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“Me? Have a Website? Why?” 09 845 0200 021 550059 Stand 3036 Paul Jerrom.

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1 “Me? Have a Website? Why?” 09 845 0200 021 550059 Stand 3036 Paul Jerrom

2  Some good reasons why you should have a website  Okay, I’m convinced - now what do I do?  PJ’s thunks about life, the universe and everything. Me? Have a website? Why?

3 Why have a website?  Gain New Customers* –A brochure on the web  Unlimited words, photos, specifications etc  Compare to other advertising mediums! –A shop window  24-hours, rain or shine –On-line sales –Testimonials –Let people get to know you  History, Events, Information on key people  Mugshots *For ‘customers’ read also members, sponsors etc.

4 Why have a website?  Keep Existing Customers –Product information  Manuals  New releases –Maintain contact with customers  Newsletters  Tips and Tricks  Make customers feel special with a password protected area! –Thanks to sponsors.

5 Why have a website?  Within the organisation –Sales info for travelling reps –Manuals –Info for franchises –Teams/events/club info.

6 Why have a website?  Time saver –FAQs –Maps –Ts and Cs  Money saver –Stale pricelists, forms, brochures –Save printing, storage costs, postage, phone calls –Info online rather than visit in person –Who needs a shop/office!

7 Why have a website?  It’s expected! –Your (potential) customers expect it –Your competitors have/will –It’s an instant gratification world!  Plus more…  Combination of all the above.

8 Now what do I do?  Who will use it? –Why? How? When? –What does our audience look like?  What will our website look like? –It’s an extension of your business and your premises –Pictures speak louder than words – but beware –Colour, fonts, logos, “feel”. Okay, PJ, I have a friend who thinks she might need a website…

9 A website is an on-going project Getting (& keeping) an audience A website is an on-going project  How will people get to know about it?  Give people a reason to keep coming back  Keep it fresh and timely  Who is using it? Why? How do you know? Are they the right people?  Encourage feedback.

10 Technology For the majority of business websites the technology is less important than the content Ask: Will a particular feature, effect, technology etc fulfill my site’s key objectives? Websites are about your business, NOT about computers.

11 PJ’s thunks  Start simple – is the complex needed?  Change as needed  Don’t use technology, special effects etc unless they are beneficial  Don’t assume the world will see it  Measure its effectiveness –Make sure you get bang for buck.

12  I’ll get my 14 year old nephew to do it. Thanks PJ, but…  I’ll get the bloke down the pub/friend from the gym to do it  I’ll do it myself. Haven’t you got better things to do with your time? What will you do when he discovers girls? Mates rates comes with mates service - A website is too important for that!

13 Stand 3036 Paul Jerrom 09 845 0200 021 550059 Thanks for your time

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