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Organization 6 + 1 writing traits. It ain’t easy!!

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1 organization 6 + 1 writing traits

2 It ain’t easy!!

3 6 +1 Writing Traits 1.Ideas (digging for sapphires) 2.Organization (herding cats) 3.Voice (finding the golden thread) 4.Word Choice (learning the lingo) 5.Sentence Fluency (listening to the page) 6.Conventions (minding your table manners) 7.Presentation (rolling out the welcome mat)

4 Why organize?  Provides us direction and structure  Helps to create a beginning, middle and end to your work  Helps to keep your work clear, and on topic

5 How do you do it?  Begin with a topic sentence – what will your work be about?  Use detail to explain your topic – your audience needs to know what you are talking about  Close your work with an interesting sentence that finishes your work off – your audience needs to know that you are done… without saying “I’m done!” or “The End”

6 How can you organize your project?  Take the sentence you have created and place them in order (oldest event  newest event)  Make sure that each sentence is organized in a way that makes sense.  Have enough detail so that your reader or audience understands what you are saying

7 It’s hard work…so take your time!  Organizing your work is probably one of the hardest things to do  If work is not in order, or does not make logical sense it will be hard for a reader or audience to understand what you are trying to say  Take time to read your work aloud, and conference with with friends or teachers

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