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The Next-Generation Independent Music & Media Company.

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1 The Next-Generation Independent Music & Media Company

2 Integrates Essential Links in Music Value Chain Currently Fulfilled by Separate Parties Traditional “Bricks & Mortar” Record Label Operations Live Performance Venues Digital Distribution Channel

3 An Exceptional Combination of Artists, Producers, Business Executives & Technologists

4 Competitive Advantage More Attractive to Artists New Economic Model Broader Services Commitment to Artist Development More Attractive to Consumers Direct connectivity from Consumer to Artists Music Whenever, Wherever, & However

5 Integrated Approach Direct Consumer Connectivity Greater Profitability & Shareholder Value

6 Music Industry - Best Point of Entry Traditional business practices under pressure to change Digital technology has created new distribution opportunity Artist Network, as start-up, in best position to take advantage

7 The Future Once Model Is Proven, Other Digital Media (Including Film) Follow Designing Business Practices & Digital Platform From Day-one Establishing Alliances With Digital Film Initiatives Including Ealing Digital

8 The People Quincy Jones, Chairman & Co-founder Michael Philipp, Vice Chairman Dave Stewart, Director & Co-founder Russell Kleinknecht, President, CEO, & Co-founder John Preston, Director

9 Quincy Jones, Chairman & Co-founder Over 50 years of highly successful & diverse experience A Legendary Career Composer, Artist, Instrumentalist, Arranger, Conductor Record producer Film & TV producer Record company executive Multi-media entrepreneur Founder of a broadcasting company & magazine Extensive experience in every aspect of the industry

10 Michael Philipp, Vice Chairman 19 highly successful years in the financial industry Chairman & CEO of Deutsche Asset Management June 2000 - Appointed to Deutsche Bank Group Board of Managing Directors

11 Dave Stewart, Director & Co-founder Award Winning Musician & Producer 4 Best Producer awards - 4 Best Songwriter awards British Music Lifetime Achievement Award Prestigious Silver Clef award Formed Eurythmics with Annie Lennox in 1981 Sold nearly 50 million albums President of the Internet Society, Trinity College (Dublin) Creative Director of the Hospital Project with Microsoft’s Paul Allen

12 Russell Kleinknecht, President, CEO & Co-founder, Director 20 Highly Successful Years As a Technology Visionary Past President of IPC Information Systems, Inc., The Dominant Global Provider of Voice Trading Systems to Financial Institutions Accomplished Musician, Singer, & Songwriter

13 John Preston, Director 25 Years Experience in the Music Business Chairman of BMG Entertainment International UK & Ireland and British Phonographic Industry (BPI) from 1989 - 1998 Board of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) Worked for EMI and Polygram (Managing Director of Polydor Records)

14 Organization Chart Content Chief Financial Officer VP of Business Affairs Venues Digital ClubsClubs ConcertsConcerts RetailRetail TicketingTicketing Product Development ArchiveArchive Customer Relationship Mgmt DistributionDistribution Board of Directors Chief Executive Officer Owned Labels PartnersPartners Direct Artist DistributionDistribution

15 The Strategies Record Label Strategy Venue Strategy Digital Strategy Record Label Strategy Venue Strategy Digital Strategy

16 Record Label Strategy Start-Up new label unencumbered by legacy legal agreements Utilize relationship with major global provider of traditional distribution services Institute new contract model with artists LLC Partnership Profit Split Manage P&L at LLC Level Consolidate efforts within single staff

17 Record Label Strategy Launch Initial Artists & Heavily Promote their Success from New Model Aggregate A&R Sources through Integrated Approach Venues Digital Platform Traditional Build Consumer Brand Recognition Cultivate Worldwide Philosophy

18 Venue Strategy Operate Local Venues as part of Worldwide Network Owned in Strategic Markets - Affiliated in Other Regions Promote Artist & Brand at Most Fundamental Level Build & Exploit Direct Consumer Relationship Create Opportunity for Cultural Exchange

19 Digital Strategy Own & Operate the Most Direct Connection to the Consumer by Implementing a Digital Distribution Platform (DDP) with Interfaces for: Internet Wireless Networks Venues Retail Other Consumer Destinations (ITV, Private, etc.) Monetize Content Build & Populate Consumer Database

20 Digital Strategy Offer Membership and Multi-Tiered Subscriber Services Use DDP to generate revenue from subscription and sales of: CDs, DVDs Downloads Tickets & Merchandise Build Profile Capability & Perform highly personalized targeted marketing of existing and new product to the Consumer base.

21 Differentiation No Other Company

22 Summary Income Statement

23 Initiatives Create Multicultural Exchange Programs “World Music Experience” Ambassadors of Good Will

24 Not limited to AN Artists Initiatives “ World Music Experience” Program Quincy Jones - World Music Ambassador Live Shows & Festivals College Tours & Promotions Record Releases Inter-venue Broadcasts On-line (Internet, Mobile Phone, PDA, etc.) Pre-cinema Shorts at AN Digital Screens Philanthropy

25 Summary Exit ProgramMain MenuExec BriefCompanyPeopleFinancialsSummaryExit ProgramMain MenuExec BriefCompanyPeopleFinancialsSummaryStrategy

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