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Africa - A continent offering great potential as an investment opportunity to any foreign business looking to operate on its shores.

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1 Africa - A continent offering great potential as an investment opportunity to any foreign business looking to operate on its shores

2 Integrated IT systems GRINSENS group What we offer Investment Facilitation Software Development Why choose GRINSENS

3 Grinsens group The GRINSENS GROUP in South Africa is there to provide the gateway for such a venture as it provides a holistic and multi disciplinary service which encompasses every facet necessary for outside investors to establish their operation and achieve their goals. South Africa - Springboard to the African Continent Why Investing in Africa makes good sense African Growth Resilient in Face of Uncertain Global Economic Environment – World Bank Why South Africa is the Gateway to African Investment South Africa is the Largest and Most Sophisticated Economy in Africa Why South Africa is the Investor’s Choice The South African Government is serious about attracting investors The Headquarter Tax Regime

4 Accounting / Administration
What we offer a client falls within the following key areas wherein we provide services tailored to each company’s specific needs GRINSENS group Accounting / Administration Integrated IT systems Investment Facilitation Software Development

5 Accounting / Administration services
We cover essential tasks that a company faces where the owner or current finance team does not have the capacity to undertake. It includes but is not limited to: Monthly management account preparation; Annual Financial Statement preparation; Audit assistance; Company Valuations;

6 Integrated IT systems This division was founded on the premise of providing a professional service to businesses and individuals. The core value is a commitment to the financial management of a business through a range of services which are tailored to their requirements Hosting Networking Websites Data centres

7 Our class-leading networking solutions provide better network performance
Our MPLS network provides a fast, reliable way to move information between locations and is ideal for companies that want to ensure the performance of business-critical applications. MPLS also allows us to scale our bandwidth offering according to different classes of service, enabling us to tailor the network to meet your specific business needs.

8 Hosting solutions The convergence of voice, video and data application has led to companies demanding better performance from their networks. Our global network enables us to create complex networks linking a business to external voice, video intranet and extranet suppliers.

9 Websites We offer the flexibility of both semi-production and production environments, depending on your requirements and we also provide secure servers so that you can accept information via your website with confidence.

10 Data centres Our network is fully redundant through multiple connections to our international locations giving you fast, reliable connectivity on which you can build your business A comprehensive description of the above services can be found in the brochure below. Download a detailed copy of our services

11 Investment facilitation
We pride ourselves in our client relationships and our services ensure integrity, flexibility and expert managing of a company’s requirements. With our extensive experience and knowledge we focus on the following key areas Initial set-up Compliance and Risk Management Consulting and Structuring

12 Initial set-up We assist the companies with the initial set-up phase from a practical point of view which will include: Sourcing and equipping premises Lease agreement facilitation Recruitment of initial staff complement Telecom communications Internet services

13 Compliance and Risk Management
According to SA law, any new business has to have the following in place before operation commences and we will ensure that these requirements are met New company formation including registration with the Company’s and Intellectual Property Commission Compliance with statutory requirements from the South African Revenue Services which covers registration for the various tax categories a PAYE Pay as you earn b UIF Unemployment Fund c SDL Skills Development Levy E Importer and Exporter Compliance with the Companies Act Compliance with King 111 report of corporate governance Compliance with the Companies Act no 71 of 2008 B-BBEE compliance and preparation for verification As an added service we provide Insurance products specifically tailored to protect a client’s individual needs We have partnered with an international tax law firm which enables us to provide professional and specialised tax knowledge to all clients whether as an individual or as a business

14 Consulting and Structuring
We are eligible as ex-officio officers on the board of directors of companies and work side by side in assisting them with daily strategic matters Business turnaround and development Systems and office integration – we are able to improve a client’s business processes by using existing products within our portfolio

15 Software development The team focuses on designing, developing implementing and hosting web applications based on Microsoft technologies. Another facet of this division is the development of products which are specifically designed to minimise companies leaving a paper trail. Products Integrated solutions E-commerce solutions

16 Products in the market Log Time is South Africa’s first cloud based time management system which provides you with the ability to track your team’s activity from any internet enabled device. iSolveIT is a turnkey IT Management solution providing issue tracking, change and access management, all backed with a powerful reporting environment and complete oData API.

17 D-Ink D-Ink is a digital pen solution that allows the user to print any document and write on it with a digital pen. Once docked the document will be ed as a PDF Document.

18 E-Commerce solutions We also provide custom development solutions, specifically Cloud based web applications Customized E-Commerce solutions

19 Why Investors in South Africa’s Choose GRINSENS
GRINSENS is on the ground in South Africa, with established local contact networks in commerce, industry, the professions and government. GRINSENS understand how business is done in the region and who best to do it with GRINSENS has a full suite of high quality bespoke business services to offer and a track record to match with companies such as Nedbank SA and UK / Old Mutual / Engen / Grey Matter Finch / Stargrow Your partner in business

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