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RELM Wireless Corporation Tim Vitou Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing.

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1 RELM Wireless Corporation Tim Vitou Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing

2 Corporate Overview   Design & Manufacture P25 Digital & Analog two- way Land Mobile Radio (LMR) radio products   Portable radios, Mobile radios, Base Stations and Repeaters   P25 Expertise, we are solely dedicated to P25   Established 1947   U.S. Based Manufacturing & Engineering   Designated/Recognized by the SBA as a Small Business   Products - Made in America!

3 Corporate Overview   RELM Develops and Owns its LMR technology   This gives us Speed to Market, we are that NIMBLE responsive company that others only say they are…   Contributor to Development of P25 LMR Standards   Deep Knowledge of and commitment to the Implementation of P25 LMR Standards   Innovative Features   WE SOLVE PROBLEMS, WE OFFER SOLUTIONS, WE SAVE YOU MONEY… What I like about RELM/BK Radio is that you give us what we need, when we need it, at a price we can afford. - -Statewide Interoperable Coordinator

4   Public company symbol: RWC   GSA Schedule 70: GS35F0133L   GSA FEDSIM BPA: GS-TFMG-BPA   US Coast Guard/DHS Contract   DHS TacCom Contract   Designated SB Contractor on TC1, TC2   NAICS codes: , , Corporate Overview

5  Enterprise-Wide Quality Program  Customer Requirements Driven  Zero-Defect Based, Virtually No Returns  ISO9001  Superior Customer-Focused Service  Flexible product Service Programs, i.e. ARMY cache, DOI wild fire radio cache, etc  Factory-located customer service  Factory-direct Extensive Training programs

6 Not only does RELM save you money on the cost of initial acquisition of the LMR radio equipment, we further help you save money through:  Firmware updates (Enhancements/Patches)- Download at NO cost from web portal  Programming Software Updates – Registered users can download from web portal- NO cost  Feature Upgrades - Field upgrades installed via programming software  Extended Warranty Plans- Optional Costs Why RELM? Total Cost of Ownership

7 Initial Cost $1,000 - $1,500 portable $1,950 - $2,500 mobile *Based on Options 3-Year Warranty For Volume Purchases RELM’s Flat Rate For Radio Repair is $190 Versus $394 for the Market Leader Year 1 Total Cost of Ownership Year 7 MTBF Calculation = 721,059 Hours (82 yrs) After 1 Year 99.2% of Products Are Failure-Free After 1 Year 99.2% of Products Are Failure-Free After 10 Years 95% of Products Are Failure- Free After 10 Years 95% of Products Are Failure- Free Total Cost of Ownership from RELM includes the following (at no additional charge): 1) Firmware revision updates 2) Programming Software Editor updates 3) Customer Service/Technical Support for life of the product

8   Dept of Agriculture (USDA)   US Forest Service (USFS), RELM is leading supplier for over 20 years, over 67,000 units in service, 65% of USFS LMR inventory   Dept of Interior (DOI)   BLM, BIA, BOR, FWS, NPS, USGS   Dept of Defense (DOD)   Over 10,000 KNG’s in Afghanistan supporting the US ARMY Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) Significant Customers

9  National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)  DHS: FEMA, ICE, TSA, CBP, US COAST GUARD  DoD: US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps  Army National Guard Bureau, Air National Guard  DoJ  California Fire (CDF), Georgia Forestry, Florida Forestry  Local Agencies, to name a few: Lancaster Co, PA, Buncombe Co, NC, Harris Co, TX…  State Agencies, to name a few: Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Georgia, Washington, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana… Significant Customers Significant Customers

10 KNG Series Radios KNG Series System Capabilities Systems16 Trunked or Conventional Talk Groups/Channels 2048 Radio ID List1024 / System Channel ID Table16 Entries / System Control Channels256 / System Sites512 / System Model Frequency BandOperating Frequency Portable RF Power Output Mobile RF Power Output P150, M150VHF136 – 174 MHz1 - 6 W W / 110W P400, M400UHF (Low)380 – 470 MHz1 - 5W W P500, M500UHF (High)440 – 520 MHz1 - 5W W P800, M800700/ / MHz< 3W W

