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Learning foreign languages

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1 Learning foreign languages
The Finnish-Russian school Helsinki, Finland

2 Administration of basic education
President of the Republic Parliament Government Ministry of Education National Board of Education Private school Municipal authorities State school Matriculation Examination Board

3 Finnish educational system
Universities (3-5years) Polytechnics (4 years) Upper secondary school Vocational institutions (3years) Additonal voluntary 10 grade (1year) Secondary school (9years) Lower secondary (7-9grades) Primary (1-6grades) Pre-school (1year)

4 The Finnish-Russian school Helsinki
Founded in 1955 State school since 1977 Comprehensive language school Finnish national curriculum Focus on Russian language and culture Teaching subjects in Russian 700 students

5 Basic education basic education 9 years Finnish national curriculum
focus on Russian language and culture teaching subjects in Russian Finnish as the mother tongue and Finnish as a second language Russian as the mother language and Russian as a foreign language English from grade 3 Swedish from grade 7 German and French from grade 8

6 Lessons per week Curriculum for basic education
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Finnish as the mother tongue and as a second language 7(+1) 6 (+1) Russian as the mother tongue and as a second language Swedish (B language)) Mathematics 3▲ 4▲ Natural science 1▲ 2▲ Biology and geography Physics and chemistry Health education 0,6 1,4 Religion/ethics History and social studies Music Arts Crafts Physical education Home economics Student counselling 0,4 English (A language) Lessons per week 22-23 23 26 28 31 ▲- CLIL (content and language integration)

7 Upper secondary school Compulsory courses Applied courses Finnish
6 3 Russian 9 Swedish (B language) English (A language) 2 English (B language) 5 French (B 3-language)  - 8 German (B 3-language) -

8 Upper secondary school
individual study plan course and study modules different courses of study minimum of 75 courses 12 courses in Russian the studies may be accomplished in 3-4 years students have the right to take the matriculation examination

9 Matriculation examination
written tests, the candidates pay a fee for each subject two times a year (spring-autumn) the candidate can complete the examination during one examination period or during three periods 4 compulsory tests: mother tongue and by choice at least 3 other tests: Swedish, a foreign language, mathematics and one test from science and humanities subjects (psychology, philosophy, history, social studies, biology, religion/ethics, geography, health education) the Matriculation Examination Board is responsible for administering the test

10 Criteria of the language scales
 Upper secondary school listening speaking reading writing Russian (A-language) B2.1 English (A-language) English (B1-language) В1.2 German (B 2-language)  А2.2  А2.1-А2.2  А2.2-В1.1 А2.1-А2.2 German (B 3-language) А2.1 А1.3.А2.1  French ( B 2-language)  French ( B 3-language)

11 The levels of the language proficiency scale
9 grade Russian English Language scale В1.2 listening, reading В1.1 writing, speaking В1.1 listening, reading А2.2 writing, speaking  Upper secondary school listening speaking reading writing Russian (A-language) B2.1 English (A-language) English (B 1 -language) В1.2 German (B 2 -language)  А2.2  А2.1-А2.2  А2.2-В1.1 А2.1-А2.2 German (B 3-language) А2.1 А1.3.А2.1  French ( B 2- language)  French ( B 3- language)

12 Foreign language teachers
60 teachers work at school, among them 4 English teachers 1 German teacher 1 Swedish teacher 1 French teacher 15 Russian teachers Some of the teachers teach two foreign languages

13 The Finnish Matriculation Examination in foreign languages
The test consists of two parts 1 part (listening comprehension) 2 part (written production) The test has 4 sections sections 1-3include texts of different difficulty level section 4 is a translation into Finnish based on listening duration – 60 min. maximum points– 90 The test has 3 sections 1 – reading comprehension 2 –grammar and vocabulary 3 – written production duration – 6 hours maximum points –209

14 Textbook + workbook+ CD
Russian textbooks Textbook + workbook+ CD

15 Textbook+ workbook+ CD
English textbooks Textbook+ workbook+ CD 15

16 Textbook+ workbook+ CD
Swedish textbooks Textbook+ workbook+ CD

17 Textbook+ workbook+ CD
German textbooks Textbook+ workbook+ CD

18 Textbook+ workbook+ CD
French textbooks Textbook+ workbook+ CD

19 Forign language classrooms
computer classrooms -subject classrooms -interactive board - video equipment

20 The Finnish Russian School
Address: Kaarelankuja 2 00430 Helsinki Headmaster phone Office phone fax

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