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Waste Reduction Toolkit Presented by: Tara Roffler.

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1 Waste Reduction Toolkit Presented by: Tara Roffler

2 Applying the Communications Strategy

3 Survey to Partners 14 respondents Junk Mail, Waste at Home, and Waste while Shopping Simple, Easy, Saves Money Website, Newsletter/E-Newsletter and Presentations Photos, short articles, brief e-newsletter messages

4 Creative Brief

5 Why are we communicating? Educate and inspire people to consider a reduction in consumption and waste

6 What are the Communications Supposed to do? Empower people Encourage people Raise awareness

7 WHO ARE WE TALKING TO? Primary Audience: Adults 18-34

8 What do we know about them that will help us? Life changes Protecting environment With Millennials, eco-friendly promotion wont appeal at all Make lives simpler, less cluttered and more convenient

9 Whats the key idea? Simplify life and make it easier to manage whats important to you

10 Why is this idea credible? Saves money, reduces clutter, feels good, and helps the environment Be thrifty Give back to the community You dont have to buy green to be green, just buy less.

11 When and where will they engage? Shopping At home Social media

12 Tone / Messaging Simplicity Control Sustainability Environmentalism Conscience Responsibility Practicality Leadership Integrity Legacy Hope Flexibility Innovation Fulfillment



15 Videos Featuring LESS :60-Infomercial 3 - :15 Ads


17 Facebook Tab

18 Print Ads

19 Printable Box

20 Box Label

21 Short Articles Waste Reduction How to buy bulk Fix & Maintain Junk mail/phone books Borrow & Share Resale Donating Smart Shopping

22 Images



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