11 Top Switches and Buttons Factory Settings Adaptability… KNG Portable Adaptability… KNG Portable Collar Switch Transmit Encrypted Right Toggle Priority Operation Left Toggle Scan Enable Orange Button Emergency Operation Top Switches and Buttons Options Top Side Emergency Operation Bottom Side Emergency Operation OrangeButton Toggle Switches Collar Switch Side Buttons Keypad Lockout x x x x x Keypad and Display Backlightxxxxx Emergency Operationxx Low Transmit Powerxxxxx Open the Radio Menu xx Monitorxxxxx Set Priority 1 Channelx xx Priority Scanxxxxx Request OTAR Encryption Rekeyx xx Channel Scanxxxxx Silent Modex xx Squelch Adjustx xx Repeater Talkaroundxxxxx Transmit Digitalxxxxx Transmit Securexxxxx Unit-to-Unit Callx xx User Selectable NACx xx User Selectable Talk Groupx xx User Selectable Code Guardx xx Zeroize Encryption Keysx xx Zone Selectx xx Zone Scanxxxxx Menu

12 Touch Screen & Controls KNG Mobile Industry first… Touch Screen with custom configurations! Navigational Toggle/Button USB Programming Port Hirose Mic. Connector On/Off & Volume Control Channel Selector Home Button Emergency Button

13 Handheld Control Head (HCH) or… Remote Head

14 Transportable Mobile Radio (TMR)

15 P25 Compliance - Hybrid Approach   DHS- CAP Performance Testing   Independent Third Party Testing   Verifies Class A Specifications (minimum)   Includes Simulcast Testing

16 P25 Compliance - Hybrid Approach   DHS- CAP Interoperability Testing   Motorola   EFJohnson   Tait/EADS   Harris   Cassidian

17 Proven Compliance on Fielded Systems   WyoLink – State of Wyoming (VHF, Motorola)   IMT- State of Montana (VHF, Motorola)   ALMR- Alaska Land Mobile Radio (VHF, Motorola)   WISCOM- State of Wisconsin (VHF, EFJohnson)   WVIRP – State of West Virginia (UHF, Motorola)   US Navy (SE/SW/NE Regions (UHF, Motorola)   Harris Co, TX(700/800 MHz Simulcast, Motorola)   Colorado (7/800 MHz Simulcast, Motorola)   Minnesota – ARMER (800 MHz Simulcast, Motorola)   Michigan - MPSCS (800 MHz Simulcast, Motorola)   Alberta, Canada – AFRRCS (VHF/700 MHz, Harris)   US DoJ IWN-NCR (VHF, Harris) IWN-NW (VHF, Motorola)   Buncombe County, NC (7/800 MHz, Cassidian)   Lancaster County, PA (T-Band, ARINC/Cassidian) P25 Compliance… 3 levels of testing…

18 Tested and Recognized as P25 Trunking Compliant

19 P25 Trunking, NIST Validated Encryption

20 KNG Series Platform Flexible Design/Room to Grow= Extended Lifecycle   KNG Series Platforms Utilize   Common Programming (Mobile/Portable)   Common Software Core   Mobile Linux OS   256 MB Flash/64 MB RAM   Texas Instruments OMAP Chipset

21 RELM Advantages  Full Featured P25 Compliant, NO PROPRIETARY FEATURES  including P25 TDMA Phase II  Long Battery Life  Lightweight, compact size  Durable, “ARMY tough”…!  Easiest radio to program and operate in the LMR Industry  AMBE +2 Version 1.8 Enhanced Dual Rate Vocoder  MIL Spec 810 C, D, E, F, G // IP67 Submersible  RELM customized training  Small Business (SBA) Manufacturer located in Melbourne, FL  Best Value in the LMR industry = high fair price

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