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© 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA. Welcome to Grand Distribution Managament Company Greetings from the General Director A.A. Misyurenko Grand Distribution Management.

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2 Welcome to Grand Distribution Managament Company Greetings from the General Director A.A. Misyurenko Grand Distribution Management Company today is a large national holding dominating the FMCG distribution market in Ukraine. Our structure incorporates independent distribution entities in the vast territory of Ukraine. All entities included in the structure of Grand Distribution are the distribution industry leaders in their regions. Grand Distribution Management Company is distinguished by dynamism and technological efficiency. New process solutions are the core of Grand Distribution’s strategy. This enables the Company to achieve the highest quality of services rendered in the Ukrainian FMCG distribution market. The Holding deals with well-known brands – the world’s leaders in the FMCG market. Our customers recognize Grand Distribution as a reliable and stable partner which provides suppliers and customers with high-quality and sustainable services associated with sales and promotion of fast-moving consumer goods. Employees are the key to our Company’s success. We employ 2000 enthusiastic professionals who share the Company’s objectives and values, are capable of coping with complex situations, willing to take the most ambitious challenge and make a genuine breakthrough in the business. We are proud of our Company, and we are convinced that our competence, integrity and well- adjusted work mechanisms enable us to offer you the best distribution solutions in the FMCG market. We are looking forward to fruitful, long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation!

3 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA STRATEGIC IDEA Our mission: striving at the highest quality of our services we improve the quality of your life. Vision: In 2014, to reach the profit required by the owner through increased goods turnover and profitability of the existing contracts and by takeover of our competitors (their contracts) with the focus on the existing territory in FMCG distribution. Values: Transparent relations – we built long-term and mutually beneficial relations with our partners based on mutual respect and confidence. High quality – we guarantee the quality of our products and ensure the quality of our services through constant improvement of our employees efficiency and processes development. Our team – responsible attitude to work is one of the biggest values of our team of like-minded people


5 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA o Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Kirovograd, Melitopol, Dniprodzerzhynsk, Pavlograd, Nikopol; o Kharkov, Sumy, Shostka; o Lugansk, Donetsk, Mariupol, Kramatorsk; o Kiev, Vinnitsa, Chernigov; o Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Balta, Izmail; o Sevastopol, Simferopol, Feodosiya, Yevpatoriya, Kerch, Yalta, Krasnogvardeyskoye, Djankoy; Geography


7 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA Goods Turnover Dynamics in 2000-2012

8 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA BUSINESS CONCEPT Key customers o Major suppliers with a sales team managed jointly with the distributor (integrated sales department) Key product o Sale o Logistics Key competences o Sales management Logistics management o Finance management o Advanced infrastructure o Ability to synergize businesses Key values o Open relations with partners o Confidential relations in the team

9 ANSOFF MATRIX Markets New Existing Product Deeper penetration into the market (market capture) Market development Product development Diversification

10 PULL-PUSH BUSINESS MODEL Market/Product Pull with integrated sales department Pull with sales department Push with the distributor's sales department Logistics2 Sales Sales Integration&Logistics 13

11 POSITIONING MAP Pull Logistik’s Push Sales Integration&Logistics SavServise GD Kviten’ Bereghnoy WE GO HERE

12 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES o Clear planning and reporting process o Formalized business processes o Work with well-known prominent brands o 65% coverage of Ukrainian active customer base (FMCG) o Technological innovations in logistics and accounting o Strong team of managers o 15 years’ experience in the Ukrainian FMCG market o Ability to synergize businesses

13 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA RESOURCES Territory 14 regions in Ukraine Staff 2070 employees Transport 220 vehicles 100 vehicles Warehouse area 43,200 sq. m Office area 3,000 sq. m Retail outlet coverage 47,363 retail outlets


15 Sales plan implementation (plan/actual) Margin plan implementation (plan/actual) Active Customer Base Sales representatives efficiency: Visits efficiency (order plan/actual) GPS control, time on route and keeping to the route. plan/actual Utilization efficiency: Warehouses (pallets/m2, UAH/m2) Shipment vehicles (GPS trip km, time on route, loading factor, shipment cost UAHG/km) Warehouse human resources efficiency (lines/ton per man) Inventory turnover and availability by ABC categories Customer service quality (%): Fill Rate, In Time, Invoice corrected ROS, ROA, ROI, etc. Inventory turnover Receivable turnover Payables turnover Profit © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA KEY INDICATORS FOR CONTROL FUNCTIONS Finance Logistics Sales Gross Revenue Cost Marginal Revenue EBITDA Work Capital

