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UK TRADE & INVESTMENT (UKTI). Anthony Arkle Energy & Infrastructure Inward Investment Projects 4 th December 2009.

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2 Anthony Arkle Energy & Infrastructure Inward Investment Projects 4 th December 2009

3 UKTI is the Government organisation that helps UK based companies succeed in international markets and supports overseas companies bring high-quality investment to the UK. WHO WE ARE

4 THE STRENGTH OF PARTNERSHIP UKTI combines the resource of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and works in partnership with the nine English Regional Development Agencies and the Devolved Administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

5 UKTI BY NUMBERS 2009/10 budget: £310M A presence in 160 locations across 98 markets (representing 98% of global GDP) 2,400 staff, of which: -1,300 overseas -1,000 in the UK

6 HOW WE INVOLVE BUSINESS The UKTI Executive Board includes 4 Non Execs The Asia Task Force is jointly chaired by the Business Secretary and Lord Powell Joint Economic and Trade Committees (JETCOs) We have 11 dedicated sector teams, supported by ‘Sector Advisory Groups’, each led by a leading industry figure

7 OUR TARGETS, ANNUALLY 2008/11 Help at least 20,000 businesses exploit overseas opportunities Achieve at least 525 inward investment project successes Help at least 1,000 businesses increase the quantity of R&D activity in the UK Improve the UK’s reputation as the international business partner of choice Revenue generation target 09/10: £3m; 2010/11: £4m


9 £3.6Bn additional profit reported by our trade customers £1 of UKTI spend generates £16 for the UK economy We helped 21,800 UK companies internationalise in 2008/9 70% of those using UKTI services report significant benefits to productivity and competitiveness In 2008/09 UKTI delivered 600 inward investment wins A CULTURE OF DELIVERY


11 THE UK Is the N.1 inward investment location in Europe Continues to offer a unique combination of success, confidence, ambition, know-how and creativity UK companies recognise the importance of competing in a globalised economy and of becoming leaders in their field, not just at home but across the world

12 THE UK: A SPRINGBOARD FOR GLOBAL GROWTH The UK’s offer remains highly attractive on the back of: Business environment: appropriate levels of regulation, strong IP protection and a flexible labour force Creativity and innovation: world-class talent, creative and R&D excellence Gateway of international connections: taking companies beyond the UK opportunity, delivering a multiplier effect


14 FDI AND UK POLICY To attract high value Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the UK To work with existing foreign investors to retain and grow their business in the UK and internationally

15 SERVICES FOR INWARD INVESTORS 15 Client Visit Programmes Professional Support Property Options Financial Assistance Government Departments Specialist advice (tax, skills) Suppliers & Partners Market Information Access to Academia Regulation

16 A strong track record in attracting FDI Foreign Direct Investment in the UK has risen in 2008/9 (1,744 projects – new and expansions – up 11% on last year). Despite the difficult economic conditions the UK maintains its position as the number one destination for foreign investors in Europe, and second in the world. Every week 673 jobs are created and every day the UK secures nearly 5 investment decisions. UK is seen as an attractive commercial destination by more nations than ever before – this year 53 countries have invested. Investment projects in the UK’s high tech manufacturing sector have increased by 18% this year.

17 ACCESSING INTERNATIONAL MARKETS We review a company’s readiness for international business We provide access to an experienced International Trade Adviser We give UK businesses access to our overseas network We support companies to attend exhibitions overseas We organise inward missions to bring overseas buyers to the UK

18 We organise sector-based trade missions and exploratory visits to new markets We support UK companies with market access to major buyers and Governments overseas We provide details of business opportunities on our website Companies can commission chargeable bespoke services ACCESSING INTERNATIONAL MARKETS

19 CONTACTING US +44 207 215 8000

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