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Learning foreign languages The Finnish-Russian school Helsinki, Finland.

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1 Learning foreign languages The Finnish-Russian school Helsinki, Finland

2 Administration of basic education National Board of Education Government Parliament Ministry of Education Private school President of the Republic Matriculation Examination Board State school Municipal authorities

3 Finnish educational system Pre-school (1year) Secondary school (9years) Lower secondary (7-9grades) Primary (1-6grades) Vocational institutions (3years) Upper secondary school Universities (3-5years) Polytechnics (4 years) Additonal voluntary 10 grade (1year)

4 Founded in 1955 State school since 1977 Comprehensive language school Finnish national curriculum Focus on Russian language and culture Teaching subjects in Russian 700 students The Finnish-Russian school Helsinki

5 Basic education  basic education 9 years  Finnish national curriculum  focus on Russian language and culture  teaching subjects in Russian  Finnish as the mother tongue and Finnish as a second language  Russian as the mother language and Russian as a foreign language  English from grade 3  Swedish from grade 7  German and French from grade 8

6 Curriculum for basic education Finnish as the mother tongue and as a second language7(+1)6 (+1) Russian as the mother tongue and as a second language Swedish (B language)) 222 Mathematics3▲3▲ 3▲3▲ 3▲3▲ 4▲4▲ 4▲4▲ 4▲4▲ 244 Natural science1▲1▲ 2▲2▲ 3▲3▲ 3▲3▲ Biology and geography 2▲2▲ 1▲1▲ 2▲2▲ 3▲3▲ 2▲2▲ Physics and chemistry 1▲1▲ 1▲1▲ 2▲2▲ 2▲2▲ 3▲3▲ Health education 0,61,4 Religion/ethics1▲1▲ 1▲1▲ 1▲1▲ 1▲1▲ History and social studies 1▲1▲ 2▲2▲ 2▲2▲ 23 Music1▲1▲ 1▲1▲ 1▲1▲ 1▲1▲ 2▲2▲ 2▲2▲ 1▲1▲ Arts1▲1▲ 1▲1▲ 1▲1▲ 1▲1▲ 222 Crafts1▲1▲ 1▲1▲ 2▲2▲ 2▲2▲ 1▲1▲ 2▲2▲ 2 Physical education2▲2▲ 2▲2▲ Home economics 3▲3▲ Student counselling 0,40,61 English (A language) Lessons per week ▲ - CLIL (content and language integration)

7 Upper secondary schoolCompulsory coursesApplied courses Finnish 63 Russian 93 Swedish (B language) 5 2 English (A language) 62 English (B language) 52 French (B 3-language ) - 8 German (B 3-language ) -8

8  individual study plan  course and study modules  different courses of study  minimum of 75 courses  12 courses in Russian  the studies may be accomplished in 3-4 years  students have the right to take the matriculation examination Upper secondary school

9  written tests, the candidates pay a fee for each subject  two times a year (spring-autumn)  the candidate can complete the examination during one examination period or during three periods  4 compulsory tests: mother tongue and by choice at least 3 other tests: Swedish, a foreign language, mathematics and one test from science and humanities subjects (psychology, philosophy, history, social studies, biology, religion/ethics, geography, health education)  the Matriculation Examination Board is responsible for administering the test Matriculation examination

10 Upper secondary school listening speaking reading writing Russian (A-language)B2.1 English (A-language) B2.1 English (B1-language)В1.2 German (B 2-language) А2.2 А2.1-А2.2 А2.2-В1.1 А2.1-А2.2 German (B 3-language)А2.1-А2.2А2.1А2.1-А2.2А1.3.А2.1 French ( B 2-language) А2.2 А2.1-А2.2 А2.2-В1.1 А2.1-А2.2 French ( B 3-language) А2.1-А2.2А2.1А2.1-А2.2А1.3.А2.1 Criteria of the language scales

11 9 grade Russian English Language scale В1.2 listening, reading В1.1 writing, speaking В1.1 listening, reading А2.2 writing, speaking The levels of the language proficiency scale Upper secondary school listening speakingreading writing Russian (A-language) B2.1 English ( A-language) B2.1 English (B 1 -language) В1.2 German (B 2 -language) А2.2 А2.1-А2.2 А2.2- В1.1 А2.1-А2.2 German (B 3-language) А2.1-А2.2А2.1А2.1- А2.2 А1.3.А2.1 French ( B 2- language) А2.2 А2.1-А2.2 А2.2- В1.1 А2.1-А2.2 French ( B 3- language) А2.1-А2.2А2.1А2.1- А2.2 А1.3.А2.1

12 Foreign language teachers 60 teachers work at school, among them 4 English teachers 1 German teacher 1 Swedish teacher 1 French teacher 15 Russian teachers Some of the teachers teach two foreign languages

13 The Finnish Matriculation Examination in foreign languages 1 part (listening comprehension) 2 part (written production) The test has 4 sections sections 1-3include texts of different difficulty level section 4 is a translation into Finnish based on listening duration – 60 min. maximum points– 90 The test has 3 sections 1 – reading comprehension 2 –grammar and vocabulary 3 – written production duration – 6 hours maximum points –209 The test consists of two parts

14 Russian textbooks Textbook + workbook+ CD

15 English textbooks Textbook+ workbook+ CD

16 Swedish textbooks Textbook+ workbook+ CD

17 German textbooks Textbook+ workbook+ CD

18 French textbooks Textbook+ workbook+ CD

19 Forign language classrooms -computer classrooms -subject classrooms -interactive board - video equipment

20 The Finnish Russian School Address: Kaarelankuja Helsinki Headmaster phone Office phone fax

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