16 Legal support of business companies Personnel incentive system on all the levels Personnel selection, adaptation, training organization Assessment of personnel qualification on all the levels Organization climate investigation Information safety Business processes optimization and automation projects management Servicing of Central Corporative Analytical System © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA IT HR Lawyer KEY INDICATORS FOR CONTROL FUNCTIONS

17 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA Submission of requests to the OS, posting of expenditure invoices Uploading data in the accounting system Processing received orders, creation and optimization of traffic routes Uploading data in the OS Receipt of documents at the warehouse, order picking Loading the delivery vehicle Product delivery to the customer CUSTOMER SERVICE PROCESS FLOW DIAGRAM

18 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA AUTOMATION AND CONTROL OF SALES REPRESENTATIVES’ ACTIVITIES Smartphone: Visits to retail outlets according to a scheduled route Taking customer requests on-line GPS List of retail outlets Outlet priority in the route Office Outlets Scheduled routes Route ANTOR Logistic Master: Planning routes based on specific criteria with maximum efficiency Optimum route for maximum work time efficiency

19 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA AUTOMATION OF LOGISTIC PROCESSES Warehouse Order priority in the trip Outlets Scheduled trips List of requests with parameters Scheduled routes and trips


21 Official web-site GRAND DISTRIBUTION

22 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA Grand Distribution Kharkov

23 GRAND DISTRIBUTION KHARKOV Grand Distribution Kharkov is a member of the large national holding – Grand Distribution being one of the leaders in FMCG distribution market of Ukraine. We deal with the famous brands that are the leaders of the global FMCG market in the following areas: food products, household chemicals, personal care products, cosmetics and homeware. The distribution company was founded in April 2002 From 2002 to 2004 – OLVIA BETA’s distributor; From 2004 to 2008 – Procter &Gamble’s distributor; From 2008 – distributor of ТМ HENKEL; SCHWARZKOPF; SCHWARZKOPF professional Bella; GlaxoSmithKline; Salamander; Twist&Mosqitall; Hayat; KONTI.

24 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA Goods Turnover Dynamics in 2000-2012 of Grand Distribution Kharkov

25 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA o Kharkov, Sumy, Shostka; Geography coverage of Grand Distribution Kharkov

26 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA FOOD NON FOOD BRAND PORTFOLIO of Grand Distribution Kharkov

27 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA Share distribution by brands of Grand Distribution Kharkov

28 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA Share distribution by trade channels

29 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA HENKEL’s sales dynamics in 2008-2012

30 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA HENKEL’s active customers in the territory of Kharkov-Sumy in 2008-2012

31 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA HENKEL penetration in 2008-2012

32 SALES MANAGEMENT SW information support: data provided by the corporate analytical system for active customer base of Kharkov and Sumy regions. Administrative support: sales agents’ visit schedules represented in 1-С, supervision over visiting the retail outlets via GPS. Incentive program for sales agents. Negotiations with the key customers.

33 EFFICIENCY OF SALE REPRESENTATIVES BranchBrandANTOR visits plan Effective requests (total in 1C, pcs.) Time on route (efficien cy, %) Visit time: the first ТТ Visit time: the last TT Time on route: actual KharkovHenkel19.88.240.811:052:21 PM3:15 AM KharkovKonti17.211.673.19:56 AM3:47 PM5:50 AM


35 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA RESOURCES of Grand Distribution Kharkov Territory 2 regions in Ukraine 256 employees: Staff 193 – Kharkov 54 – Sumy, 9 – Shostka Transport 26 vehicles: 18 – Kharkov, 7 – Sumy, 1 – Shostka 19 vehicles: 10 – Kharkov, 6 – Sumy, 3 – Shostka Warehouse area 5422 sq. m: 3800 sq. m – Kharkov, 1297 sq. m – Sumy, 325 sq. m – Shostka Office area 705 sq. m: 470 sq. m – Kharkov, 226 sq. m – Sumy, 9 sq. m – Shostka Retail outlet coverage 1875 retail outlets 1250 – Kharkov, 560 – Sumy, 65 – Shostka

36 © 2012 WWW.GD-GROUP.COM.UA Ukraine, 49130, 80 Berezinskaya str., Dnipropetrovsk city tel. (0562) 31-24-14, 790-40-41 tel./fax 31-24-00 email: Web:

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