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Analyzing Causes and Effects: Health and Medicine

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1 Analyzing Causes and Effects: Health and Medicine
9 Analyzing Causes and Effects: Health and Medicine

2 Learning Outcomes Identify real world applications for explaining causes and effects Understand the steps for writing cause and effect analysis Interpret images and readings about health and medicine.

3 Steps for Writing Cause and Effect Essays (LO 9.2)
Begin by identifying the cause or effect you want to analyze. Explain the cause-and-effect relationship convincingly. Organize the causes and/or effects effectively. Use sound logic. Conclude effectively.

4 The Rhetorical Star (LO 9.4)
Subject Select a topic that is narrow enough to cover within the assignment guidelines. For a shorter paper, you may need to focus on causes OR effects, instead of both.

5 The Rhetorical Star (contd.)
Purpose Determine what you want to accomplish. Decide if you are informing, persuading, or expressing feelings.

6 The Rhetorical Star (contd.)
Audience Determine who your audience will be. Select the details that will be most important to the audience.

7 The Rhetorical Star (contd.)
Strategy Focus on the main approach of cause and/or effect. Combine other strategies if necessary to make your point.

8 The Rhetorical Star (contd.)
Design Know how you want the essay to look when you are finished. Decide if graphics, photographs, or illustrations are needed to clarify ideas.

9 Applying the Writing Process (LO 9.5)
Discovering Use the media suggestions in the chapter to help find a subject. Consider a subject with which you have personal experience. Create a chart of causes and effects to determine what you want to cover.

10 Applying the Writing Process (contd.)
Planning Create a cluster or outline to help you organize your ideas. Follow one of the organizational strategies for your essay: The effects of a major cause The causes for a major effect A chain of events that illustrate the cause or effect

11 Applying the Writing Process (contd.)
Composing Write a first draft of your essay. Don’t focus on grammar and punctuation. Keep focused on the causes or effects you are trying to explain.

12 Applying the Writing Process (contd.)
Getting Feedback Have a peer read your draft Use the peer review questions to gather feedback from your reviewer. Get a second opinion, if possible.

13 Applying the Writing Process (contd.)
Revising Revise your essay based upon the feedback you receive. Make sure your essay is logical and has fully supported ideas. Add, delete, and rearrange ideas as necessary.

14 Applying the Writing Process (contd.)
Editing Read your essay one more time. Look for errors in grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Consider reading your essay aloud to listen for word choice and sentence structure.

15 Applying the Writing Process (contd.)
Proofreading Read your essay at least one more time. Check for typographical errors or other issues that could interfere with the reader’s understanding of the essay.

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