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BIG BIRD Creative Company Future of Asia Content.

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1 BIG BIRD Creative Company Future of Asia Content

2  Modern Asia is rapidly creating unique cultural and creative works  The region is on the cusp of a storm of cultural work exchange  Various obstacles are stymieing creative exchange Obstacles to Expansion

3  Asia is growing and fostering a host of powerful brands  Western brands are moving to grow market size within Asian countries  By partnering together, Asia can promote its own internal cultural and creative works and begin spreading them to the rest of the world Asian Content Potential Asian Content Potential

4  7.2% increase in sales within Asia of US brands  63% growth of e-book exports from USA  Top revenue-generating regions: Asia, Europe, UK, Ireland  Increased US brand awareness in Asia Competitive Markets Competitive Markets

5 PublishingRights Agency PR & Marketing Educational Consulting Literary Agent Digital Content. Needed Market Knowledge Needed Market Knowledge In order to foster internal content over imported content, a holistic model is needed. Total market knowledge allows for greater control over content and fosters a nation's unique works. BIG's services act as an example:

6  International award-winning publishing team  Worldwide distribution across diverse publication categories  Bestselling in the Greater China region  New form and channel development for published content BIG Publishing

7  Comprehensive rights management  Innovative online platform for rights trading and management  Extensive experience across media formats and national borders BIG Rights Agency

8  Strategic cross-industry PR collaborations  Multi-channel campaigns  Cost-effective marketing strategies  Optimized results BIG PR and Marketing BIG PR and Marketing

9  Comprehensive education consulting services and training  Strong technological infrastructure  Value added content  Diversified delivery  “Edutainment” – Making learning fun BIG Educational Consulting

10  Global recruitment and training of Chinese-speaking talent  High-quality work promotion in multiple languages  Distinguished works from around the world represented BIG Literary Agent

11  Diverse portfolio of creative works  Value-adding digital content  Strategic leveraging of multifarious partners BIG Digital Content

12 VS BIG Competition BIG company lacks competition for its holistic service model, meaning other countries are not taking advantage of the opportunities present with their cultural and creative works.

13 Cathy  As President of BIG BIRD, Cathy leverages her extensive cross-industry and trans- national experience to drive business development & strategy. Cathy brings her Wall Street and management consulting experience to lead the BIG Service- Firm Business Model. Charlie  As Founder of BIG, Charlie utilizes his experience in entertainment marketing, education, and entrepreneurship to drive innovation Kevin  As General Counsel of BIG, Kevin utilizes his Stanford Law School background & legal experience to bring IP perspective to the C&C industry. Dynamic Management Team

14 Randi  Music executive and rights management background Sisi  Editor-in-Chief Experience from Gamania & cross- platform content partnership Florian  CTO for Deloitte Office of Innovation + 10 years of IT consulting experience International Management Trainees: BIG's international management trainee program gives young people the opportunity to foster their multinational management skills within the creative and culture industry. Sharon Sheng Liao Caleb A Diverse SME & Execution Team

15 On Board with BIG and Asian Expansion! BIG Partners

16 Using brand expertise, a native cultural and creative work can be spread across many mediums, increasing brand and national awareness and generating profits across the board Maximizing Brand Usage Maximizing Brand Usage

17  Original C&C works can also be used as educational tools  Generating interest in texts and native culture at a young age can have far-reaching effects Reaching Out

18 Future of Asia Content  As Asian nations begin to utilize master-of-trade companies such as BIG, internal brands will become spread across many mediums, migrating to other nations in the process  As a cooperative region, Asia will spread its unique cultural and creative works across the globe

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