiled by Ever since composers painters to name but a few

7 Tove Janssons books about Muminfamiljen har översatts into more than thirty languages.
Samtida/nutida författare include such names as Arto Paasilinna, berömd för his komiska romaner, Leena Lehtolainen and Kjell Westö. the Mumin family have been translated Contemporary writers renowned for comic novels

8 Education De flesta barn in Finland go to dagis. At the age of six they go to förskola. After six years in lågstadiet, they go on to högstadiet. Most children kindergarten pre-school comprehensive school, lower level comprehensive school, upper level

9 After that they can choose if they continue to
gymnasiet or go to en yrkesskola. Most of de som go to gymnasiet take their studentexamen after three years. upper secondary school a vocational school those who matriculation exam

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