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JEOPARDY Spread of Chinese Civilization 危及 中國文明的傳播.

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2 JEOPARDY Spread of Chinese Civilization 危及 中國文明的傳播

3 500400300200100 500400300200100 500400300200100 500400300200100 500400300200100 500400300200100 CATEGORIES Japan : The Imperial Age Era of Warrior Dominance The Making of Vietnam Important People Important Events Vocabulary

4 What were the Taika, Nara, and Heian periods? In these three periods Japanese borrowing from China, though selective, peaked.

5 What were imports from China? By the late 600 s CE the Japanese court at Nara was awash in these.

6 What were Confucian ways? The Japanese aristocracy struggled to master these.

7 What was polite behavior? Men and women of the Japanese aristocratic classes followed strict codes of this.

8 What were the samurai? The rise of these frustrated all hopes of creating a free peasantry, and in fact reduced Japanese peasants to the role of serfs.

9 What is declined? As the power of the provincial lords grew, that of the imperial household and aristocracy did this.

10 What were the Gempei Wars? Wars waged for five years from 1180 on Honshu, between Taira and Minamoto families that resulted in the destruction of the Taira.

11 What was sepukku? This was ritual suicide or disembowelment in Japan that was commonly known as hara - kiri in the West.

12 Who were shoguns? The military leaders of the bakufu, military governments in Japan.

13 What was the Ashikaga Shogunate? The replacement of the Kamakura regime in Japan that ruled from 1336 to 1573 and destroyed the rival Yoshino center of imperial authority.

14 What was the preconquest culture? This culture of the Vietnamese gave them a strong sense of themselves as a distinct people with a common heritage that they did not want to see overwhelmed by an expanding China.

15 What was Nam Viet? At the end of the 2 nd century BCE the Han dynasty conquered this kingdom, thus beginning an effort to absorb the Vietnamese people into Chinese civilization.

16 What is freedom and influence? Vietnamese women have historically had more of this than their Chinese counterparts.

17 What was disdain for local customs? The Chinese often found it difficult to conceal this in what they considered a backwards and unhealthy outpost of the empire.


19 Who were the Chams and Khmers? The Chinese legacy gave the Vietnamese great advantages in the struggles with these adversaries.

20 Who was Ashikaga Takuaji? A member of the Minamoto family that overthrew the Kamakura regime and established the Ashikaga Shogunate from 1336-1573.

21 Who were the Trung sisters? Leaders of one of the frequent peasant rebellions in Vietnam against Chinese rule whose revolt broke out in 39 CE.

22 Who was Kammu? The Japanese emperor who established a new capital at Heian ( Kyoto ) in 794.

23 Who was Yoritomo? The leader of the victorious Minamoto who gravely weakened the Kamakura regime because of his obsessive fear of being overthrown by members of his own family.

24 Who was Lady Murasaki? The author of The Tale of Genji, the first novel in any language.

25 What were the Taika reforms? In 646 the Japanese emperor and his advisors introduced these, aimed at completely revamping the imperial administration along Chinese lines.

26 What were Buddhist monks? Due to influence from the mainland, Japanese peasants began to turn to these for cures when they were sick.

27 What were rowdy monks? A century after the Taika reforms were introduced, the Buddhist monks had grown so bold and powerful that the court and aristocracy lived in fear of street demonstrations by these.

28 What were large numbers of peasants armed with pikes? When the pattern of warfare in Japan changed, these became a critical component of daimyo armies.

29 What was the Tang empire? The Silla rulers consciously strove to turn their kingdom into a miniature version of this.

30 What was Sinification? The extensive adaptation of Chinese culture in other regions, typically Korea and Japan.

31 What was Paekche? An independent Korean kingdom in the southeast of the peninsula that defeated the rival Silla kingdom and its chinese Tang allies in the 7 th century.

32 Who were Chams? Internalized rivals of the Vietnamese that were driven into the highlands by the successful Vietnamese drive to the south.

33 What were daimyos? Warlord rulers of 300 small states following civil war and disruption of Ashikaga Shogunate whose holdings consolidated into unified and bounded mini - states.


35 What were bushi? Regional warrior leaders in Japan that ruled small kingdoms from fortresses that administered the law, supervised public works projects, and collected revenues.

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